Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Valentine's Candle Jar

Tomorrow is the big day - card exchanges, candy, class parties, etc. and I'm in charge of the craft for Luke's class party.  It's not often that a school party works with my teaching schedule, but Luke's is in the late afternoon this year and so I got to sign up to help.  I'm doing the craft and had to make my example last night so I thought I'd share what we'll be making in case you're in need of a last minute art project this week!

You'll need white, red and pink tissue paper...

... glass jars (I used  this size)...

... white glue, a little water and a paint brush.

Pour some white glue into a bowl and add a little bit of water to it and mix it up.

(the blue is because apparently I didn't wash my brush out well enough last time).

I cut a bunch of rectangles out of white tissue paper, covered the jar in the glue/water mixture and then just started "painting" Them on.  

I cut out hearts of various sizes/shades and then painted them on with the glue as well.

I let it dry for a bit, but since I'm going to be doing this for a class party and want the kids to be able to take it home that same night I hit it with my blow dryer on medium heat for a minute or so and it was good to go!

I dropped a tea light in and voila!

The party is for 3rd graders and I needed something that wasn't going to take two minutes, but also wouldn't take a TON of instruction (since I'll be helping them in groups).  I hope that they're excited to take their jar home and either use it with a tea light inside or pop some flowers in it for their mom for Valentine's Day :) 

Happy Valentine's Eve, friends!!!

(I know that's not a thing... BUT it sounded more festive than just Tuesday) :)


  1. What time should I drop the Slaughter kids off for craft time tonight? Hahahahaha!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! This is adorable!! I want one!!

  3. Adorable! What a great idea!!

  4. So fun that you can be at Luke's party this year! Have the best time!

  5. Cuteness! I love a good classroom party craft idea...and of course Valentine's Eve can be a thing ; )

  6. Those are so cute! If you check out www.garvinandco.com she makes Eve's eve's out of any holiday for her daughters and they're so cute!! :)

  7. These are absolutely adorable! We might have to make one (or two!) of these tonight!!!

  8. I love this little craft idea. So cute and something totally practical and fun to use at home.


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