Thursday, March 19, 2020

Wassily Kandinsky Art

Happy Thursday, friends!  This week as part of our "at-home-learning" we've been learning about Wassily Kandinsky during our art time :) 

I knew if I was going to have buy-in from Luke it was going to need to not just be a "craft" but more art-based and so we watched a few YouTube videos about Kandinsky (HEREHERE and  HERE) and then set out to recreate one of his pieces. 

I took 9x12 watercolor paper and divided it into 6 sections using a pencil and a ruler.

The kids then gathered a bunch of different objects from around the house that were circular and started tracing around them with crayons to make concentric circles.  Mason wasn't all about the tracing and so he free-handed his circles and I loved his result!

After they had their circles drawn I turned on a "Classical Pop" station on Pandora (Kandinsky used music to influence his color choices) and let them loose with watercolors.  The end.  

And look how GREAT they turned out!!!

I absolutely love them and now want to do this same project on a larger scale for art in our playroom.

They loved the circles so much that they wanted to do them again on Tuesday - so I cut a bunch of construction paper into 4.5 x 4.5 squares (I only measured once and then just used that as a template)...

... then I just spread them out, gave them glue and scissors and let them go to town.

Griffin got frustrated with all the cutting involved so I cut 12 of each size circle and then she stacked and glued them.

The boys cut theirs freehand on their own and I love them!  After they made all 12 of their squares, they glued them onto a piece of large paper from our craft roll.

If you're looking for an art project to work on with your kids we loved both of these!  You could go as large or small on the scale as fit what supplies you have and they're both easily modified for different ages. 

Happy Thursday and Happy creating, friends!


  1. My niece is an art teacher (new this year) and I think she already did a session about Kandinsky, but I am going to share this with her! Thanks for giving me something to start off my day......after sanitizing.

  2. Great projects! Another music station to try is Mezzo Piano - they are all classical piano versions of contemporary worship songs.

  3. you are so fun!!! and come up with the best ideas!

  4. That craft closet is coming in handy during this time :) Love the artwork.

  5. I love this!! I especially love the cutting out the circles and stacking them! They turned out great! Will definitely be doing this with my girls in the coming weeks.

  6. I absolutely love this project. As we as teachers need to consider remote learning this is awesome.

  7. This is a great activity, thanks for sharing!

  8. Hey. Andrea~. Can you give me some of your favorite family games that you like to play with your family?


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