Monday, April 29, 2019

Weekend Top 10

Happy Monday, friends!!! It's been a busy weekend around here...

Friday we started off with the Zoo Day parade.  The kindergarteners all dressed up as a zoo animal and did a parade down the elementary school deck.

Griffin wanted to be a parrot and I was grateful to find  this set of wings/mask and  this headband available on Prime :)  (affiliate links)

The parade was first thing in the morning and I saw her a few times throughout the day and she was still in full costume :)  

After school we headed to Pinstack for a bowling birthday celebration and attempted tooth-pulling :) 

When we got home we did some art projects and science experiments in the driveway.  Volcanoes and glitter glue for the win!

Saturday morning Griffin had a soccer game (we thought her season was over but they're making up a few rained out games) and she played SO WELL!!  She's really had a great time this season and I think she'll be back out on the field this Fall...

Mason got a Polaroid camera for his birthday and I am LOVING all of his pictures!!!

And the next pictures is kind of grainy because I had to zoom it in quite a bit but I can't even believe how big she looks!

After the soccer game we headed to the Eismann Center to see the Mary Poppins musical.

After Act I there was a fire alarm and we had to evacuate the building and after waiting for about 30 minutes we had to leave and get Mason to his football game.  Bummer!!!  The first act was awesome and it was a fun time with my crew!

There's the entire cast waiting on the fire department!

Cutie :)

Mason had another great game...

... and he and his little bestie were even Captains :)

He played HARD and earned the 110% award for the day :) 

After the game there was even more driveway play.  This time it was a slime stand and slushy :)

Sunday we went to church and then did alllll the "reset" things like cleaning out backpacks, putting away laundry, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, etc.  I snapped this picture because it will probably be the cleanest this room is all week :) hahaha

Sunday night I hosted a Sunday school girls night at my house...

... and if y'all haven't tried these sparkling lemonade/limeades from Trader Joe's yet you need to grab one in the store ASAP!  They're SO YUMMY!

While I was chatting and eating with friends these three (and Dave) were teeing it up and having a blast out on the golf course...

... it was a FULL and fun weekend for sure buy somehow productive enough that we're all feeling ready and set for the week ahead! 

Happy HAPPY Monday, friends!!


  1. Your weekend was so COLORFUL! I hate that I missed last night!!!

  2. As always, looks like a great little weekend full of fun!

  3. Where did you get Griffens dress for the Mary poppins show? Love it

  4. Love all the pictures! It looked like a great weekend.

  5. You can pack more into a weekend than anyone I know;). Love GG's dress selections, and too bad Mason never shows any enthusiasm, ha!;).

  6. Can you tell me where you got those awesome rainbow blocks? Thank you!

  7. I love her parrot costume! A zoo parade sounds so fun! Congrats to Mason on the 110% award!

  8. Love reading about your family adventures!

  9. I have to ask...what are those colored blocks on the coffee table upstairs?

  10. Please share where you got those rainbow blocks on your play room table!


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