Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Teacher Tuesday Classroom Tour

Today I thought I'd give you a little tour of what my classroom looks like this year.  I didn't do anything major but I did switch a few things up and thought I'd invite y'all in to see.

I don't have a "theme" for my classroom necessarily but my motivation/goal in setting up my room is to create a comfortable, welcoming, casual environment where kids can learn and work.  Math can be intimidating for a lot of middle schoolers (and adults, too!) and putting them at ease with the environment is one of the best ways I've found to combat some of that anxiety.  The room reflects my personality (personable, not harsh, fun) and sets the tone for the kids right off the bat.  I like for it to feel tidy, smell great and be as light and bright as possible.

This is the view from my desk area and it shows pretty much all of the student desks.  I have a couple of standing desks for kids who work better this way and while I keep them in rows for instruction purposes (I personally hate having to sit in a desk that's not facing the board and continually turn my body/head to see) but most days after I'm done at the board the kids move the desks into groups/pairs to work collaboratively.  

And this is the view from the door looking toward the board.

I have two really big whiteboards flanking the SmartBoard and use them for calendaring, announcements and examples/notes that I want to leave up.

I bought this banner from Tunes and Spoons  (I used my ANDREA15 code) and was SO EXCITED to get it hung up.

In this little corner is a table that was given to me by a co-worker, I painted it pink and used it in Griffin's nursery, then painted it blue and used it in the playroom and now it's here.  This is where I keep the pencil sharpener, box of tissues, extra pencils, etc. 

The bulletin board isn't anything super inspired BUT it coincides with a mini-lecture I give at the beginning of every year about the value in learning math and I ran out of time to get all creative so this will do until I come up with something else.

These globe string lights were in my "Back to school decor" box and when I was digging things out for our brinner I figured I'd bring them up to school.  They're really fun when the lights are off when we're using the Smartboard.

The far bulletin board has a TON of pics on it and while it seems random it's actually pretty intentional in relationship building... I tried to select photos that showed various activities, interests, pets, travel, etc. as they serve as great conversation starters.  I can't tell you how many kids have come up to look at it and then been like, "cool! I went whitewater rafting a couple of years ago" and it's opened up a conversation with me or with another student.  They love seeing a bit of my life outside of the classroom and it opens them up to telling me about their outside interests as well.  

Right next to the door I have a bookcase that we moved from Mason's room when he got Gary Patterson and didn't have room for it in his room anymore.  I wasn't planning on having this in here but I love it and love the fun bits of color it brings in.

The shelves have mementos from past students (like the Up house made from a rock, the be still painting, etc.) as well as some plants, photos, boos, movies, etc.  

The baskets on the very bottom have some card games and geometry manipulatives.

On the wall to the right of the door (the back wall of the classroom) I have a credenza and hutch piece that was in our office when we first got married...

Math books, fun books from co-workers who love Seinfeld ;) and old yearbooks which are always a huge hit with students.

I added to the "Vine and Branches wall" this year after switching out the wall in the playroom this summer.  LOVE!!!

And this was such a fun (and simple!) board to put together.  The students have loved it and are on the hunt for new funnies for me to add.

My desk area is SUCH A BLESSING (if you can count a wall of storage and microwave as a blessing... which I totally think you can)...

... and my kids love to hang out here as well before and after school :) 

And you can probably spot the biggest change to my classroom this year... the kitchen table! :) 

In my old classroom I used to have a big comfy couch and chair and when I moved back into this classroom a couple of years ago I started hunting for a fun and cozy seating option.  I found this table and on Facebook marketplace this summer for $100 (delivered!) and jumped on it because it was PERFECT!!!  It was already painted and while some of the chairs are a bit creaky it has a ton of life left and the students LOVE IT!  The bulletin board was from a few years ago and I was about to take it down BUT love how it looks with the table.  In fact, I almost took it down on the last day of school and now I'm SO GLAD I left it!  The centerpiece was from my Halloween decor a couple of years ago and you KNOW I'll add some mini pumpkins to it here in a bit :)

They can sit here as a group and work on homework, it's the perfect spot for me to do some demos that require a bigger set up (like when we do measurement with gallons of water) and is going to work well for parent conferences and after school tutoring.

The students have gotten a huge kick out who gets to sit at the kitchen table to do their homework.

So there you go!  If you're a teacher and have a classroom tour shared somewhere I'd love it if you'd post a link in the comments!  

Happy Tuesday, friends!!!

PS - here are affiliate links to some of my fun classroom items (or similar items) but NOTE... the IKEA lamps are $10 in the store so if you live near an IKEA you can get a way better deal!


  1. It looks SO GOOD in your classroom! Remember that time you and your mom taught us to crochet in your classroom? Well, it definitely wasn't the environment giving me anxiety...it was my skill set. :)

  2. I absolutely love your classroom!!!! It's so organized, clean & welcoming. And I am super jealous of all the space you have :)

  3. I love how homey your classroom looks. I bet the students just love it! Have a wonderful week.

  4. If I had you as a math teacher back in the day, I might have learned to love math :) I appreciate how intentional you are with your students. Blessings over your year ahead.

  5. Love it! It does reflect you...or what we see of you from your blog. :)

  6. I love your classroom! I'm sure the students love how cozy and personable it is when dealing with Math which can be intimidating.

  7. I love the kitchen table!!! What a fun idea!!

  8. Looks so great! Your room looks like a cozy place to land for your students ; )

  9. You know, you know, you know, you know what I'm going to say :) . I love this post so much!! One of my very favorites all year! I'll be there in about 10 with tea for you and a coffee for me. I'll just sit in the back all day. It won't be weird at all. xo

  10. What a great space! I LOVE the kitchen table in the classroom. Great idea!

  11. Your classroom is cozier than my house!! I love it, I wish you could come here and decorate my home in your style, my favourite! I have fond memories of my high school math teacher but our classrooms were pretty basic (small town Nova Scotia public school), your students are so lucky to have that welcoming space.

  12. you have the funnest classroom!! I'm sure all your students love you!

  13. LOVE the addition of the kitchen table!! Nothing feels like home more than sitting around the table, even if it's for learning and doing homework. Such a lovely environment. :)

  14. Your classroom is so chic and dreamy! I wish you'd been my junior high math teacher!!! <3

  15. Brings back memories when I used to set up my classroom. What a beautiful job you did....

  16. This brings back memories when I used to set up my classroom for 30 years. Love how you decorated your classroom to make the students feel special...

  17. Your classroom is truly a home away from home! I love how you have repurposed so much furniture, and it looks tremendous! Well done!

  18. Love your room! Wish I could be in your class.

  19. awesome classroom!! Your students are very lucky!!

  20. Andrea! Love your space. Where is your bulletin board paper from?

  21. Thanks for the tour! Your classroom is beautiful and welcoming. Now I want to go shopping to see what else I can add to my room! Blessings. Have a wonderful school year.
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