Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Seven Questions

My bag hasn't seen the light of day in MONTHS now - but I had an appointment yesterday and my bag was about as anxious as I was to get out of the house :)   I grabbed some pictures when we got home and honestly haven't seen most of these things in 8 weeks. hahaha

I'm obviously a fan of a zipper pouch...

All of this was in her from pre-quarantine life except for the Kindle which I threw in for the car ride.

One zipper pouch holds electronic stuff like a portable charger, USB drive, etc...

... one holds a ton of lip gloss apparently along with some Advil...

... and the other has some female necessities. Other randomness includes a calculator (#teahcerlife), Sea Bands for G's motion sickness and I pretty much always carry a little notebook because if I don't write it down I won't remember it.

What a FUN question!!!  

I LOVE the name Scout for a girl... it was on our short list for Griffin and I still adore it.  We also loved Greer, Georgia and Mia.

For boys we liked Ford, Hank and Harrison. 

YES!  One of my favorite projects EVER was when I tackled the big ol' bin of school work, awards, photos and got them organized in a system that we still use years later.  Each kid has a bin with hanging folders designated for each school year.  As work comes in we pull pieces that we want to keep and look back on (i.e. original writing, handprint art, things with their photo on it, etc.) and we file it in the corresponding file folder.  At the end of the year I pull out each folder and see if there's anything I'm not as attached to anymore, toss those, etc.  There are folders for school photos, sports photos, awards, and I've added a folder for Mother's Day and Birthday cards, notes to mom, etc.

You can click  HERE for the full post.

I feel like this question can vary depending on age so I'm going to toss out some ideas that we've used to make reading fun....

- Take a trip to the library!  My kids LOVE the library and are missing it so much right now!  We've always taken pretty much weekly trips to the library and in the summer months will sometimes go on Tuesdays and Fridays just to keep things varied and fresh.

- Book picnic: Grab a blanket, find a shady spot and bring your kids stack of books outside.  Snacks make this party even more fun.

- Family reading time: during the school year we have family reading time every night before bed, but in the summer we shift that time to the afternoon because our nights look different every day due to late-night swimming, movies, etc. and less routine.  You can read all about our family reading time routine  HERE but it's a time that we absolutely treasure.

- We have a subscription to the Epic app which we have been soooooo impressed with.  It has thousands of books available for kids to read on their iPads and they each have a profile tailored to their reading levels and preferences.  They've LOVED IT!

- Family Book Club! These days are some of my fondest memories with my kids.  Crafts, activities, snacks, etc. all based on a book - so much fun !  Now that my kids are a bit older they're more of a challenge but I've been brainstorming how to bring them back this summer.  You can click  HERE to see the different days we've done.

This has become an even bigger challenge with the addition of Rosie :) but in general I run our Roomba daily, use our Dyson stick vacuum multiple times a day (under the table after meals, those random dust bunnies the Roomba doesn't get, etc.) and then use our big Dyson at least once a week just for good measure.  

On our hardwoods I use  ProCare and a microfiber mop.  I vacuum, then just spray and mop until everything is clean.  I try to do this at least once a week.  During the school year if Dave is off on a Monday he'll often tackle this task since it's so much easier with the kids out of the house.

My kids really haven't been anywhere other than a drive-thru since early March so they really haven't been exposed to a lot of the mask-wearing and other changes in retail stores.  As far as I know the only store requiring a mask is Costco and we haven't been there since March. I've been to our local grocery store a couple of times and Walmart once and both times it was a mix... there were people with ACTUAL chemical masks (the ones that almost look like gas masks) and dish washing gloves and then there were people with no personal protection equipment on at all. 

Yesterday we stopped at the Starbucks inside the grocery store by our house to pick up some teacher appreciation drinks and I had Mason and G with me - it was the first time they'd been inside any kind of retail store in months and Mason was FREAKED - people wearing masks, the constant social distancing reminders on the overhead announcements... all of it just weirded him out.  He could't get out of there fast enough!  

Of course! But I don't think any job is perfect and there are so many things about his job that work SO WELL for our family...

- NO TRAVEL!!! Yes, he works late some nights but he doesn't have to travel which is a HUGE plus for us.  My dad traveled all. the. time. growing up and we LOVE that his job allows him to be home every night (even if it's late).

- No commute!  We live about 5 minutes (or less) from the country club that Dave manages and the close location is perfect because it allows him to make the most of his unconventional schedule and run home to see the kids before bedtime after the dinner rush dies down or grab ice cream for the kids and drop it off after dinner but before the cake is cut at a wedding. 

- Daytime flexibility.  While his evening hours are pretty set due to the busy restaurant, weddings and other events - he does have some daytime flexibility which has allowed him to volunteer in the kids classes, attend school parties, etc.

Happy Tuesday, friends!  Here are my other Seven Questions posts in case you're curious :)

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  1. Your Family Book Clubs are my favorite! I've used them multiple times with my grandchildren:).

  2. I'm with Mason. I ran into Dollar Tree for some greeting cards and wore a mask for the first time. I couldn't get out of there fast enough!

    1. He's my one who hates change the most and he's definitely not loving these changes

  3. To me, it’s even more scary that people aren’t wearing masks. I’m a social worker and am still working. I have to be out and about. My dad has recently had a kidney transplant and has to take immunosuppressants. He’s at a very high risk. I know your heart and how caring and compassionate you are and I’m sure you know all of this, but I just wanted to share from my perspective about the importance of wearing a mask!

  4. LOVE those book ideas. Also very impressed with how much you vacuum haha.

  5. Lucky! Here in Northern California masks are required everywhere and we are on day 61 of lock down. :( You aren't even allowed to pump gas without a mask on. No church, school, stores, restaurants, sports, library, literally nothing.

  6. You did not say where you got you little bags inside your purse?


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