Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Mummy Candle Jars

The kids and I whipped up THE quickest and cutest little craft last night and the only negative was that we didn't make them a month ago to enjoy longer.  

I mean... y'all.  Look how CUTE!!!

We pulled a few glass jars I had out of the cupboard... 

... got out the gauze, hot glue and googly eyes and from start to finish all 5 jars took about 5 minutes.  

All we did was do a drop of hot glue at the top to attach the gauze and then keep wrapping.  We didn't even have to finish it with hot glue because the gauze pretty much sticks to itself.  A few googly eyes finished the project and voila!

We had three rolls of gauze so we just kept going until it was gone and when we had them all set up on the shelf and dropped the tealights in Griffin goes, "Look! It's our family!"

We put real tea lights in them but you could easily do the little LED ones...

... and I think that these would be SO CUTE on your porch with your pumpkins, on a bookshelf, as a centerpiece on your table, etc. 

And the best part is that you probably have most of (if not everything) that you need to make them already!  After Halloween I'll just pull the gauze off, wash the hot glue off and have my jars back for flowers, etc.

If you end up making these send me a picture!!! 

Happy crafting and happy (almost) Halloween!


  1. Yes, yes, and YES!!! Adorable, Andrea!!!

  2. These are ust too cute plus...E-Z P-Z!

  3. Get. Out. SOOOOOOO cute it's scary! Heh. Love 'em! ;)

  4. Even I can handle making this one!!! Adorable!!

  5. I cannot wait to make these with my students next year! We can display them as "our class," and then students can take them home on Halloween. Thank you!


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