Monday, March 30, 2020

Staying Busy - Part 1

Today I thought I'd share the first one of who knows how many installments of "Staying Busy" where I'm going to share some simple things we're doing around here to keep ourselves occupied :)

First up is this chalk art.  I saw a TON of these all over social media and knew we had to try one for ourselves.  Thankfully I had a roll of painters tape at home and so we just picked a word, taped it out and then taped down a box and a bunch of random shapes.  The kids went to town coloring them in with chalk adn then we peeled up the tape.

It was really fun and took about an hour start to finish.  SO EASY and they LOVED peeling off the tape to reveal the final product.

Next up is the world's weirdest project that seriously kept Mason and Griffin busy for multiple afternoons.  

I had a big stack of boxes in our garage ready to be broken down and recycled (this was from SEVERAL weeks and we all know that Amazon likes to ship a single balloon in a box) and so I sprayed them all down with lysol, brought them in and told them to make something....

My parents had just passed along some of my old trolls (what I wouldn't give to have all of them!) and so they decided to make Troll Village.

They got creative with signage and bridges (they used the hot glue gun and other supplies from the craft closet)...

You're not allowed to be mad in Troll Village, friends!

And they used those weird air-filled packing things to create their own "blob" in a swimming pool ;)

There are a ton of bunnies and then a cute little house and a flower bouquet and you can download them  HERE for ONE DOLLAR!  ONE!!!

We used watercolors, but I printed off a few more sets for the kids to color with marker, crayon, etc.  And in case flower crowns aren't your thing there are a couple with bow ties too :)

Happy Monday, friends!!!

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  1. Love this!!! All these projects are great, but that chalk art is 🙌🙌🙌

  2. Do you have an Amazon shop? Would, especially now, love your recommendations based on games, arts & crafts ideas and cozy at home stuff!

  3. Thanks, Andrea! You always have the best suggestions.

  4. Love, love, love the sidewalk art!

  5. Oh sister, so many cute things! JOY always makes me think of your mama!! xx

  6. Such fun ideas! Where's Griffin's rainbow dress from?


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