Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Happy Tuesday, friends!  I can't believe that Valentine's Day is on FRIDAY!  It always kinds of sneaks up on me and I wanted to share a few gift ideas in case you're shopping last minute. 

Quick note - I know that everyone does Valentine's Day differently... a card and candy before school, heart pancakes, a gift basket, small gift, BIG GIFT, a family present, dinner out, dinner in... we all do holidays differently which is why I've tried to share a variety of ideas, price points, etc.  

We typically do one gift for each of our kids and it varies year to year.  One year they each got a new movie, one year Griffin got a Princess Belle costume and last year we got our boys tickets to go see Monster Jam with Dave.

However you celebrate I hope you find a fun idea or two for this week or a couple to file away for later ;)

You can click on any of the images below to shop

TENZI is one of our family's very favorite games.  There are a TON of different ways to play, it's great for all ages and the rounds are quick.  

Puzzles are one of our favorite things to do together as a family and  this one looks so good!  I'm picky about our puzzles... I look for ones that even if they're large, have defined areas and everyone can work on them.

I LOOOOOOVE Saranoni blankets and  their toddler to teen size blankets are PERFECT for kids of all ages.  My kids still use them on car trips and on their beds at night. 

I haven't personally tried  the MoonLite projector but it looks so cool!  It's a projector that goes onto your iPhone and projects your favorite storybooks onto the ceiling!  Bedtime stories have always been a big deal at our house and I absolutely love this idea.

Rainbow in my room is on my short list for Griffin because the girl can't get enough rainbows :)  It projects a rainbow into your room and I can't really think of anything more fun than that!

I have  this set of basketball guys in my cart for Mason's birthday because it seriously is right up his alley.  If he's not outside playing he's pretending that he's outside playing :) 

Quirkle is another family favorite because all ages can play it.  There's more strategy involved as your kids get older but younger kids can still "get it" and play.  it's a perfect family game.

We're HUGE Snap Circuit fans and  this Snapino set has 20 coding projects which I think sounds super cool.  This is going on the list for my boys birthdays for sure!

I shared all of my favorite Valentine's Day books in  THIS POST but  Bagel In Love was on the tip top of our list this year.

I feel like I talk about OSMO in every gift guide and that's because we love it SO MUCH!   A new OSMO game would be an awesome gift. 

This flower garden set is $12 and one of Griffin's very favorite toys from when she was a toddler.  All the pieces come apart and kids can design and build their own flower garden.  It's SO CUTE and would be perfect in an Easter basket as well.

Our FAVORITE stuffed animals are always Jellycat and I'm DYING over  this plush avocado.  I think I may need it for Valentine's Day :) hahaha

Valentine's Day could be a great time to restock your art supplies like rolls of  white craft paper,  paint sticks and  Play Doh.

We LOVE  our hydroflasks and this one is the perfect size for kids and comes with the straw lid which is PERFECT.  The little handle makes it really easy for kids to carry as well.

A Nerf gun because nothing says love like shooting your brother, right? :)  I think that if you have boys (or girls!) it would be SO FUN to get everyone a new nerf gun and have a family nerf fight as their Valentine's Day gift - pizza, nerf guns, ice cream, movie - done.

My kids can't get enough of  these Sticker By Number books!

This little heart purse is what I picked up for Griffin because GLITTER HEART and a rainbow strap!  I'm planning on putting a little notebook, a few pens and a Lip Smacker in there for her.

Mason can be hard to buy for because his favorite thing to do is play outside and there's only so many basketballs and footballs a kid needs but I am SO EXCITED about  this sky projector for his room. Click on the link and check out the photos because it looks SO COOL!!!  I wish I had had this for our To The Moon and Back lunch!

I started putting together gift guides for teachers and guys and just plain ran out of time.  UGH!  
As a middle school teacher I'm not sure I've ever received anything other than candy for Valentine's Day (which is AWESOME) but several of y'all asked for teacher gift ideas... for the teachers in your life I can't say enough GIFT CARDS are the way to go!  A $5 gift card with a quick note and call it a day!  If you're wanting to buy something other than a gift card here are some of my tried and true ideas.  I shared this same gift guide at Christmas and you can check them out below...

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  1. Have you played concept? It is such a great game. We have boys aged 3 and 7 and the whole family can play. Also, we got taco cat goat cheese burrito from your recommendation! It is so fun!!

  2. You always do such a fantastic job on gift guides!


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