Thursday, March 26, 2020


I know that in years to come I'll want to look back on here and remember how we were handling life during quarantine so I thought it was fitting to do a three things post today and highlight a few things that I know I'll want to remember.

This week has been all about figuring out what works for each of my kids as far as learning goes and it's been interesting to say the least :)  I feel like I KNOW my kids as a mom but not as a teacher (hopefully that makes sense) and it's been fun and a challenge to get to know them more this week as learners.  

Luke is turning twelve in less than a week and I seriously can't believe it.  He's been such a trooper about having to postpone his party indefinitely and while the circumstances aren't ideal we're excited to make his day extra special.  I'm planning a special dinner and am so grateful that I ordered his presents last week.

Thank GOODNESS for Cloud Library - Luke has burned through all of his books and the 7 he checked out from school before Spring Break.  Super thankful for the app that let's him checkout books from our local library and read them on his iPad even though he says he misses" holding real books"

Luke is LOVING distance learning. LOVING IT!  He's always been a great independent learner and he LOVES school so he's' been excited every morning to get started and has so enjoyed  getting to work from his favorite spot ;)

I realized quickly this week that Mason needs a change of scenery pretty often as he works.  He's worked in his room, the kitchen table, the floor of the front hall, the driveway, the trampoline, the dining room, etc., etc., etc.  We're doing whatever helps him be productive and this seems to be helping.

- "I CAN'T, OH WAIT" -
Mason's teacher and I were texting earlier this week and she asked me how it was going.  I was telling her about how all day I'd heard, "Moooom! I can't do this" and then about 0.5 seconds later, "Oh Wait! This is EASY!" and she and I got a good chuckle about just how "Mason" that was.  He's his own biggest critic and I can't wait for him to realize just how SMART he is! 

I've known for a while that Mason has a hard time starting what he feels are "big tasks" (think cleaning his room) so after a frustrating first day of distance learning I spent some time breaking each of his days down into a check list and the difference in his attitude was immediate.  He's protested a little bit each morning because "THE LIST IS SOOOO LONG!!!",  but once he starts he's good and I'm excited for this opportunity to work on this skill with him.

Griffin's very favorite thing to play is "school" and Dave and I have laughed every day this week as she sets up her desk, asks for a mug of tea, lays out her pencils etc. all before starting her work.  She takes it all very seriously and has been disappointed when her work for the day is done.

Facetime has been Griffin's lifeline this week.  Chit-chatting with her little girlfriends while playing Barbies, school, American Girl dolls and dance party has been a much-needed reprieve from her brothers shenanigans.  Her little face just lights up when it's time to "hang out" with her friends and I can't say I blame her ;)

Griffin LOVES a calendar.  LOVES a plan and LOVES to know what's coming next.  The uncertainty of school and activities and the "weirdness" of not being able to do our normal things like running to the store, grabbing ice cream out, etc. is something that we're seeing come out in the form of bad dreams and heightened emotions.  We're talking through things, reading lots of fun books before bed, praying together often, getting lots of fresh air and keeping the news turned off at our house during the day to try and help. 

I miss my students!  I feel like I've got the teaching part handled for now but I miss being in class with them and I'm just praying so hard that we at least get some time in class together before summer.  Also, while there are perks of working from home (like access to a kettle all day - hahaha) I miss my classroom, too!  

Something positive that has come out of all of this is a new love of family bike rides.  Griffin learned to ride without her training wheels this week and we've been riding nonstop since then!  I think that when I look back on all of this I'll remember long rides together which is pretty sweet.

Dave took a week of vacation this past week (he has hourly employees that he was trying to give hours to) but he's back at it today.  I'm writing this Wednesday night but I feel confident in saying that I'm wishing he was home with us!  You better believe that we'll be picking up some to-go food this week to get some face time with him :) 


  1. I can check out books digitally from my library too, but like Luke, I want to HOLD them so I am putting it off. These certainly are unique times, but as Christians, a time we can really shine:)

  2. How is he going to be 12?! I remember exactly where i was standing when Dave called to tell me he was born!!! And I thought it was an April Fools joke ;) .

  3. I feel like I've read so much, since I go straight home after work. I'm so glad I'm able to work and get out of the house, because I'm so tired of those walls right now. I miss being able to go out to a restaurant and sit and eat all the queso.

  4. Looks like you're in a good place with distance learning. Love that you've figured out what works for each kid - knowing that it's not one size fits all! Great job, mama!

  5. In my mind I am Griffin, but in reality....I am Mason :)

  6. I feel Luke's pain with wanting to hold a book. I am on my last "real" book and dreading having to check out something digital

  7. We have a girl that goes through phases of nightmares and someone recommended "what to do when you dread your bed" and it was a lifesaver! She also has a variety of other books that deal with anxiety and anger that have been so good!


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