Monday, June 24, 2019

A few small updates

I've always been blown away by what a big difference paint can make.  When we moved into our house 3 years ago we had the kids bedrooms, our kitchen, dining room and master bathroom painted - but left the main living spaces alone since they were "neutral" and that was a bigger project than we were ready to tackle at the moment.  Fast forward 3 years and about a hundred paint names and here we are... and then only thing I'm mad about is that I didn't have it painted three years ago.

We had our family room, living room, entry way, staircase and playroom all painted Sherwin Williams Canvas Tan and we LOVE IT!!!  Here's a quick before and after (the before pic was from a couple of years ago and in the after pic the kitchen is a different color as well... more on that later).

And here's another before (from right after we moved in) and after...

The paint before was all flat and there were about 6 different shades of beige in our downstairs.  We went with an eggshell paint this time and I'm SO HAPPY that I can now wipe a handprint and that everything is one fresh color.  

This was a picture from a couple of years ago and you can see how much more yellow the previous paint was.

The new color extends into the living room...

... and includes the whole entry as well.

The family room was probably the biggest transformation.  I don't think I realized how dark/brown the previous paint was until the fresh color went up. 

We also switched out the pillows for something a little bit larger..

... added some color in with  a fun throw (I'll switch this out once Summer is over)... 

... and changed out the rug.  I found the rug on Craigslist - but it's  this one from Pottery Barn if you're in the market.  I LOVED our previous rug, but unfortunately it didn't hold up super well... not because of any fault of it's own... it wasn't very "pet stain" friendly and was super hard to clean. 

I've had some great Craigslist/Facebook marketplace finds over the years and I feel like the key is to be specific in your searching and then SUPER picky about condition.  You also have to be patient.... and then obviously there's some luck involved. :)  But it's so worth it when you can find EXACTLY what you've been looking for for WAY LESS than retail.

I've changed out a few of the accessories...

Sidenote - looking at these pics I'm definitely thinking that that brown lamp needs to go (or it at least needs a new shade).

... and then I decided it was also time to change out the kitchen paint color and tackled that project myself.  I went with the same dark olive color that we have in our dining room and LOVE it!

The original green was always a little more "celery" than what I had intended but and I thought it would grow on me but it never did :)

"Oh, hey mom!"

In true "if you give a mouse a cookie" form the kitchen painting led to me painting the laundry room...

... and I am SO GLAD I did it.  The paint back here was super gross and while I was afraid the dark paint was going to make the space seem smaller or cramped it actually ended up making it feel larger.

I'm keeping it real - this is where Jellybean Jones hangs out and eats her chilled, canned cat food and snuggles up in her cuddle cup.  Because she's a super spoiled "outdoor" cat :)

I have a tray on the dryer and it's where I keep the dryer balls and thieves cleaner handy.  I'm a sucker for a good tray.

The canvases are old and used to hang in the office in our old house.  They've been hanging back here for the past few years and it was super convenient that they went with the paint color so well.

The other side of the laundry room has a desk/counter area that we use for  our ice machine, iPad charging, etc.

This is what it looked like a couple of years ago...

All of the cleaning supplies are actually now in the cabinet above our washer... I'm not sure why/how we had SO MANY SUPPLIES at the time I took that picture... but we've pared it down significantly over the years. hahaha

The two big baskets on the top hold extension cords and power strips in one and extra rolls of paper towels in the other.  The glass jar has dog treats and the basket next to it has hats, umbrellas and ponchos.  The area under the little desk is where Jack Bauer likes to hang out.

These drawers are to sort art, classwork, field trip notes, invitations, etc. and I found them  HERE.

The basket on the desk holds all the kids iPads and headphones and  this is similar to the charger we use to charge them all in one spot.

The playroom got a fresh coat of paint as well.  Here's what it looked like the year we moved in and then what it looks like now...

I mentioned on instagram last week that I bought a vintage silk screen from  The Screenery and I can't get over how much of an impact it makes in the room.

The screen is HUGE and it's so neat to think about it being used to print wallpaper or fabric decades ago.  The color had me at hello and I loved that the pattern almost looks like little hearts.

I changed out the saying on the chalkboard...

... and the shelves got a little bit of a revamp...

... this plant is taking a vacation from my classroom this summer :)

I switched the lamps...

... and LOVE that this is now the same color as the family room.  It used to be awkward where two different beiges met up here.

This is all of our favorite space in the house and we spend a TON of time up here.

We gave our master bedroom a little "refresh" last March and while I really did like the art I found for the wall next to the bed...

... when I found these pieces last month they were EXACTLY what I had been looking for last year.

I love that they bring in the blue from the pillow/throw and the metallic frames are my favorite.

When we originally redid the room these are the lamps I had on our dresser and I loved them so much I ended up moving them out to the family room and have been on the hunt for lamps that I loved since then...

