Friday, July 17, 2020

Friday Favorites

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My list is going to be short and sweet today because we just got back from a quick trip to Broken Bow, OK.  Uninterrupted time with this crew is my FAVORITE and when you throw in kayaking, tubing, horseback riding and fishing it's over the top good.

First on my list of FAVORITES was when my mom stopped by with a box of photos and a few other things that belonged to my Oma and Opa.  My kids had been asking her questions about some things and they were SO EXCITED to see faces with names.

This is my Oma (grandmother) and I don't think I had ever seen this photo before last week!

How amazing is this photo of them getting off the ship when they arrived in Canada (they immigrated from Holland to Canada).

And I love this one of them on the front porch of their first farmhouse in Canada.

My mom also had some pretty incredible notebooks that were my Opa's from school...

I don't know how old he was but THAT CURIVE and the drawings were pretty impressive!

Speaking of old photos - this came across my FB memories and it's a FAVORITE for sure!  Look at tiny  Bowen and GG!

Next up, one of my FAVORITES from the week was trying out some beauty samples I had stashed under my sink.  I don't think to try these out on a regular basis but love to throw them in when I travel instead of bringing full size products.   This mascara was SO GOOD - I ordered a regular size tube and will keep you posted but so far it's the only thing I've liked more than  my regular drug store brand.

This bagged salad (or any variation of it) has been a FAVORITE for years, but on our trip this week I added something that made it even better...

... diced honeycrisp apples! Y'all.  I can't even explain how good it is!!!

Soccer practice ready!!!  She finished up her Spring season last week and watching her play was a FAVORITE!

Pool time with these cuties has been a FAVORITE...

... and if you're looking for Jelly Bean she's more than likely in her new FAVORITE spot :)

I hope y'all have a wonderful Friday and a restful weekend!

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  1. OMG!!!! Andrea! They were so tiny! LOVE LOVE LOVE those pictures! Okay, I'm off to go hold Bowen today...not sure what he'll think about that but it's my only to do item!

  2. I loooooove the pics your mama showed you!!!!

  3. I love looking at old photos of my grandparents! And your grandfather not only had the nicest handwriting, but he also was very artistic!
    Sarah at

    1. Right?!?! I had so many things I wish I could ask him - did everyone have to draw these? Did you have pics to look at? TELL ME EVERYTHING!!!

  4. Those old pics are amazing! It makes me realize I need to get to printing off pics. What are our kids and grandkids going to do? Hack into our phones? Yep, going to make a point to print off some pictures soon.

    1. YES! Or get them printed in books or SOMETHING!

    2. So many fun things about this! First of all, chatbooks!!! They automatically print from your IG feed and now we have little photo books for the last 5 years+. I am sooo happy to have printed photos again and my kids look through them all the time. 2. That CT mascara is the best! I don't understand why more people don't talk about it other than the price. 3. No wonder you have the best handwriting and doodles! I think we can see where you get it. Those are amazing!

  5. Those photos are amazing! How special! And his handwriting and drawings. Wow!! That must be where you get it. I always love seeing your planners for your lettering and drawings! Thanks for sharing those pics with us.

  6. Always fun posts- and I love this one! How precious to have these great photos- you can help your children relive their history. Soo Good! Have a great weekend xx

  7. Now it is obvious where you get your amazing artistic talent! How fun to see those photos!

  8. Old photos are fascinating. I use to love to look at my grandparents pictures. The boys really like revisiting memories by looking at our photo albums but I am not about a year behind!

  9. I just love those old photos! What a fabulous find and those notebooks are quite impressive.


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