Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Easter Basket Ideas for Boys

Today I'm super excited to share a few Easter basket ideas for boys!  Both my boys are elementary-age (almost 7 and almost 10) and gone are the days of bubbles, hot wheels cars and coloring books.  Our philosophy on things like stockings and baskets and such has always been that we'd rather put fewer things in it than spend money on things that are going to end up in the junk drawer in 3 days :)  

I also like to mix things they'll be excited about (games, toys, etc.) with things that I would be buying them anyway (socks and bathing suits) because they're so excited about the moment that they are super enthusiastic about items that they'd normally not be :)  #momhack  

You should be able to hover over the item numbers in the image below to shop each item directly :) 

Please note that my boys will NOT be receiving all of those items in their baskets... these are just ideas :)

ONE - We start swimming around May and  new bathing suits are something that will be well-loved and worn often come summer.  Boden suits hold up INCREDIBLY well and the fit is always spot on.

TWO - I love giving books and the  13-Story Treehouse series is a great one!  If you're looking for other book recommendations you can check out my post  HERE.

THREE - My kids have the original Pattern Play game and they play with it all the time and I think they'd be really excited about  this 3-D version.

FOUR - I've talked about  Skip-Bo several times because it's one of our absolute favorite games.  It would be great to throw in your bag for a trip to the park or on vacation and is a game that I don't mind playing over and over and over :) 

FIVE - After Jump Rope for Heart all three kids have been begging for  a jump rope.  I'm not going to lie - I put this one on here because it's the same kind we had in PE as a kid. 

SIX - I have no clue why my kids love squishies so much but they do.  We have several of the little ones stuck to our ceiling (UGH!!!) but these are  the non-sticky huge ones which I can get on board with (plus - it's a ninja fox... that's pretty dang cute).

SEVEN - Can boys ever have enough  dri-fit tees?  My boys live in these all year long and I love them because they wash and wear so well (and never wrinkle!)

EIGHT -  Bop-It will forever be a Gilmore Girls reference for me (who hears me?!?!) but it's super fun and so easy for kids to catch onto my boys both love it.

NINE - The ONLY swim trunks Mason will wear are  these swimmers.  They're under $20 (yes, ma'am!), hold up great and could not be cuter on.

TEN - I mean... who doesn't love  a water gun :)  Hours of driveway entertainment this Spring and then the perfect pool toys this summer.

ELEVEN -  Native shoes are something that our family couldn't live without.  If you haven't tried them before they're going to seem expensive (I mean... you can get similar ones at Old Navy for like $7), but there is literally nothing better.  They slip on, don't get stinky, float in the water and last FOREVER! And  this pair even glows in the dark!

TWELVE - We love imaginative play and I think that  this bucket of dinosaurs would be perfect in the sandbox, in the mulch on the playground and in the pool.  

THIRTEEN - UNO is such a classic and a staple game at our house.   This Mario version is so much fun!

FOURTEEN - My boys LOVE to  play with plastic army men but were going through them like crazy!  Lost in the grass, found in the dryer, literally everywhere.  I found  these large ones for their stockings and they have been a HUGE hit!  

FIFTEEN - We don't have  this game yet, but it totally reminds me of my favorite part of playing Cranium growing up (do y'all remember that game?)

SIXTEEN - My boys wear Natives most of the time in the summer but Luke is almost to the size where he's outgrown them and I'm hoping that he'll be excited about  these flip flops as well.  

SEVENTEEN - Maybe it's just us, but socks are constantly going missing at our house and  a fresh pack for the last quarter of school is much needed around here :) 

EIGHTEEN - We LOVE  Wonder and the message it sends.  All my kids love the movie and the DVD would be a great addition to your basket.

NINETEEN - another summer staple, a  new pair of sunglasses is right up there with Natives for us.

TWENTY - I found  these parachute guys and know that my boys are going to flip for them!  They make their own parachute guys and send them sailing over the stair railing so I know these are going to be a hit.

I hope you found some Easter basket inspiration today and if you're also shopping for a girl I'll have those ideas up either tomorrow or next week :)  

HAPPY Wednesday, friends!!!

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  1. Great reminder to get my easter basket shop on ASAP!!

  2. We do Easter baskets and stockings the same way around here. Would rather spend a little more money and fill it with less, than fill it with more junk and stuffed animals we don't need. My kids' baskets always have a new bathing suit or 2, flip flops (love giving them things they'll need anyway!), a movie, and a few other little things. Thanks fo the great ideas!

  3. Excellent ideas!!
    I’m a mom to 5 boys and my husband and I have always thought the same as you, a few nicer and needed items versus a ton of little junk!
    Absolutely all of these items are something they have or that they would definitely want/enjoy.
    (Another thing we do is snacks for the “ baseball bags” seeds, beef jerky etc...and/or fun snacks/treats I normally don’t buy) and of course a little candy
    Thank you for such a great list!

  4. Boys are hard!! These ideas are so good!!!

  5. Great ideas!! Boys are so tough to buy for!!

  6. Love love these ideas!!!! Thanks!

  7. I do the "things they would need anyway" mixed in with fun things too! We are doing natives/sandals, bathing suits and Wonder too ;)

  8. Hi Andrea! My son will be 5 next month, do you think he is old enough for Skip-Bo? I would love to get it for him but it says it's recommended for 8 and above? Love all of these ideas! I always get my son a new bathing suit and new beach towel for his Easter basket. :) Thanks!

  9. I just filled up my Amazon cart! Yes! Thank you so much for all of these ideas for my 6 year old little boy. I am excited to read your post for girls. I have a 4 year old too! This was so fun, thanks again!

  10. OH these are great ideas! I don't have any boys but even the bathing suit and flip flop idea with some card games is perfect for my 5 year-old! Can't wait to see what ideas you have for Griffin! Thanks Andrea!

  11. Love these ideas! We do the same thing...swimsuit, new goggles, tshirt, shorts and then maybe a book, a game, and some candy. Stuff they would be getting anyway! Matthew wrote in his paper at school the other day though that he didn't think you should get clothes at Easter because that's not fun. #toobad ;) That Inspired Chick

  12. You always have the best gift ideas! Thanks friend!

  13. Thank you so much for putting this together, it's so helpful! I always look forward to your lists like these.

  14. First you save Valentine's Day and now you have made Easter baskets a breeze. So glad I saw this. My son loves "James Bond" style bathing suits, but I was having a harder time finding them at a reasonable price as he has gotten bigger. Never heard of the Boden brand, but we will definitely be trying them out!

  15. I always love putting something wearable in their Easter Baskets! We love Natives and the Old Navy version, but Henry also loves flip flops!

  16. We love that brand of flip flop big time around here!!! Also, love those parachute men off our stairs into our foyer :) so many good suggestions!!!


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