... and when I found these a few weeks ago I knew that they would be great.  They work well with the mirror and the frames on the new art and I feel like the scale is better as well.

Okay - so this was the longest post EVER!  My apologies for that!  I feel like I can go months and months and months without changing anything up and then the ball gets rolling and I change a ton of things over the course of two weeks.  Now if only I can channel that momentum into repainting the cabinets in our master bathroom, making a decision about kitchen backsplash and tackling our downstairs guest bath.

Random thoughts/questions answered...

- THANK YOU to everyone who has chimed in over the past several months about paint colors!  Y'alls suggestions were spot on - thank you!

- When I paint I don't tape anything off... my mom always painted our spaces growing up and she taught me how to cut in REALLY close along cabinets/trim/ceilings and it just involves a really good paint brush and a whole lot of patience (but still not as much time as taping!).  I use a brush for the trim/edges and then roll the larger spaces.  I like eggshell paint and use Sherwin Williams or Glidden Ultra.

- Our family room sectional was purchased at Weirs in Plano/Dallas.  You can click  HERE for the info.

- The blankets throughout our house are by  Saranoni.  They're the absolute best blankets EVER!!!

- Our kitchen table is from National Rustic

- Most of my house plants are real... I think the only one's that aren't real are the ones on the shelves in the playroom (with the exception of the one that I brought home from my classroom), the one in the laundry room and the one on the top shelf of the little built-in in the family room.  Most of them are ferns of some sort and the larger ones are fiddle leaf figs.

- The guy who we used to paint the house was AWESOME!!! If you're local I highly highly highly recommend him.  If you'd like his contact info please send me an email ( and I'll send you his number.  He was really competitive with pricing and finished the entire job in a day!  He brought his own crew, provided the paint and moved all of our big furniture.  He was GREAT!

If you have any other questions let me know and I'll post the answers here!  Happy Monday, friends!!!

PS - this post contained affiliate links... thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!


  1. My only question is if the vine & branches signs that were in the playroom need a new home??😉

  2. Not too long of a post AT ALL! I love posts like this showing big changes. Your new color is gorgeous and flows so nicely throughout your home. We used a similar olive green color in our old home and I still love it to this day. It's the perfect splash of color. Your home is GORGEOUS!

  3. It looks great Andrea. Love the paint color, it makes it so bright!!! I want to go add a lamp and a tray to my laundry room now! :) xoxo ERIN

  4. Love love love!! Just beautiful!!!

  5. It's so much brighter and fresher! I love it! I was thinking in the kitchen pic that you will want to change the backsplash now and bam! there it was at the end of the post. Looks great. I admire your sense of style

  6. it looks wonderful! I’m thinking that might need to be the color for my upcoming “whole house refresh”!

  7. Your home is so lovely and cozy, you really have a talent. Could you come to my house and do the same? Home decor is just not my strength.

  8. The house looks amazing!!!! Enjoy your summer!

  9. Looks so good!!! Nice job! Isn't it funny how you make one change and then more changes are needed? It's a rolling ball that is hard to stop!

  10. WOW! What a transformation. The paint has change has changed the whole look of the house. Great job!

  11. I absolutely LOVE your spaces!! I liked it before, but this is so clean and refreshing! I've been leaning more toward green in my house as well and I love your color choice!

  12. Your house looks amazing! I love the green in the laundry room! It makes me want to paint mine a dark color, or hide someone to paint! Ha, I’m not as patient in the painting department!

  13. Everything looks great! What are you thinking for curtains? Something light and airy with some green in it to tie in with the kitchen might be pretty or are you worried it might get too match-y?

  14. I'm looking to change my kitchen backsplash too. We have very similar colored granite and cabinets so please share your ideas for the backsplash- I'm stumped!

  15. I love it- and i love seeing your home. You are so creative!

  16. What a transformation! I love love love the new color!! Cant wait to see what you decide to do with the kitchen backsplash!

  17. Looks amazing! We just did a ton of painting in our house too, and I couldn't agree more with how much of a difference it makes - in look and feel! I'm sure you've mentioned this before, but where did you get the colorful block stacks in the playroom?

  18. Where is the frames art work in your bedroom from? I Love it!

  19. Where did you get the wood crate on wheels for the blanket?

  20. Your house is beautiful and so cozy!! Where do you find all your cute pillow covers?

  21. Absolutely gorgeous! So fresh and crisp/clean looking

  22. Looks great!! I'm copying your paint color for sure... its always so hard to pick from little swatches.

  23. Andrea! You have become the fiddle leaf fig whisperer! I mean, really! I feel like there should be a pic of you playing a flute while they grow before our eyes lol.

  24. It looks so good! And how smart of you to do this in the beginning of summer so you have the rest of your vacation time to enjoy it:).


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