Thursday, April 25, 2019

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Happy Thursday, friends!  Mother's Day is just around the corner and today I thought I'd share some gift ideas for the moms in your life as well as some ideas for YOU in case you're a mom and your kids and/or husband are asking for ideas :)

Saranoni blankets are my absolute favorite blankets of all time.  I like them more than my Matilda Jane blankets, more than our Barefoot Dreams blankets and more than any other blanket I've tried ever.  They're going to seem pricey when you first look at them and then once you get one and use it ALL THE TIME you're going to feel like it was a bargain :)  Since it is a bit of a splurge it would be the perfect gift to give the mom who may not order it for herself OR the perfect thing to ask for since you may not normally purchase something like that on an everyday basis for yourself.  TRUST ME!  They're AMAZING!!!!

I always thought I was going to be a "paper book" girl forever but the convenience of the Kindle while traveling won me over and I haven't looked back.  I love that I can buy new releases and download instantly (often trying out a chapter or two before deciding!) and check out books from my local library for download as well!  It goes almost everywhere with me and if I don't have it for some reason the Kindle app on my phone stores all my books and keeps track of whereI was in my reading so I can sneak in a few pages.  It's FANTASTIC!

This is BIG ONE but what mom doesn't love to take photos and videos of their kids (or grandkids!).  I've had  this camera for a little over a year and I love it so much!  It takes amazing photos and you can switch between great photos and video with just the push of a button.  It meets all of my needs and is super easy to use.  

While I love  my big, cozy winter slippers I think that  this pair would make a fantastic gift for the warmer months ahead.  


I don't think there's a much better time than Mother's Day to gift a massage, pedicure, manicure, facial, etc.   I know I would LOVE a relaxing appointment and this is something that I wouldn't necessarily book for myself. 

Y'all know I love bags.  ;)  I love to carry bags that are unique, have a story and that you don't see everywhere.  I was first introduced to  Urban Southern in 2016 and fell in love with the quality, simple designs, rich leathers and the women behind the company.  I got the Market Tote in brown and it's hands-down my favorite bag to carry.

Since getting the market tote I've carried it hundreds of times and it's only gotten better with time. 

I just got the market tote in black and can't wait to carry it.  It's just as gorgeous as the brown and I was absolutely GIDDY when I opened it.  I'll share more about it in my instagram stories this week... it was raining and gross out yesterday so I couldn't snap any good pics!

I feel like years ago I would have completely balked at the idea of receiving a vacuum for Mother's Day and now I would be positively GIDDY about it!   The Dyson stick and  roomba robot vacuum are two of my very favorite things in the whole wide world and if you don't have one I'd start dropping hints immediately.  :) 

The best money that I spent all year in 2018 was having my house deep cleaned professionally.  They cleaned my blinds, wiped down my ceiling fans, scrubbed base boards, MOVED MY FURNITURE to clean underneath and behind it and my house was 100% clean ALL AT THE SAME TIME.  It may have been the most glorious day of 2018.  I kid you not.  Pro tip - if you get this done definitely make plans to eat out that night so you can revel in the gloriousness a little while longer :)  Seriously though - this is SUCH A GIFT!!!


A beautiful hydrangea, pretty peony, hibiscus tree, etc. would all be a great gift idea as well.  I love the idea of starting a garden with flowers/plants selected by kids for mother's days over the years.  An idea to go along with that would be a  garden stone with kids handprints/footprints.  My kids have made a couple for my mom over the years and I wish that we'd done them more often. 


Lots of sites run great specials on canvas prints around Mother's Day including Canvas People which is the company I always use to have mine printed.  We've gifted my mom a few for her office and for my parents house and it's a gift that always tugs at heartstrings.

I've used my Oventure ring daily for two years and think that this would make the BEST gift for busy moms!  I have tried the leather as well as the silicone and love them both!  I really don't think that you can go wrong!  And you can use the code ANDREA15 for 15% off your order!

Perfume is another one of those expensive things that can feel indulgent to buy for yourself and something that makes a great gift.  I've been wearing  "Bright Crystal" for over a year now and I love that my kids will make comments about things "smelling like mommy".  (I feel like that sounded weird but I'm hoping you "get" what I'm saying - hahaha - my mom always wore the same perfume when we were growing up and I loved it)

I have a set of these "prayer bracelets" from  New Every Morning Shop and love that they're simple and sweet and serve as little reminders throughout the day to cover my kids in prayer.  You could do initials, a word that has special meaning or even your kids birthdays.  She's WONDERFUL to work with and I get compliments on these every time I wear them.

Several of y'all told me about Bogg Bags during an instagram live a few weeks ago and after looking at them online I ordered pretty much immediately :)  They're durable, washable, tip-proof and hold A TON!  It's perfect for travel, the beach, kids sporting events, etc.  I've used it a ton already to haul snacks to soccer, tote a bunch of supplies to Mason and Griffin's birthday party and when we had a glitter glue spill inside it I just rinsed it out and it was good as new. 

It comes with two zipper pouch inserts that are perfect for your cell phone, wallet, Kindle, etc. 

If you're planning a beach trip this summer it would be PERFECT!


How fun would it be to give/receive a whole day of family fun.  This doesn't have to involve anything elaborate or expensive... but just letting your kids plan a day that they think you would love.  Breakfast in bed, a walk to the park, lunch on the patio somewhere, a movie on the couch, etc., etc. etc.   I think that letting them take the lead and surprise you would be the best. 


Giving/receiving a new game to play with your kids is one of my favorite gift ideas.  Here are a few of our favorite family games...

If you've given/received a gift for Mother's Day that meant a lot to you and/or the recipient I'd love it if you'd leave it in the comments!  

PS - This post contained affiliate links.  I hope you may have found an idea or two today and I so appreciate y'all reading and supporting my blog :) 


  1. What great ideas! I might have to treat myself to the house cleaning....that sounds like heaven!

  2. I love my Clarins lip comfort oil and gave it to my mom one year. She liked it, too. You've got a great list here!

  3. I'm a McKinney girl and would love to know who did your deep clean.

  4. I just ordered some canvases from Costco and they were great quality! This is a wonderful list of ideas!

  5. I'm with you on the kindle. I bought one during their Black Friday sale in November, and I LOVE it!

  6. The vacuums and the house cleaning are at the top of my list! With little kids, my house never stays clean!

  7. Great suggestions! One of my good friends (also a local McKinney girl!) does custom digital family portraits that are so unique and special. She did one for my birthday last year and I LOVE IT! Wish I could link a picture of ours, but she has them posted in her Etsy shop!

  8. We got a stick vacuum for Christmas and while at first I scoffed (and couldn't believe my mom spent that much money on a vacuum) I am in LOVE and would recommend it 100x over. My daughter cleaned my house for my birthday this year because she said she “couldn’t think of anything else (????!!) but I loved it so much and would ask for it again. My favorite Mother’s Day gift, though, is when my husband and kids buy and plant my flower beds :)

  9. I love your gift guides. I swear I share every one of them with neighbors and friends who ask what I'm buying my kids for holidays, birthdays, etc. My mom follows your blog too and bought me the red Bogg bag today for our summer trips to the pool (I have 2 boys and 1 girl too) and when she told me, I joked that I need a t-shirt that says, "I just buy what Andrea tells me to!"

  10. Could you switch out the link for the kindle? When you click on it the blanket info is linked again instead of the kindle. I've always been a paper book girl, but I'm thinking I'd love the kindle option for on the go.


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