Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Spring Gift Guide for Boys

Hey, y'all!  Today I'm following up last weeks' Spring Gift Guide for Girls with a Boys edition.  Keep in mind that pretty much all of these ideas are great for boys OR girls, I've simply broken them up based on my kids interests ;)

You can shop any of the items below by clicking on the picture and there are also direct links in the text below the graphic.

My kids have all been doing Kiwi Crates for almost a year and I can't say enough great things about them.  Luke gets the Eureka Crate and I'm blown away every month by the detail and depth of the projects.  He made a working pinball machine!  Griffin does the Kiwi Crate and Mason recently switched from the Atlas Crate (which I LOVED) to the Tinker Crate which he is loving as well.

Mason and his friends all love to draw comics and so I actually just ordered 3 of these so we could deliver 2 of them to his friends and they can send pics of their pages back and forth to each other.  If you have a comic book (or graphic novel) lover at your house this would be a super fun Easter Basket item!

Neither one of my boys love flip flops and I think that these would be a great option for a casual summer shoe for both of them.

Apparently this is the bounciest ball you can buy?  My boys both LOVE playing wall ball and they'll both have one of these in their Easter baskets this year.

A few months ago a friend and I were talking about looking for a device that would enable us to communicate with our kids but with no smartphone capabilities... essentially we wanted really long range walkie-talkies.  She discovered  the Relay device and we both ordered immediately.  It's a $10/month fee that doesn't have anything to do with your cell phone plan (you pay the fee to Relay... it's not adding a line or anything) and you can communicate with other Relay users (Mason has a chat set up with his buddies who have one) as well as communicate with someone who has the app (me).  It's a GPS tracker as well and I bought the lanyard clip thing so that the kids can clip it on their golf bags, wear it when they go to the park, put it in their pocket when they go to a friends house, etc. 

We used to have this in the teeny tiny version (it would fit in my purse) but we lost one of the pigs and it was a huge bummer at our house.  Mason is getting this XL version in his Easter Basket and I can hardly wait for him to get it :)

All three of my kids have  Hydroflasks and they've used them daily for multiple years and they've held up better than any other bottles we've used.  They're perfect for heading into summer.

All of my kids LOVE  this underwater camera.  You can use it out of the water too, but the kids had the best time taking it in the water while we were in San Antonio the past two summers and at the $30 price point I don't have to worry too much about it and they always capture some of my favorite videos.  It comes with a TON of accessories but you will need a microSD card and reader which you can get  HERE for $10.

Because #boys

This was something brand new to me and I found it when searching "four square" and it looks SO COOL!!! I ordered it for Mason's birthday and will keep y'all posted!

My kids LOVE to set up kickball and soccer and I love that these cones glow and will let them play outside in the backyard well after dark.

I'm Native Shoes #1 fan and my boys STILL love them year round.  I love this style!

We've done break your own geodes before and all three of my kids love them.  Part of it's the surprise, part of it's getting to break open the rock and part of it's getting to display the geode after. So much fun!

One of our very favorite book series!

I've talked before about how much my kids love painting rocks and I love that these pens would enable them to do more detail and smaller rocks.

This was another new find and both my boys will be getting these in their Easter baskets.  I love that they can play it by themselves or with each other and that it helps with hand/eye coordination.

This is RIGHT up Luke's alley!

I saw one of these when I was at the McDonald Observatory with my 8th grade students and they were ALL excited about it ;) I think that all three of my kids would love it and I have to admit that I was even mesmerized with it (just like I  used to be at the mall in the nineties when they had huge banks like this!) hahaha

We've played with kinetic sand for years and love it so much and I am obsessed with this dirt kind!  How cute would this be with some Hot Wheels dump trucks?!?!

My boys got an XBox for Christmas and I know that a gift card for games would be much appreciated.

I can personally attest to this working :)  And I love that it's not full of aluminum.

We played this over break at a friends house and my kids were OBSESSED!  It's by the makers of Exploding Kittens and it's a fast paced card game that involved throwing burritos at each other.  It's super fun.

I bought this bag of kickballs last year for Mason and G's birthday party and I'm pretty sure my kids have played with these balls every single day since then.  They've held up great and I actually just ordered a new bag as our collection is dwindling (a couple have been kicked over our fence into no-mans-land, one was run over, a couple were left at school, etc.)

My boys got these several years ago and they're THE BEST!  Even adults can ride them and all three of my kids use them all the time.

Mason got the glow basketball back in December and LOVES it so much - these glow so much brighter than a traditional "glow in the dark" ball and he's used it a ton.

The best goggles you can buy!  My kids have had their current pairs for two years and I'm just now looking at replacing them.  They won't wear any other kind.

I love putting a bathing suit into Easter baskets and these trunks are approved by both my boys ;)

Each of my kids will get one of these cans in their Easter baskets and I'm SO EXCITED to see what they do with them!  The 4th can is going to be for me because how fun does it look?!?!

This game is one we don't have but it has great reviews and looks like a total blast!

Happy Thursday, friends!!!

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  1. Thank you for these great ideas. It can be really hard to find things for older boys and these fit the bill.

  2. Thank you for these great ideas. It can be very hard to find things for middle aged boys these are perfect.

  3. Love love love! Perfect for my boys.


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