Wednesday, June 26, 2019

What's Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, friends!  Linking up with  Sheaffer and  Shay and I say this every time but I can't believe it's the last Wednesday of the month!

A lot of poolside food!  Keeping it EASY and keeping the kitchen clean - my favorite kind of meal :)

This picture was taken four years ago this week and I can't stop staring at it.  SO SWEET!

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I'm loving  Ultra Swim shampoo and conditioner SO MUCH!!!  Griffin's hair was a HOT MESS from the daily chlorine exposure and after trying vinegar rinses, baking soda pastes and other clarifying shampoos I ordered this set and could tell a HUGE difference while washing it for the first time.  It completely rids her hair of the chlorine and if you have a blonde at your house it's supposed to be great for getting the green out and keeping it away!

Lots of playing, lots of swimming and lots of sleeping in.  We spent the afternoon at  Play Street Museum in Keller last week and had the best time.  It's "Under Construction" theme and, as always, everything is so cute and well done.

SO MANY BLOCKS - these boys were in heaven!

An interior design office...

... hardware store, house under construction and so much more.  They even have a rubber mulch pit where kids can use little toy diggers. 

This month has been super relaxing and low key - next month I'm SO EXCITED about all the things we have planned but I'm not looking forward to the busier schedule. 

I've been working on organizing ALL THE THINGS and rooms and closets and etc. and tackled a pile of school papers that I needed to sort through and store.  It was quick and easy thanks to the organizational system I put together last summer.  You can click  HERE to read all about it.

The kids worked on  these fish paintings earlier this week and I was excited to find such a fun and creative project that produced really pretty results.  It kept them busy for over an hour and the kit provided four pictures, a palette, a set of water color inks, a dropper and then instructions/formulas on how to mix the colors (and water) to create different colors/shades.  It was really fun.

I'm reading  Mama Bear Apologetics and it is SO SO SO GOOD!!! When I'm done reading it I'll share my thoughts - but initially I'm loving it.

Dave and I have been watching Good Girls and we have to make ourselves turn it off at night and go to bed.  It's been a great summer binge!

Image result for good girls nbc

on repeat.  all day.  every day.

I can't get enough of this nail polish.

Hanging with these three cuties!!!

So many things!!!  Art and Science camp, Fourth of July fun, Sky Ranch for the boys!, Colorado, etc.  SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Luke made Jelly Bean a new house out of Duplo and I'm DYING over how cute it is :)

Happy Wednesday, friends!!!


  1. We love those Aquarellum sets! There is also Aquarelle sets put out by Ravensburger that are great too; my kids love them both.

  2. What a CUTE picture of your three when they were little?! You need to FRAME that picture, STAT, Friend! It's a GOOD one!

  3. I love JBJ's house of duplos! That poolside food looks amazing and no one wants to cook in this heat. Have fun this weekend hanging out with your littles.

  4. Every time you showcase Playstreet, I get so jealous! My grandkids would love a place like that. It so creative! Enjoy these days with your kids at home! You know they will speed by! :)

  5. My daughter's hair used to be a hot mess in the summer from the chlorine as well. We switched to the Ultra Swim 5 summers ago, and haven't looked back! One more tip - Put a leave-in conditioner in after she washes it. That helps protect the hair from the pool chemicals!

  6. My husband and I loved both seasons of Good Girls! It was a great show to watch together.

  7. Oh my goodness, the amount of Ultra Swim shampoo we've used is unbelievable. I used it when I was a kid and my kids were both competitive swimmers and my daughter is blonde, so we always had it. Great stuff! Love that nail polish color too.

  8. I will be curious to hear what you think of that book; reading its reviews on Amazon makes me wonder if it's promoting. Being a Christian doesn't mean you need to reject feminism, sexuality, and socialism - I would argue being a Christian in fact requires you to embrace and promote those ideas for a world that Jesus would approve of.

  9. Walmart carries the Ultra Swim for about $4. ☺️

  10. We saw David Dunn perform after one of our local baseball games- we went to the game just to see him. He is SO great! We love him.


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