Thursday, November 8, 2018

NYC Girls Trip

I got back Tuesday afternoon from a whirlwind few days in NYC with my very best friends and I am SO EXCITED to share a little bit about it.  This was my third trip to NYC and I was more than excited about handing the reins over to  Shay and Erika and letting them run with the itinerary.  I feel like our friend group could go to IKEA for the day and have a blast so I wasn't too concerned about having a good time :)  and it was SO NICE to get to sit back and just be along for the ride. 

We hit the ground running at THREE FORTY FIVE on Saturday morning but I'm not sure I've ever jumped out of bed so happily despite the time :)  We landed, grabbed our bags and headed straight for the hotel.  We were a bit early to check in so we checked our bags and hit the streets running.  The weather was PERFECTION and we grabbed lunch at the Plaza Hotel Food Hall which was awesome because there was something for everyone.  A crepe and a diet coke for me and we were ready to hit the park.

(side note - there are TWENTY EIGHT kids between all of us.  Twenty.  Eight). hahaha

It. Was. Gorgeous.  The colors were ridiculous (says this Texas girl) and we oohed and aahed pretty much for a solid 45 minutes :)

Dave and I went to NYC in November (years and years ago) but it was later in the month and not nearly as pretty. I really feel like we must have hit the fall foliage sweet spot on this trip.

We walked down 5th Avenue, did a little shopping (and toasting!)...

... and then found our way to  a fun little spot for some drinks, snacks and a spot to rest our legs a bit.  We shared several appetizers including these short rib nachos which were SO GOOD!  I'm planning on recreating them at home because why haven't I thought about putting short ribs, cheese and sour cream on top of sweet potato waffle fries before?!?!

A quick stop back at the hotel to change and freshen up a bit and then off to dinner!

I opted for  this black jumpsuit (which is now on sale for under $20 - CRAZY!) with a denim jacket,  these leopard flats (now 30% off!) and  these asymmetrical earrings (now 40% off).   I brought a faux leather jacket but felt like I was a little too "dark" with it on and then I walked out in the hall and EVERYONE was in all black - hahaha  

We ate at the Hunt and Fish Club and everything was INCREDIBLE!  From the onion bread and garlic butter (YES MA'AM), to the French Onion soup complete with shredded short ribs to the out-of-this-world brussel sprouts and bacon it was amazing.  The decor was stunning and it was just an overall great way to end our first day.

Back at the hotel we changed, chatted and crashed :)  

Sunday morning we stopped in Times Square on our way to the subway to head to The Smith which I've heard Shay rave about and y'all... it was just as good as she's been saying all of this time.

I had the breakfast pot pie which had Italian pork sausage, smoked bacon, fingerling potatoes and veggies in a white pepper gravy topped with a cheddar chive biscuit crust and two sunny side up eggs.  I'm not joking when I say that I'd make the trip back JUST to eat this meal again :) 

After lingering at brunch we decided to wander through the Upper West Side and we found the greatest little market happening.  I found a really cute jacket and a pair of earrings  that I'm so excited about.

We sipped and strolled our way through the Upper West Side and if I hadn't been so full from the incredible brunch I would have scooped up a bag full of these apples.  Meagan and I in our happy place!

We made our way back to the park...

... and cheered for the marathon runners...

... before stopping at Macy's to pick up Christmas ornaments.  The Macy's is definitely something worth seeing - it's 9 stories, has several of the original wood escalators and houses a ton of designer boutiques - it was so much more than any other Macy's I've been in.

I can honestly say that in all our years of friendship we've never argued but we got CLOSE in the Christmas department at Macy's :) hahaha

We found a couch to crash while everyone checked out...

... and then found some snacks and warm drinks outside.

Back at the hotel we did a quick change before heading to dinner and Mean Girls on Broadway.  I opted for  these velvet pants (30% off with code FRIENDS),  these shoes and an older top from Anthropologie paired with   this faux leather jacket (now 40% off which makes it under $60 and a total steal!)The clutch was  Sheaffer's - it pays to have a roomie who has great taste!

I even wore the earrings that I bought earlier in the day at the market...

And check out that sunset from our room!

So  the shoes I wore were a totally fun piece and something that really "made" my more simple outfit.  I was stopped at the hotel, at the restaurant, at the theater, etc. and asked where they were from because they sparkle like crazy!!!  If you're looking for  a statement shoe this Holiday season these are for you!  (they also have a really great block heel which made walking a LOT of blocks through NYC bearable)

Dressed and ready!!!

We ate dinner at Carmine's and I'm not sure I've had a better Caesar salad or chicken parmesan.  Seriously so good.  The atmosphere was fun and we pretty much loaded up on carbs before walking over to the theater to see Mean Girls!

I've seen a few shows on Broadway (Wicked, Rent, Chicago, etc.) as well as probably a dozen when they go on tour and this was second only to Wicked (which I don't think you can ever beat).  The music was great, it was HILARIOUS, the mood in the theater was so much fun and the talent was unbelievable.  If you're in NYC (with adults!) I highly recommend it.

Jeni and I loved it so much we had to grab "fetch" hats on the way out and we cracked up at everyone on who yelled, "stop trying to make fetch happen" at us on the way back to the hotel :)

We ended the night with a snuggle sesh in room 4308.  The best!

