Friday, November 9, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!  Erika,  Narci and I are sharing our FAVORITES from the week and would love it if you'd join us!

First up on my list of FAVORITES for the week is the  Topshop brand from Nordstrom.  I'm partnering with Nordstrom this month to share some of my picks from this fashion-forward brand and Im so excited because it's a little out of my comfort zone but SO CUTE and really really affordable.  The sizing is a bit different from what I'm used to, but the super easy and fast returns from Nordstrom made taking the plunge into a new brand so easy.  

First up is  this moto jacket.  It's marked down right now and a total steal.  It's heavy without being bulky and much warmer than I anticipated.  It's a faux leather but doesn't look "shiny" or "pleather" at all.  I actually held it up to the real leather Topshop jacket and couldn't really tell the difference.

I really love the collar and hardware detailing...

The fit is tailored and will be perfect to throw on over dresses and fun tops with jeans this Fall.  I'm wearing the size 6 and while it's more fitted than my typical style I can still zip it up over a sweater.

I also grabbed  this black and white scarf and it's WAY more voluminous and statement-making than the online image shows.  It's super soft and while it does shed a bit the coziness makes up for it.

While we were in NYC, Jeni borrowed a scarf from Sheaffer and I immediately fell in love.  The softer colors were unexpected for Fall and Winter and I knew it would be perfect for wearing with  this coat all season long.

I decided to keep the jacket and pastel scarf and return the black and white for now :)  Although I wouldn't be mad if it showed up in my Christmas stocking - hear that, Santa???

The links below are some of my current FAVORITE  Topshop jackets and scarves...

Next up is this giant pile of work I had to get caught up when I got back from my trip and my FAVORITE part of the week was entering the last grade and logging off of my computer!  Proud to say I got it ALL done and am 100% current on grading and lesson planning!  #amen

This was one of my FAVORITE things I ready this week :) I laughed WAY too hard.

Another FAVORITE this week was when a mom of one of my students dropped off this stack of books for Luke!  Her son was done with them and Luke (and Mason!) were positively giddy to dig into them.  I'll keep you posted if there are any winners in the pile.

Mason finding and claiming my Mean Girls hat was a favorite...

... and so was having this scene of him reading before school :)  (yes... that's a pumpkin and a Christmas tree... we're kind of in holiday limbo right now. hahaha)

Since Homecoming was rained out, Griffin cheered last week at a Middle School game and it was her FAVORITE part of the week.

She ADORES her "big sister" and had a great time cheering on the middle school boys.

My FAVORITE part were those leftover crimped piggies :)

Her (muddy) cheering section :)

I hope y'all had a GREAT week and are staying warm this weekend!  We don't really have any plans this weekend and I'm looking forward to going into full homebody mode :)

Happy Friday, friends!

PS - thank you so much to Nordstrom for partnering with me on this post and thank YOU for reading and supporting my blog.  This post contained affiliate links.


  1. I'm still obsessed with that striped scarf! It was so cozy!!

  2. Hahahahaha!!! That veggie meme is SO me! It happens ALL the time!!

  3. That Topshop jacket is CUTE! And I love both the scarves!

  4. Oh, I am ordering that pastel scarf right now! It is even more darling in person! :)

  5. Love that moto jacket!! So cute!!!!

  6. I feel like we are in holiday limbo over here too :) So glad you had a great getaway.

  7. The moto jacket looks SO good on you!! You are just too cute!!

  8. Just ordered your moto jacket! I had ordered a different one awhile back but it was too short. Can't wait to see how I like this one! Happy Friday, friend!
    That Inspired Chick

  9. I spotted at least three of my boys' favorite books in that pile! Hope your kiddos enjoy them as much as mine did.


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