Friday, March 20, 2020

Friday Favorites

Well - what a week.  It's been full of highs and lows and really sad moments and really sweet moments and I'm just kind of a ball of emotions right now... you know??  

That said, I have so enjoyed keeping up with things on here this week and am so excited that lots of y'all have asked to confirm that Friday Favorites would still be happening!  If you're linking up with me make sure you grab our graphic, link back to me and share your own Friday Favorites post.

We headed up to school on Wednesday to pick up some things that I needed and it felt SO GOOD just to be on campus for a bit.  We had Spring Break last week and obviously none of knew to take anything with us when we left for break so the school got cleaned and teachers have been up this week getting things and prepping items for students.  My kids rode their scooters around the circle...

... and it was weird thinking about how it'll be a good long while before they're out here playing with friends. 

Other favorites from the week included bike riding,  this dress and those braids.

Turns out cleaning is their FAVORITE...

... just kidding... but it's one of mine! :) 

Face-timing with friends has been everyone's FAVORITE...

... and apparently watching the recycling truck was their FAVORITE :)  #simplepleasures

Yesterday the kids and Dave rode bikes up to the Country Club while I worked on filming lessons for my classes.  I got a call when they got there that Griffin wasn't going to make it home (it's a little over 3 miles) so I went and picked her up and then the boys rode bikes home.  The last half or so was in the rain and boys boys said it was the best adventure ever :) 

We broke out of the house to pick up lunch earlier this week (curbside pickup at the clubhouse!) and had to stop on the way up the driveway to rescue a turtle in the road.

Nordstrom has put some of our FAVORITES on sale this week...

And we're ALLLLLMOST done with one of  our very FAVORITE puzzles...

Getting to talk to my friends on FaceTime last night was one of my very FAVORITE parts of the week...

... and this scene was one of my FAVORITES from the week because #quiet ;)

Last, but not least - make sure you head to my instagram feed today for a giveaway with one of my FAVORITES!

Also, I've had lots of requests to share some of the activities I've been working on with my kids as well as how I'm planning on teaching online and my plan is to share that with y'all next week - so in case you've asked just know that I'm on it!

 Happy Friday, friends!

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  1. So interesting to hear about things from a teacher point of view. Stay well!


  2. Andrea, you know how to pull at the heartstrings. Thanks for providing normalcy. Off to checkout your Nordstrom favorites.

  3. We've been all over the place emotionally too! It's a very strange time for everyone. I'm glad ya'll got to get out of the house for a bit!

  4. Looking forward to the blog posts about activities for kids during this unique situation. I am hoping to try the Wassily Kandinsky art with them today :) Loving the Disney puzzle! Also, I was curious about the bracelets you and Griffin are wearing. I would assume that's the giveaway that'll be shared on Insta, but I didn't see anything about them on there. They're so cute, bright, and cheerful! Take care!!

  5. Hi Andrea! That sure looked like Stonebridge to me. We lived in McKinney for 12 years and loved every minute! I played tennis at SB and lived in Wellington. Thanks for bringing back wonderful memories. Btw... beautiful family. Thanks for hosting.

  6. our country club is doing take out/curbside family meals for each evening and you can also just get a large container of soup. Gotta support our local eateries as well. Starbucks will be fine but the smaller mom/pop drive thru coffee shops will not. Keep the faith. Wash our hands. Social Distance!

  7. I just love that they love to clean! That's wonderful. My boys often connect with friends through the x-box and other on-line sources regularly anyway so this week hasn't been too too different for us (other than the feelings in the air.. and that we HAVE to be home since everything is shut down).

  8. It looks like you all are managing beautifully. I really like that puzzle! It's currently unavailable-boohoo! I may get the FP cardigan, I remember you wearing it awhile back. I {hear} FP!


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