Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Gift Guides - Toddlers, Teens and Teachers

Today I'm wrapping up my gift guides sharing about toddlers, teens and teachers.  I'm hoping that this finished covering all of the categories and provides you with some good finds and/or inspiration.

This toddler guide had me allllll kinds of nostalgic - I LOVE kids toys and have always loved finding great toys that encourage creative and imaginative play.

My kids got a shopping cart very similar to this one when they were 5, 2 and a baby and we STILL have it and they STILL use it.  It's stood the test of time and is something that I can see us putting into our attic and holding onto.

This series of coloring books is PERFECT for kids because of the larger-scale drawings and thick paper.  There are 200 pictures in each book and the price is great.

Magnatiles, magformers, alllll the magnetic blocks.  They're great for younger kids and my kids still love building with them.

We got one of these basketball goals when Luke was about two and we have so many fond memories with it.  He LOVED it and Dave and I loved shooting baskets from the couch after he went to bed :) 

We've always used the counting bears and when I was searching for those I came across this set which looks SO GOOD!  Kids can sort, roll the dice and match, count, etc.  We always added an additional motor skill element by using tongs, a large spoon, etc. into play.

If you're in the market for a stuffed animal Jelly Cat is the way to go.  The softest, best quality, longest lasting toys out there.  Ours have been washed hundreds of times and they're just the cutest.

These are painting without the mess!  They last for a really long time and are washable.

Another favorite and one that we've gifted often.  Kids look at pattern sheets, make the pattern with the screws and then drill them into the board.  

Hands down my favorite toddler toy.  We have a huge collection of Duplo and my kids still build with them.  They last forever, are easy to use and encourage the best creative play.

It was a sad, sad day for me when we passed along our play kitchen.  My kids spent hours cooking and serving countless meals out of their kitchen and, in fact, Griffin has a play kitchen on her Christmas list this year. (not happening - but now I'm wishing we'd held onto ours!)

A great basic block set makes the perfect gift because the possibilities are really endless.  Towers, castles, garages for Hot Wheel cars, etc. 

This is such a fun set - ice cream, toppings, the scoop... Griffin has had this for several years and loves it!

As cute as the felt/fabric play food is, I've always preferred the food from learning resources because you can wash/disinfect it and it looks realistic which my kids loved.  We've had lots of different kinds of play foods over the years but the pieces we still have are this kind.

We bought Luke one of these trikes when he was about 4 and then a second one for Mason a couple of years later.  We still have both of them and they're one of the things that we for sure won't part with.  The quality is awesome, they're really easy for the kids to pedal and steer and because the seat moves so far forward and back they can ride them for years and years.

We have a set of tunnels super similar to this one and I can't tell you how many weekends we had our entire living room filled with them :)  The kids would bring pillows into the little tents and played with them constantly.  The best part is that they fold up into a tiny little carrying case.

Mason and Griffin both LOVED dressing up and we have always had a stash of imaginative play dress up clothes.  Beekeeper, baker, astronaut, doctor, princess, cowboy... they loved them all!

I've talked several times about how much we love our OSMO and I love that they just came out with a Genius Kit geared toward preschool-aged kids.  OSMO makes screen time more hands-on and educational and it's screen time that you can feel better about them having!

I feel like teens are always in need of a charger and how fun is this little external power source?!?! I kind of want one for myself :) 

They can keep their car keys, drivers license and debit card all handy AND cute on this key ring and matching card holder. (be sure to use ANDREA15 for a discount!!!)

I haaaaaate Crocs but all the kids I know LOVE THEM.  Which probably makes them love them even more :) hahaha  You're officially old when you see trends come around for a second time, right?!?!  #officiallyold

LOVE the pom on this hat!

I think that this would be a perfect gift to have over the door in a bedroom or game room.

This speaker is portable, durable and connects easily with bluetooth.  It can play for 8 hours which is a huge bonus.  I brought my similar one to school for a game we were doing one day and the kids all commented on how much they liked it.

Click on the link and look at the pictures of this ball all lit up!  SO FUN!

This small sign would be so cute for a desk or locker.

I feel like this is the gift I've heard mentioned more than any other so far this season.  I love them so much and think that they would be a huge hit under the tree.

I mean... would it even be a teen gift guide without a hydroflask?!?!

We've played this before and it's a really fun "would you rather" game that gets kids laughing and talking. 

LOVE that this camera prints all the way to the edge of the print.

I feel like the name says it all - cozy AND super cute.

TONS of girls I know are asking for this bag for Christmas - it comes in tons of colors and they clean up really easily.

Another popular pick and could be extra fun with a college hoodie or team shirt inside.

Because what else are you going to stick on your hydroflask, phone case, binder, etc.? 

I saw these in J Crew not that long ago and they feel like HEAVEN!  They're 40% off right now as well!

This game is SO FUN and is great because they can fold it up and carry it in the small tote and then get it out and play whenever and wherever.  

I got one of these umbrellas last year and I love it SO MUCH!!!  It essentially works the opposite way a regular umbrella does and prevents you from getting a bunch of water in your car or on the floor of your house/classroom.  

My favorite teacher gift to give and receive.  $5 to Sonic or Starbucks... A Baskin Robins gift card to take their kids out for ice cream or a Cinemark card to check out Frozen II with their kids over break.  Write a note, pop the card in the envelope and call it a day!

Barefoot Dreams socks.  The end.

A fun desk accessory like a mousepad, little plant, post-it notes, etc.

I've given these as teacher gifts and use mine ALL THE TIME!  I have my teacher keys, ID, etc. all on one ring which makes it super easy.

This desk pad is going to be in my stocking this year and I'm SO EXCITED!!!! I love a big desk pad and this one is right up my alley because it's unlined and LARGE!

Someone sent me a link to this the other day and it cracked me up!

I bet your kid knows what their teachers favorite pens are... and whether they're sharpies or flair pens a package of them with a sweet note would make a perfect gift.

I feel like a pair of slippers with a note about putting their feet up over break would be much appreciated!

Happy Tuesday, friends!!!

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  1. Thank you for the teen/tween guide! My 11 year old already had the hydro flask and stickers on her list- but I’m loving the basketball hoop, power source and beanie! And the slippers will be going on MY list!

  2. I'm always looking for new teacher ideas!!

  3. My little will be 2 in February, and I'm adding some of your toddler recs on her Amazon list right now! We already planned to get a play kitchen and all the food dish/accessories, but the coloring books and dinosaurs look so fun and educational! Thanks for the recs!

  4. I'm obsessed with this gift guide, best one I've seen yet. Thank you!

  5. Love it all! Wonderful collection of treasures and something for everyone!


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