Friday, April 26, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!!!  Somehow this 4-day week has seemed longer than any 5-day week to date :)  Who can explain that one! hahaha

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At the top of my list of FAVORITES today was Tuesday at dance when this cutie got her recital costume.  HOLY SEQUINS, BATMAN!  Now excuse me while I go order the black and white Converse high tops that go with it ;)

Another FAVORITE from the week has been playing  TENZI.  Mason got it in his Easter basket and it is such a fun game.  I love that everyone can play and there are a ton of variations of the game for different ability levels and number of players.  

Warmer weather this week meant I was finally able to pull out some Spring dresses and this one is a new FAVORITE.  It's an Anthropologie brand but available at TJ Maxx and I'm wearing a size small.  

And speaking of transitioning wardrobes - all this girl wants to wear is bathing suits - whether or not she's in the pool :)  (sidenote - my search for the Target rainbow unicorn suit was a fail BUT someone pointed me in the direction of this suit and I feel like it suits her personality even more)

Griffin had a field trip to the zoo on Friday and her nervous little hands when I was dropping her off in the morning just about did me in.  Dave has chaperoned this field trip for both of our boys and this year there was an over abundance of volunteers and he wasn't selected in the drawing SO she and I were both a little nervous.  Thankfully she had the BEST time and the zoo trip was her FAVORITE day of the year so far :)

Catching these two holding hands while we were walking to the car was a FAVORITE...

... and cheering for her brothers with the "Big Girls" was her FAVORITE.

Fielding Facetime calls for Luke and having a 5-minute conversation with one of his besties foreheads was a FAVORITE :)...

... and watching this kid SPEED around on  his birthday electric scooter has been a FAVORITE.

This rainbow umbrella is still a FAVORITE...

... and watching Mason and his bestie pretend to drive and jam out in my car was a FAVORITE.  And NO THERE WEREN'T KEYS IN THE CAR!!!  But seriously... we're half way to Mason driving... let that soak in. :)

This weekend we have soccer, football, a play, a girls night, a birthday party and probably about a dozen other things I'm forgetting :)  

I hope that you have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend!!!

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  1. Replies
    1. RIGHT?!?! Maybe we can just get them golf carts and let them drive on the sidewalk everywhere :) hahaha

  2. Was in Walmart this past weekend and they had really cute rainbow clothes in Griffins size. Bathing suits, dresses, t-shirts, etc...

  3. OKAY!!!! That picture of the boys pretending to drive is just about the CUTEST THING EVER!!!!

    1. Right?!?! Let's hope they're all a little more focused on the road when they actually start driving :)

  4. Oh my goodness I love the picture of them pretending to drive & jam out! So cute!

  5. I'm only one year away from my oldest being able to drive (talk about a gulp!). Love those sequins and that costume will look spectacular under the lights.

  6. I'm glad your daughter had fun at the Zoo! I was always pretty nervous about field trips as a kid too. I got to wear a dress this week too and it was amazingg.


  7. My last two at home have their driver's permits and I'm wishing they were still like Mason and his friend, PRETENDING to drive!


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