Monday, October 28, 2019

Weekend Top 10

Friday was pajama day which is one of my kids favorite days of the year.  Not sure there's much better than PJs at school!

It was COLD (think 40s), rainy and windy but this girl was all smiles because of her  earmuffs :) hahaha

This cutie...

The grades all line the center of the deck and each grade parades through and high fives everyone on their way down the deck.  It's loud, chaotic and awesome.

And very last pj day for this kid!  Can't believe it!

Saturday errands included a significant amount of begging for a kitten...

... and I wore  this t-shirt pretty much all weekend long :) 

We had an impromptu playdate Saturday afternoon...

... and it was almost too much cuteness.

And, of course, Mason "creature kid" McAnally managed to find a frog...

We played A LOT of games this weekend...

And Mason took some pretty impressive doodle notes during church on Sunday.  Making his mama proud!

I took Griffin to see Beauty and the Beast at Dallas Children's Theater after church on Sunday and before we headed down there we grabbed some lunch and ran by Anthropologie to grab a bowl...

SNUG for herr favorite mac and cheese and waffles :)


And Christmas display at Anthro is unreal this year.  GORGEOUS!

We made some really good time getting to Dallas so an impromptu stop by a HUGE Half-Price-Books for some new books was a must.  SHe's been working SO HARD on reading and this was a special treat.  A sweet lady pointed out that she was just like Belle looking at the shelves of books ;)

The play was MAGIC and when it was over the kids got to meet and get autographs from the actors and actresses.

Her favorite character was Lumiere and when she got to meet him she made a point of telling him how much she liked his "sparkle pants" :)

Such a sweet afternoon with her!

Mason "The Moose" McAnally had a football game Sunday night and he played AWESOME!!!  He got to play wide receiver and he rocked it!  So much so that he earned the "money play of the game" chain :) 

And while we were watching a play and cheering on Mason, Luke made the rest of jealous when he got to go with my parents to visit Jack and Bennett at HOME!  Yep!  All the Buchanan Bros have been together at home since Friday! How awesome is that?!?!  

Happy Monday, friends!!!

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  1. You might find some nuggets in a book called Parenting in the Pew.
    Such a sweet post!

  2. So glad both of your nephews are healthy and HOME! My husband and oldest went to the TCU/UT game Saturday and every time I heard someone talking about Gary Patterson I thought of Mason's lizard (is he a lizard? I don't even know, ha).

  3. Okay I love so many things about this - GG's Belle dress, Mason's doodles (amazing idea for kids during service!) and that the babies are HOME! Glad y'all had the best weekend!!

  4. I was so thinking about Mason (and Gary Patterson) when TCU beat Texas this weekend! :) lol!

  5. What a great weekend. Love Mason's sketch notes (I'd love to learn that!). What a fun day with beautiful GG!


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