Monday morning we headed down to Chelsea Market for a food tour and it was so much better than I anticipated.  The portions were amazing, the food was some of the best I've ever had and our tour guide was funny and FULL of historical knowledge.

We made nine stops and had pancake wrapped fried oreos, the BEST  hot dog I've ever eaten, an incredible chicken pot pie and so many other yummy dishes.  We finished with ice cream that has ruined all other ice cream for me forever.  

Sidenote - I absolutely fell in LOVE with Chelsea Market and the neighborhood... when I'm a gazillionaire this is where you'll find me full-time :)

The tour also took us up on  the high line and I was so glad because I've read lots about it and wanted to see it in person.  It was absolutely breathtaking and next time I want to make a point to walk the whole thing.  

Our tour guide was AMAZING!!!!  Her name is Cindy and if you decide to go on a tour you HAVE to ask for her!

After the food tour we visited the 9/11 Museum and it was an experience that's almost hard to comment on because there was so much to process and take in.  It was extremely emotional and I found myself in tears multiple times.  What I can say is that the museum is well worth the visit - it's so well done and thoughtful and really pays tribute to first responders as well as the victims of the attacks while providing a lot of information and insight that I didn't know.  I visited NYC in 2005 (or maybe 2004 I can't remember) and the site was still a hole and then again in the spring of 2012 right after the memorial had opened and I was so appreciative that I had the chance to visit the museum on this trip. 

Karla (who doesn't blog) :) said it like this on our friendship and I really can't put it into any better words than this... We travel so well together but do life together even better.  We have been intentional in our relationship for almost 13 years; these kinds of friendships don’t happen overnight. We have shared many laughs and have put pieces back together in times of heartache.  Find your people.  Cherish them.  Make memories. 

If you have a chance to do a girl's trip - do it!

Thanks again to Shay and Erika for tackling this trip for us and making it absolutely PERFECT!!!

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  1. Looks like such a wonderful time! You all look so amazing and happy! Quick question, where did you find the beautiful shoes? The link is sending me to the biker jacket :)

  2. Well, we should go back. Right now. Your recap was PERFECT!!!! I loved every single minute of this trip!!!

    1. Because of all of you sweet girls and your blogs that I've followed now for years, I just booked me and my husband to do this when we go there next month for my 50th birthday!!! Thank you girls.

  3. An incredible trip filled with memories that will last a lifetime!!! Love my girls!

  4. Love this post! Looks like a blast!!!

  5. If you know where your friend got the leopard slip on sneakers can you like those?

    1. I was wondering the same thing! I loved those leopard sneakers!

  6. This trip looked amazing! Such a great chance to get away with girlfriends. And by the way, I work DIRECTLY across from Megan’s and those nachos are truly incredible :) I’ll ship you some!

  7. You hit some of our favorite places! It all looks like so much fun : )

  8. Love the recap, but commenting (for the first time ever) to say how much I loved your last paragraph. It had me in tears. You are all so lucky to have each other.

  9. What a great girls trip. I would love to go to NYC at some point. That food tour and the highline would be so fun. Friendships are so important and I love that last paragraph.

  10. You should come back and meet with some of your NY readers!! I love Chelsea market as well..such a great place. If you ever get the chance to take the chocolate tour,do it! It's a fun one..they offer cupcake tours as well.I have to say, you look adorable in your heels. Glad you ladies all had a wonderful time in my neck of the woods...fall is a great time to visit NYC(next to Christmas,of course)!

  11. The food looks delicious but the fun looks even better!!

  12. You definitely hit the best week for fall foliage here. It's already fading. I'm glad to hear you had a meaningful visit at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum. I work there so I always value hearing how it impacted visitors.

  13. I'm in tears over Karla's comment about your friendships with these ladies. I want to be in your group. :) Love how you encourage and support one another.

    1. Me too! I really enjoyed all the pictures and descriptions of what you all did on your NYC trip, but that last paragraph is the BEST and so true!

  14. Wonderful recap! What food tour did you do specifically?! Thank you!

  15. Good friends are such a blessing! Looks like y'all had a wonderful time.

  16. I just knew you ladies would have the best time! Thanks for sharing it with us;).

  17. My husband and I were in NYC in July. We did the Chelsea Market tour and Cindy was our guide! It was so fun!

  18. Yes, I agree, girls trips are just the BEST.A group of my girl friends and I went to NYC in May. We did many of the same things as your group did. That was my 3rd trip and guess we'll see if I go again. Enjoyed your recap!

  19. Reading a post like this makes me so happy for you, but so discouraged in my own life. We've had to move several times for my husband's job and start over, and I'm just so disheartened at how challenging it is to make friends. I have experienced women whose husbands aren't willing to keep the kids to allow them time with friends. I've experience women who are quick to say "we should..." but are always too busy when you try to nail down a time. I've initiated and inserted myself, but not had it reciprocated. To find a large group of women, all willing to invest time and effort into growing friendship, that's just huge. I would give anything to find those kind of women.

  20. I love this post and now all I want to do is go back to NYC! I haven't been in far too long and this just looks amazing! Love it! Glad you had such a great girls' trip!


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