Thursday, March 12, 2020

Spring Gift Guide for Girls

Hey, y'all!  Today I'm sharing a Spring Gift Guide for girls - and I'm hoping you can grab a couple of ideas for Easter baskets, upcoming birthday parties, etc.

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ONE - All three of my kids have become pros at jumproping thanks to PE at school and I think  these wooden handle/neon ones are PRECIOUS!  They come in a two-pack so if you're filling multiple baskets they're perfect!

TWO - Lipsmackers instantly bring me back to my childhood and Griffin loves  the ones with the animal cases.  So cute tied on a present or in an Easter basket.

THREE - Griffin has had the cat dress up magnet set for a couple of years now and it's one of my favorite things to keep in my bag for restaurant waits, hanging at Mason's football games, etc.  I adore  this mermaid style one and love that all the pieces stay inside the box (magnets for the win!)  It's compact but still really fun.  If you have an upcoming summer trip this would be a great addition to your travel arsenal!

FOUR - All three of my kids have  Hydroflasks and they've used them daily for multiple years and they've held up better than any other bottles we've used.  They're perfect for heading into summer and if you order a Hydroflask be sure to check out...

FIVE -  these handles and rubber bottoms!  They make the bottles so easy to tote around and I've recently become a fan of the rubber bottoms because they prevent the bottles from becoming dinged up on the bottom when you set it down.

SIX - We love a purse at our house and  this one would be cute all Spring/Summer long

SEVEN - Such  a cute little bracelet and a great price!

EIGHT -  This band is going in G's Easter basket and I know she's going to be super excited to get it.  Lots of the "big girls" at dance have them for stretching and flexibility and I'm hoping it's something she uses a lot.

NINE - How cute would  this tee be with white shorts or under overalls?!?!

TEN - We have and love  this puzzle!  It's great for kids and is a super fun one.

ELEVEN - We're big fans of OOLY art supplies and  these scented glitter gel pens are making their way into G's Easter basket for sure!

TWELVE - If you've never played with  Kinetic Sand do yourself a favor and order this for your kids!  It's super fun to play with and I've found it easy to clean up because it pretty much just sticks together.  We love it!

THIRTEEN - These are  my favorite silk scrunchies that I use in mine and G's hair and while they're a bit on the pricey end I love that they don't ever lose their stretch and they're not super thick like a typical scrunchie.

FOURTEEN - how sweet are  these glittery bunny ears?!?!

FIFTEEN -  Rainbow stretch bracelet?  Yes, please.

SIXTEEN - I mentioned how much we love this brand of coloring books in a previous post and I thought that  this one looked great for girls!

SEVENTEEN -  I love a "purse game" - one that I can pop in my purse and keep on hand for times we need to fill a few minutes and obviously adore the math practice.

EIGHTEEN -  This play dress is rainbow perfection!  Boden quality is unmatched and I think it would look so cute with a yellow cardigan.

NINETEEN - I love to put a swimsuit in Easter baskets and  this tie dye one is so sweet

TWENTY - Hands down  our favorite goggles of all time.  They require virtually no adjustment and don't pull on hair.  They're the best!

TWENTY ONE - Griffin got  a pair of Birks last summer and wore them ALL THE TIME!  They held up great all summer and she'll be able to wear them again this year.  They were great with wet feet after the pool and they looked so cute with pretty much everything.

TWENTY TWO - We've loved  Natives for YEARS and this pink shimmery pair is so sweet!

TWENTY THREE - If you've never tried  these "sticker by number" books before you need to!  They're so much fun and I love that they're completely mess free!

TWENTY FOUR - We're big fans of TENZI and ITZI and  this new game PAIRZI looks awesome as well.

TWENTY FIVE - If you have a kid in your house who loves friendship bracelets  this book looks like a great one!  

TWENTY SIX - How fun would  this set of embroidery flosses be with the bracelet book?

TWENTY SEVEN -  This set of four coils with charms are on sale and will be cute as a ponytail holder or on her wrist as a bracelet

TWENTY NINE - I think I've put  chalk in every Easter basket I've ever done - it's tradition at this point :)

THIRTY - Griffin has been loving LEGO Friends and  this little treehouse set is the cutest

THIRTY ONE - When I was 7 I would have FLIPPED OUT over  these shoelace charms - so fun!

Happy Thursday, friends!!!

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  1. I love your gift guides!! Thank you so much for putting this together. I have two little boys of my own, but four nieces of all ages and just saved a bunch of these ideas for their birthdays/Christmas. :) Happy weekend!


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