Wednesday, April 24, 2019

What's Up Wednesday

Today I'm linking up with  Shay and  Sheaffer for What's up Wednesday.  I was flipping through my calendar and realized that on the next What's Up Wednesday I'll be on SUMMER VACATION! WOO HOO!

We haven't been eating anything special or out of the norm but we have been eating al fresco as much as possible!

Our visit to the Easter bunny this past weekend had me reminiscing about our visit three years ago :)

Griffin got out her Halloween costume this past weekend and I was LOVING her dramatic routines to songs from Descendents.  Especially when they involved Jack Bauer.  ;)

I'm also loving this shot of her supportive big brother :)

Alllll the yard work!  We ripped out a ton of bushes in this big bed area in front of our garage (several were dead, we lost a giant crepe myrtle when we had our roof replaced and our rose bush had a crazy fungus and had to be removed... we ended up removing about 13 bushes), cleaned it all up and planted several new hydrangeas.

We also did a bunch of work out back - planting, weeding, remulching, etc.   I'm just glad we got it done before it gets too hot!

Since we're talking outdoor decor can we talk about how CUTE this stuff is?!?!  I'm not in the market for new outdoor decor but if you are peruse on my behalf, ok??? :)


Final exams!  Can you even believe it???  We're in countdown mode and I've started prepping my final exams because the next few weeks are going to be a hot mess of activity.

It's almost pool season!!!  Well... actually I guess it IS pool season since my crazy kiddos decided to spend the day swimming in our unheated pool on Monday :)  

The water was around 70 degrees and I didn't think there was any way that their toe-dipping would turn into full-on swimming but they proved me wrong and the next thing I knew the inflatables were out!

I'm LOVING The Resident right now.  It's quite possibly my favorite show on TV.  I am loving Malcolm Jamal Warner and OF COURSE Logan from Gilmore Girls :)

I've been listening to the Crime Junkies podcast and have been loving that each episode covers one case instead of one case taking a whole season.   

We've got a birthday party, a football game and a Mary Poppins musical on the agenda!  I'm also hosting a girls night for our Sunday School class and I'm hoping we can get a few more things done around the yard. 
SO MANY THINGS!!!  I'm chaperoning the 8th grade trip to West Texas and can't wait to take those kids because it's such a great trip, I'm excited about the end of the school year and a little family getaway to kick off summer!

I got new hair!  :)  Well... I got my old hair cut. hahaha

It's the first time in MANY years that I've cut it just for me and not to donate and I am loving it so far!  I also haven't had to style it myself yet which makes me love it that much more.

Happy Wednesday, friends!!!

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  1. I LOVE YOUR HAIR SO MUCH!!!!!!! And my parents watch The Resident and are obsessed. I need to give it a try!

    1. Thanks, friend!!! You totally do! Start from the beginning!

  2. Your hair looks great! We also love The Resident. So good!

  3. Love Crime Junkies! Check out Sword and Scale and Casefile True Crime if you haven't yet!

  4. Cute cut!! I started watching New Amsterdam (which I love!) but will try The Resident when NA season is over because YOU said it was good;).

  5. Love your earrings & your new hair! Do you have a link for your earrings?

  6. Love your earrings and new hair! Do you have a link for your earrings?

  7. LOL.. my kids were always like that too (and we live on a lake!). They'd start by asking me to just put their feet in and the next thing I knew they'd be full on May.. In New England!

  8. The kids swimming in 70 degree water gave me chill bumps. I'm not a cold water girl.

  9. The Resident is a favorite in our house too! Logan was always my pick on Gilmore Girls. 😉 Enjoy the rest of your week!


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