Friday, April 3, 2020

Friday Favorites

HAPPY Friday, friends!

This week has actually FLOWN by thanks to some great weather, feeling like we have school-at-home a little more under control (PRAISE JESUS!) and a birthday! 

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First up on my list of FAVORITES was some face-to-face grandparent time.  They drew the circle to ensure that nobody got too close and I swear that they all stood there for 30 minutes and just talked her ear off.  SO SWEET!

It was GORGEOUS this week which meant lots of driveway time and hence lots of chalk time.  Now... who can hook me up with some chalk because I can't find it ANYWHERE (for online ordering - hahaha)

Driveway picnics have been another FAVORITE this week....

Facetiming with my brother's family is always a FAVORITE and how could it not be when I get smiles like this...

... excuse my "auntie face" in the corner but you do what you gotta do when you have babies on the phone :) 

Other FAVORITES from the week were scenes like this...

... and this :) 

Griffin is always on the lookout for bugs and her current FAVORITES to find are snails...

This "joyful jar" of gorgeousness was a highlight of my week - fresh flowers and a lit candle are my FAVORITE!

I feel like being at home I was finding half-full cups of hot tea that were now cold all over my house.  With helping all three kids with school, running up and downstairs, etc. I couldn't keep track of my cup.  Enter my new FAVORITE thing...

... I grabbed this from the Nordstrom Sale and it's everything I hoped it would be :)  Keeps my tea hot for HOURS and I haven't dumped out a half-full cup in a week.  I obviously haven't been going anywhere but I love that when we go back to school I'll be able to toss it in my bag and have my hands free.  Can't recommend enough!  

Y'all know that I love a TJ Maxx/Homegoods run and this made me laugh this week...

I know that my kids have had their fair share about social distancing, not going place, not playing with our neighbors, not seeing grandparents, etc. and despite all of our explaining the video below REALLY hit home for them in a non-scary, visual and simple way that I think is SO valuable not just now but in the future.

We celebrated Luke on Wednesday and made the most of the time at home.  Harry potter scarf-inspired garland kicked off the morning along with cinnamon rolls, presents...

... and a viewing of a surprise video.  I asked his classmates, teachers, family, etc. to send me a video wishing him a happy birthday and then put it all together into one video.  Not being able to celebrate with all our "regular" people was a tough pill to swallow but seeing how many people went out of their way to help me out with this and then watching his face as he watched it was a blessing I didn't anticipate.

Luke's one request for his birthday was money for a treehouse Lego set and Dave and I surprised him with it which was SO FUN!  The look on his face was priceless :) 

After a quick round of Throw Throw burrito (his other present) he was off to his room to get started building ;)

Last, but not least - if Tiger King has been your FAVORITE quarantine binge show this might make you laugh HARD heading into the weekend...
Happy Friday, friends!!!

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  1. That sounds like a great week! I had heard chalk was becoming hard to find. My oldest is turning 16 this month and was just asking about having his grandparents over for a party and we had to explain that we will.... just not for his birthday. He was bummed, of course, but totally understood why not. I think he's probably more disappointed that he can't go get his learner's permit as he was really looking forward to driving!

  2. Happy weekend. Stay safe.

  3. Would you consider a basic printable for parents with an outline of a basic schedule for “home schooling” for younger grades. My son is in kindergarten and I’m not a teacher so trying to find fun things he likes is challenging. We did your balance scale activity and he loved it! I’d love more ideas like that. We are a two parent working household expected to keep our full schedules from home, and I’d happily pay to download some sort of pre-planned curriculum from someone as creative as you!

    1. Hi! I did a post that you might be interested in (complete with a schedule) and you can find it here...

      I will say that now that my kids are receiving materials from their teachers we're not using the schedule any longer because their daily assignments are dictating how long they spend on each subject and they pick the order that they work

  4. These are always my FAVORITE (see what I did there?) posts! Thanks for keeping some semblance of normal :)


  5. I looked on ebay the other day for chalk and they had some!

  6. That Mark Rober video was brilliant! I'd never heard of him before. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I was looking for chalk yesterday online and you are right: can't find anything good. Good thing ours should last for a while longer. I had bought a giant pack a couple years ago and we still have some decent size pieces.

  8. Target has a "creative kids" brand of chalk available online! It's the only place I could find any!

  9. If you can't find regular chalk, look up Our Best Bites post about DIY chalk paint - it uses food coloring, cornstarch and water. Also, thanks for the germ video - I showed it to my kids!


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