Friday, April 19, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!!!  We made it through Birthday Week and had a blast doing it :)  I'm pretty much about 80% cake right now and joked that I've been working on building up my sugar tolerance for Easter.  #bringit

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We celebrated Mason a day early with presents and the birthday song on Monday evening because our Tuesday evening (his actual bday) was pretty hectic.  He didn't mind celebrating early :) 

Of course there was TCU gear...

... but the star of the show was a hover board!  Remember when Uncle Stephen got one for Christmas and Mason declared that he HAD to have one for his birthday?  Well.. mama remembered and he was SO EXCITED!!!  (PS -  this is the one we got for him... the price point was right and it had good reviews.  I'll keep you posted about what we think as months go by but we have no initial complaints!  He also used his birthday money to get  this scooter which he is LOVING!)

Mason requested pulled pork sandwiches for dinner and so we had those and then fresh chocolate chip cookies for his birthday dessert.  Mason has good taste :)

After dinner we all headed outside for some hover board test runs and presents/dessert with Gibi and Haha.

He got his birthday balloons on his actual birthday and I wish that I had thought to take a video of him seeing them for the first time.  "MOM!!! IT'S LIKE ALL OF MY FAVORITE THINGS!!!"

Griffin got her birthday balloons a day early because the weather was looking AWFUL for Wednesday night and I am cracking up at the pictures because there were SO MANY BALLOONS!!!

But is there really such a thing as TOO many rainbows?  I think not :) 

Wednesday after school Griffin got to open her presents...

... and it was a very "musical birthday" with  a keyboard and  microphone :) 

I'll keep you posted on  the keyboard as well... all the kids (and Dave and I!) have been having so much fun with it and so far have zero complaints!

Griffin chose macaroni and cheese and pulled pork sandwiches for her birthday dinner.  #thatsmygirl

Tuesday night Luke  had an art program at school and his realistic piece was my FAVORITE...

... and while I so enjoyed the musical and art show the highlight was this right here...

Sweetest EVER and I still have "the touch"!  

These two building Legos on the front porch was one of my FAVORITE moments from the week...

... and this made me laugh out loud :)  

Griffin's  little romper from last weekend is a Spring FAVORITE...

... and Mason hanging out with his bestie (who broke his elbow and couldn't come to his bday party) was one of my FAVORITE things ever.  They are really such sweet friends and even hanging out on the couch with a movie and a broken elbow they enjoy each other!

Last, but not least, I've mentioned my FAVORITE Easter book of all time several times on here but in case you missed it you (and your kids!) can watch this video of the illustrator reading the book...

I'm off work today and the kids and I are going to be working on ALLLL the outdoor projects.  We'll be doing a Good Friday experience tonight, egg hunt tomorrow and church and family time on Sunday.  If you don't have plans for the weekend we'd LOVE to see y'all at First McKinney!

Happy HAPPY Friday, friends!

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  1. What a fun week of birthday celebrations! Those balloons are amazing!

  2. Those were some pretty awesome balloons!

  3. Where do you get all those awesome balloons???? Happy belated Birthday to all your beautiful babies!!!!

  4. Oh all the birthday fun!!! And balloons and TCU shirts... have a fabulous Easter lady!

  5. I love how you do personalized balloon bouquets for your kids birthdays! Balloons just make everyone happy. Have a great Easter!

  6. Looks like a GREAT Birthday Week for your two! Hope to see you this weekend! XO

  7. How adorable!! I love their bday celebrations and balloons! Do your kids’ bdays ever fall on Easter?

  8. where are your name bracelets from??


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