Monday, February 12, 2018

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!  This weekend was pretty darn perfect and while I still haven't finished painting our bedroom (I know, I know) I was able to go to bed early, wake up late and spentLOTS of time on the couch with my favorite people so I'm counting that as productive (enough) :) 

Friday night we hunkered down for pizza and the opening ceremonies and had SO much fun watching.  I thought that the whole thing was pretty awesome from start to finish and I think that the biggest fan in our house was Mason.

Griffin didn't last long and Luke was running a low grade fever and only outlasted GG by a little bit.

Mason hung in there 'til the end though and got to watch the whole snowboard/drone thing as it happened and I'm not sure which one of us was more amazed.  It was also in this moment that I totally felt like a grandma... "Well, would you look at that!  Technology these days is just amazing!  How do you think they do that, Mason???"  I mean.

Saturday morning Mason, Griffin and I went to dance class...

... and then headed out to run a few errands which included a stop at Hobby Lobby...


... and Dick's.  On a trip back from the restroom Griffin fell in LOVE with this bike and you better believe that banana seat was giving me some major flashbacks to 1989 except mine was bright sparkly blue with a rainbow banana seat.

True love?  When your husband runs to Sam's club for you and brings you a soft pretzel.

Saturday afternoon looked a lot like this...

... and then Gibi stopped by and the Valentine assembly line got underway. 

Dinner followed by a game of "Moose in the House" with Haha (have I mentioned how awesome it is that my parents live so close by?!?!)...

... and we ended the night with more olympics and snuggles (this time of the feline variety). 

Sunday morning was just this girl and I for church (Luke's fever broke on Saturday morning - but we let him sleep in and rest up)...

... her daddy always gets the best smiles ;)

The boys and my dad headed to the Dallas Stars game and Griffin and I hit the town in our pjs :)

Grocery store, ice cream and a stop at the Red Box for the My Little Ponies movie.

Nothing better!!!  (And yes... raspberries were Griffin's request and yes we polished off the whole container before the popcorn) :)


The boys went to watch The Dallas Stars and they were SO EXCITED!

Dave texted me these pics and I laughed SO HARD!  Mason has always been able to fall asleep pretty much anywhere and sleep through pretty much anything and apparently a loud hockey game is no exception :)

They had the BEST TIME EVER!!! 

We finished off the night with family dinner and a little bit of crafting.

Here's hoping your weekend was full of rest and fun and that you have a great week planned ahead.  This week our schedule is pretty packed but with all fun things - time with friends, I'm doing the craft at Luke's Valentine's party, Math Olympics on Friday, Valentine's Day (it's just me and the kids and I'm hoping to pull together a "love you because dinner") AND a date night.  

Happy Monday!!!


  1. It’s gonna take me a while to get over the cuteness of Mason in those glasses!

  2. Those first pics of your living room are my favorite. Your house is so cozy!!

  3. I'm with Mason. I legit would fall asleep in the middle of fraternity hall parties in college. Like, we would be in Chris's room, I would plop down on the futon, and I'd be out like a light. Hahaha!

  4. What a perfect weekend! It was a great weekend to be cozy at home!!

  5. Mason in those glasses...he's just adorable! I think my fave pic is him sleeping at the hockey game.hahaha

  6. Mason has the right idea, if I could sleep through a hockey game, I certainly would:). Happy Monday, Andrea!

  7. Tell me more about a love me because dinner....

    Is the food all their favorite things??

  8. Love me because dinner.... I think I NEED to know about this. You always have the best ideas!

  9. I'm with Mason, if I tried hard enough, I would be able to fall asleep anywhere! My husband gets mad at me when we stay up watching the Olympics and I start snoring after 2 minutes, I can't help it!! If I'm the slightest bit cozy, I'm out like a light!

  10. We love Moose in the House! Such a fun weekend and we are watching the Olympics over here too!!! xoxo ERIN

  11. I was the exact same way about the opening ceremonies, especially the snowboarder! 😂

  12. Mason looks like he was born to wear glasses SO CUTE!!!!

  13. We watched the opening ceremonies as well! Amazing!


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