Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Weekend Recap

My weekend started a little earlier than anticipated when Griffin came down with a weird fever on Thursday.  Thursday afternoon and pretty much all of Friday looked a lot like this...

... and Jack Bauer took his role of protector extra seriously :)  Seriously though... when one of the kids is sick he refuses to leave their sides.  It's the sweetest.

Friday I did manage to FIIIINALLY wrap up painting in our bedroom...

... and by late afternoon Griffin rallied enough to eat some macaroni and color before her brothers got home.

We ate pizza and beelined it to the park before crashing on the couch with Coco.  

Saturday morning we laid low and skipped dance in favor of resting up a bit and then in the afternoon Luke and Mason headed to the Stars game with my dad...

And yes... Mason fell into a brief popcorn coma :) 

While the boys were at the game Griffin and I ran a few errands...

.... and she managed to look like a total teenager. 

We came home, changed clothes and hit the pavement :) 

And yes.... he's covered in liquid chalk.  

We played outside until dark, showered and ate dinner picnic style in the family room.

Sunday we did a BUNCH of yardwork...

 (and by yardwork I mean this situation below) :) 

... and had the best time outside pretty much all day long .

This weekend was the perfect taste of Spring and has us all anxious for time off next week!

Here's hoping that you had a restful and Spring-like weekend :)


  1. I’m glad G wasn’t down for long! And yes, this weekend was the best little taste of spring!!

  2. I'm so happy that GG is feeling better!!

  3. Tell me about that chalk! I bet my grands would love it. and apparently they will need the shoes to go with it, as well!!!

  4. The liquid paint looks so fun! I’ll have to buy some for my nephews!! Glad Griffin is feeling better!

  5. So glad Griffin is on the mend...and ps...that's the shirt I was telling you I want to buy when you're done with it ; )

  6. So glad that sweet girl is better! Those yellow clogs are everything!!! She did look a little teenager! And I'm now on Amazon looking up liquid chalk.
    ;) That Inspired Chick

  7. The baby doll in the first picture is staring into my soul, haha!

  8. Love all the outside time you were able to soak in. We got a taste of spring and now it's snowing today...ah!!

  9. You luckies! The schools were closed for a snow day today here in South Dakota. Glad little G is feeling better! T-3 days for ya girl!

  10. Despite starting off with GG not feeling well, it looked like a perfect weekend! Looking forward to spring here in PA, not happening today though #winterstormquinn


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