Wednesday, March 11, 2020

SUPER Easy Friendship Bracelets

Today I am SO EXCITED to share a super easy friendship bracelet tutorial that even kids can do!  I've made knotted bracelets for years and they can be time consuming for adults and nearly impossible for kids due to all of the knotting.  Griffin has been asking to make friendship bracelets for her friends and so I brought back an old-school method to show her and she can totally do it! 

Look how fun!!!  I started this one but Griffin worked on it as well and she's currently working on a few for her friends at school.

I'm going to explain as best as I can in words and pics but if you hop over to my instagram stories today I'll share a little demo on there as well.

Start off by cutting 7 lengths of embroidery floss and then tying the end in a loop.  Cut a circle out of cardboard and then cut 8 evenly-spaced little slits (mine are actually deeper/longer than they need to be) and a hole in the center.  Pull the embroidery floss through the center hole (leaving the loop on the back side) and put one of each of the strands in 7 of the little slits. 

Hold the empty slit in front of you and then grab the third strand and pull it over next two into the empty spot.  Rotate the card so that the empty slit is in front of you and do it again.  And again and again and again.

So for example... in the photo below I'd take the yellow strand, put it over the pink and peach and into the empty slit.

The bracelet will start to form on the back side of the cardboard pretty quickly.  The strands may get kind of tangled but you can keep them neat fairly easily by pulling them through the tangles when you use that strand.

The bracelets turn out SO CUTE!!!  I've even made them with 14 strands and just doubled them up to create a thicker bracelet. 

When the bracelet gets to the length you want, I like to tie the strands into two braids and then I tie them through the loop I made initially.  

I was going to wait until I had more pics to share (and possibly a video) BUT we've had so much fun making these that I wanted y'all to have a chance to try them while you may be on break with your kids!  

Like I mentioned earlier - if these directions were kind of "muddy' here be sure to head over to my Instagram later today for a quick video tutorial.  Happy crafting, friends!!!

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