Monday, May 11, 2020

Weekend Top 10

Happy Monday, friends!  Today's top 10 is going to be short and sweet because it's Mother's Day and mama is taking a bath and going to bed EARLY (and by early I mean before midnight - hahaha)

This weekend there were LOTS of snuggles...

... lots of cake...

... and LOTS of shenanigans as we tackled a few projects like cleaning out the garage, yard stuff, etc.  WHEN did my baby get this tall?!?!?!

There were homemade cards and breakfast in bed...

... my favorite kind of lunch prepped by the kids...

... and some serious driveway hangs :)  

There was a pretty major allergic reaction...

... and an early morning FaceTime with my mom because nothing screams Happy Mother's Day like dosing out benadryl and calling your own mom for her to look at your kid's hives.  (Not sure what caused this - but thankful a few doses of Benadryl took it down)

There was baking...

... and saying bye to some bunnies in our yard we've been keeping an eye on (update: they're all out of the nest and out on their own!  Stay strong little bunnies!)

... and there was a PERFECT ending to Mother's Day complete with burgers on the grill and a bike ride.

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Happy Monday, friends!!! Hope your week is off to a great start!


  1. Love the bunnies and puppy and happy weekend!

    I don't have any idea what's going on with Mason, but my daughter had a reaction one time that was similar to that from Alba sunscreen with green tea extract. I'm pretty sure you use Supergoop, but maybe you've changed the formula recently? It's kind of like looking for a needle in a haystack with rashes! Hopefully his cleared up well and stays away.

    1. Figured it out.... it was the bunnies!!! No pet rabbits in our future!

  2. How did we ever live without Rosie????

  3. Looks like a great Mother's Day weekend. :)

  4. Ha! My youngest daughter always calls me for any odd symptoms. I told her I am NOT the one to call. I drug a child clear through Sea World with Chicken Pox when she was younger.

    1. I don't think I'll ever NOT call my mom. I also call her with cooking questions because moms know EVERYTHING!

  5. That is the most adorable card!! Happy Mother's Day!

  6. I know this is random...but as a kid if I ate too many strawberries I would break out in hives like that! Thankfully I have grown out of it as I have gotten older!

    1. we think it was the bunnies! But he's also started saying that bananas make his throat "itchy" so we may have an allergist appointment in our future!


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