Thursday, October 25, 2018

Spooky House

Today my little Halloween Queen and I are sharing our spooky outdoor Halloween decor...

The kids have been adamantly requesting Halloween decor for the yard and while I couldn't get on board with headstones and creepy clowns I could get on board with some giant spiders ;)

I picked up the webs at Target and used three bags and REALLY wish I had about 3 more.  Note to self for next year.  The spiders were an Amazon find and the one on above the bushes is just "resting" on the webs and the ones above the front door are attached on hooks.  The spiders have a little ribbon around their body that you can look through a nail or hook if need be.  They have a foam body and are SUPER lightweight.

This one was rained on for about 4 straight days last week (literally about 24/7!) and he still looks fantastic.  They're hairy and creepy and you can bend their legs however you need/want them to go.

The small spiders were a grocery store find and they are just "stuck" to the web with their velvet bodies. 

I ended up using suction cups to to attach the webs to the windows and they've hung in there through some pretty crazy weather this past week.

The whole thing took about an hour and the kids are OBSESSED!
Halloween Mission Accomplished!

And can y'all EVEN get over  this costume?  I found it no clearance for under $25 and it was a must-have for our dress-up closet.  The quality is AMAZING and the details are perfection.  

I found tons of super cute costumes all on clearance if you're looking to stock a dress-up closet, find a Christmas or birthday gift (I grabbed the pink one to give Griffin for Chrsitmas!) or even put one away for Halloween next year.

If you're wanting to create something quick and creepy for next week you can shop the items I used (along with a few that I'm eyeing to up our game next year) below...

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  1. Carter is DYING for some of those spiders!!! Your house looks awesome!

  2. I showed my son one of your pictures. He bought the spiders & webbing for a halloween party he's hosting at his new apartment. :) LOVE GG's costume!

  3. GG's dress is fantastic! And your Halloween décor is on point, as always;).

  4. Love Griffin's costume, and the front of your house is soooo creepy, but perfect for Halloween! (I HATE spiders in real life!)

  5. Griffin's dress is incredible...and so are the other costumes you posted!

  6. Love her costume. My daughter keeps asking for a scary house too but I haven't caved yet.

  7. Griffin's dress - all the heart eyes! And, I'm totally impressed your decor made it through all that Texas rain!!!

  8. Love those spiders and GG's costume it looks so festive!! We haven't had a chance to decorate yet, the weather has been great but my household has been sick all week!!

  9. Love the ghost, where is he from?!

  10. Love the decorations! And your daughter's costume is awesome.


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