Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Mason's Updated Room

We started updating Mason's room last month and today I'm so excited to share it because it's SOOOO Mason!  

Here's what it looked like back in the summer when he got Gary Patterson...

... and here's what it looked like when we moved in a few years ago...

... and here it is now!

What prompted the room makeover was Mason's DEEP desire for a bunk bed :)  DEEP, y'all!

The lay out of his room makes arranging furniture nearly impossible so we were limited in what kind/size of bed he can have so when I found  this loft bed I immediately measured, jumped up and down with excitement and then turned around and ordered.  

It has shelves on one side which he has quickly started filling up with Lego creations.  He really didn't have any good spaces for Legos and he's been LOVING having a spot to display them, keep the projects he's working on, etc.

(PS - we ordered the bed from Walmart  HERE but it is also available at Wayfair  HERE)

He didn't need two beds, so the loft bed was perfect.   It couldn't have fit the space better and it was his idea to leave  up his art wires for pictures.  There's a second wire above this one but since he's using them for photos and not large art pieces right now I need to get a third wire to hang in between them.  Maybe one day I'll be able to go to IKEA again :)

I looked at getting him a "beddys" zipup bedding thingi BUT Mason loves his Saranoni blankets and I was all about keeping it easy and cozy up there for him.

The other part of the bed that we really liked was the little shelf/ledge for his alarm clock, books, etc. 

Underneath the bed we added  some fun twinkle lights, an old stop sign that my parents have had for decades and a moose sign that was a present from his friends (his nickname is moose).  The nugget couch that we've had for a few years now made it a perfect little nook for reading, building Legos, rough housing :), etc.  He can move it out, reconfigure it into a fort, stack them up and when he does have friends sleepover it'll be the perfect spot.

On the other wall we replaced a long white desk with this 3-drawer dresser from IKEA (it's a Hemnes dresser) and then kept his smaller IKEA (Pahl) desk.   I switched out the pulls to  these from Amazon and ordered  a custom sign from Amazon to mark Gary's spot :)  

It arrived in two days and is awesome quality!

I used  these bins to organize his drawers and my label maker to make putting his clothes away AS EASY AS POSSIBLE ;) hahaha   

Aren't the knobs fun?  

The piece under his window is a bookcase from Target that he uses to hold Legos....

... and  the curtains are also Target.  I was planning on cutting off the tassels but Mason likes them as is so we'll wait and see. 

I found  these cute wire screens for above his desk and got a package of  black clips so he could clip on notes, tickets, drawings, etc. 

We moved his basketball goal to his closet door which he's loving because he can attempt shots from his bed :) 

Next to his closet door is a door that leads to the bathroom he shares with Luke...

And here it is with his  starry night projector on :) 

Mason is SO PLEASED with how everything turned out and this room SCREAMS Mason ;)  He's facetimed all his friends to show them his new bunk bed and "man cave" and is SO READY to have friends over in person to hang out and sleep over.

I tried to link to everything and cover where things are from but if I missed something or if you have any questions please let me know!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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  1. It looks great! Random question- I realized this morning that one of my biggest frustrations in parenting is getting my younger kids (around your kids' ages) to clean up after themselves. I remind them all day long to clean up their toys, messes, meals, etc. Is that what you have to do as well? Maybe my expectations are too high, but it seems like I shouldn't have to remind them to do everything. If you have a solution, I'd love to see a blog post or something explaining how you handle it.

    1. My sister has the kids pick up randomly throughout the day as they move on to the next activity, and everything must be picked up before bed. I obviously don't know the logistics, but everything for sure before bed is cleaned up.

    2. I feel ya! Some days are better than others but in general they can't move on from a meal until they're places at the table are clean, dishes in the dishwasher, etc. When they have toys downstairs the rule is that you pick up before you move onto the next thing and in their rooms we do a "reset" on the weekends and a couple of times a week during the summer/quarantine. Their rooms are their spaces where they can leave toys out but our main living spaces they are responsible for cleaning up their toys before bedtime. I definitely helped them pick up when they were younger and it can be a PAIN but they're pretty good about it now

  2. I love it!! You guys did a great job! :)

  3. It's perfect! It has everything he needs, add a little fridge and he may never come out:).

  4. Mason's room looks awesome - great job! Where is the big "M" sign from? where is the desk chair from?

    1. The big M is from Vine and Branches (etsy) and the desk chair is IKEA

  5. This is such a fun room! I'm loving that bunk bed!

  6. Y'all did a great job...I seriously can embrace all of the organization!! You definitely have a great eye for decorating.

  7. Love it! That dresser is from my favorite line @ IKEA. And I love those wire things above his desk. What a great space for him!

  8. Such a great comfy spot for him, you are so talented to see that vision and then execute it. I'm feeling inspired to add some touches to our sons' rooms.

  9. so fun! My son is 9 and would love a room makeover like this!

  10. Where did you get those cool wire photo/art holder string things? Thanks! Looks awesome!

  11. Love it! My son has that dresser in the wood finish and it's so nice. The Hemnes line from Ikea is great quality!


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