Monday, April 6, 2020

Paper Easter Egg Craft

Confession - I haven't brought out a single piece of Easter decor this year.  I just haven't "felt it" and I never make myself put decor up unless I'm feeling excited about it so this year I skipped it.  Not sure if it's quarantine life or how overwhelming the past couple of weeks have been with online school starting but either way it was feeling a little sparse around here.  This weekend the kids and I worked on a really fun project that ended up bringing the perfect amount of Easter cheer to the house.

I bought a package of  these doilies and the kids colored them and then sprayed them with water to get the colors to bleed and run.  They quickly learned that they didn't have to be super precise with their coloring...

... and they even tried using the markers on  their plastic trays, spraying the marker and laying the doily on top to see what kind of effect it would create. 

The doilies were pretty fragile when they were wet so I helped transfer them to some butcher paper to dry out.  After they were dry we mod podged them to colored cardstock (we just painted the whole paper and then went over them again with the paint brush to smooth everything out). 

We set them out to dry again...

... and then cut them into egg shapes and strung them (using hair clips - hahaha) onto a string on the mantle to create the garland...

This was really fun for all three kids and it was fun to watch them experiment with different techniques.  They also really enjoyed picking the background papers for the doilies and seeing how different colors really made a difference in the final "look" of each egg.

I think that these are super cute as a banner but would also be cute glued on a card for a grandparent, or tucked into an Easter basket with a note written on the back.  If you're leaving Easter eggs out in your windows for kids to see when they're out on walks these would be PRECIOUS! 

Happy crafting, friends!!!

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