Thursday, March 8, 2018

Easter Basket Ideas for Girls

I'm not going to lie... I had way too much fun putting together this list ;)  I'm convinced that 4/5 is the most fun age to shop for because EVEEEEERYTHING is so stinkin' cute.  Like I said yesterday, we tend to choose quality over quantity with baskets and stockings and such and like to mix in toys and fun things with items that the kids need like bathing suits and summer shoes.
Without further ado, here are my ideas for little girls Easter baskets...

ONE - Did anyone else have a skip-it growing up?!?!  I couldn't find one with a counter like the original nineties version BUT  this one looks pretty cute and I think Griffin would LOVE it!  And I'm not going to lie... I want to take it out for a spin ;)

TWO - Would it even be Easter without  a stuffed bunny?  Jellycats have been our favorite for years and seriously - there's nothing softer. 

THREE -  These little sticker mosaics are so fun and would be great for a road trip or rainy day activity as well.

FOUR - Another blast from the past - kids stand on  these, hold onto the ropes and walk.  My mom made me a pair when I was little and I LOVED them!

FIVE -  A new swimsuit is the perfect Easter basket addition and I always prefer one with a rashguard.

SIX - Griffin has  this play makeup set and she is OBSESSED!!!  It's great quality, super durable and super realistic. 

SEVEN - What's better than  Lip Smackers???  Disney Princess Lip Smackers!  Griffin always asks to wear my lip gloss so I think having some of her own would be perfect!

EIGHT -  Rainbow sunglasses.  Enough said :)  These are so ridiculously over the top and I feel like I have to seize the opportunity for her to wear them before she's too old and "cool". hahaha

NINE - These are  the tempera paint cakes that we have and love.  They last forever, reduce the mess and are perfect for little hands.

TEN - We played with  chalk paint last weekend and had the BEST time!  These would be great for making hopscotches, practicing sight words, etc.

ELEVEN - I've declared my love for  Natives multiple times and I'm about to do it again :)  They're the PERFECT spring and summer shoe and look so cute with dresses.  I adore that the kids can wear them to the pool, park and in the sandbox and then we can rinse them off and they can wear them to church.  They're GREAT!

TWELVE - It's not a rashguard, but I'll let it slide because  the stripe pattern is SO CUTE, it comes with a matching hat AND there are ruffles on the hiney :) 

THIRTEEN -  Pop beads are something that we get out often and we always end up with all three kids creating jewelry ;)  Griffin has played with them for a year or so and so they'd be great for about four and up.

FOURTEEN -  Stick-on earrings!!!  So fun and such a throwback.  I think she's going to flip for these!

FIFTEEN - Griffin LOVES a nightgown and I love the quality of  Boden and this mermaid print.  We've had some Boden nightgowns for over 2 years and they still look great and fit!

SIXTEEN - Because if her brothers are going to get ninja fox squishies you KNOW that little sister is going to want a squishy too.   This cupcake one is PRESH!

SEVENTEEN -  The Wetbrush is a summer essential (#poolhair) and I love that these come as a set so you can keep one at home and one in the pool bag.

EIGHTEEN - I don't understand Shopkins at all and have no clue what their purpose is - but Griffin LOVES them and always stuffs her little purse full of them so I can't resist.  PS -  this set is on sale!

NINETEEN - She's always wanting to take shopkins, hair clips and other miscellaneous items with her and  this rainbow zipper pouch is the cutest!

I hope you found some Easter basket inspiration today and if you're shopping for a boy be sure to check out my post from yesterday.

Happy Thursday, friends!!!

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  1. We have very similar gift giving styles. :) I love this list! My boys are 6 and 4 and my girl will be 2 in a couple of weeks, so we are a step behind y’all. I love getting ideas for what my kids might be into in the next couple of years!

  2. These are always my favorite posts!! I have a 4 year old daughter and these all look perfect ... off to amazon to start shopping. :)

  3. Super cute! I always love reading your girl gift guides because that is foreign territory to me right now. Lots of sweet ideas tucked away ; )

  4. Couldn’t agree more with Natives and Jellycats!!

  5. I LOVE these ideas! I found an adorable Rainbow backpack that I linked in my Easter basket post. It reminded me of the little ouch you have here. What girl doesn't need a little rainbow in her life?! It reminds me of my Lisa Frank days, who can relate?!
    Highlighted anchor text here

  6. I was looking for an original skip-it with a counter at Christmas for my five year-old (nineties kids unite!). Try this one:

  7. Love these! Any cute purse suggestions?


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