Monday, December 11, 2017

Most Festive Weekend Ever

Y'all... this weekend was so much fun!  I need another weekend to recover from all the fun we had, but it was totally worth it!  Saturday morning we went to the first performance of Prestonwood's Gift of Christmas.  Ashby came with us and I thought Griffin's face was going to fall off from all the smiling :) 

The amount of giggling and squealing was so cute!

Excited to see the angels :)

The show is INCREDIBLE and if you're local and haven't been before you need to mark it on your calendars for next year.  It sells out super fast (despite there being 13 shows with 5000 tickets each!) and here's why...

... it is totally unbelievable!  Check out the choir!

The music is amazing (seriously... the talent is insane!), the visuals are out of this world and the whole thing is magical.

Yes... those are drummers suspended form the ceiling.

The kids were mesmerized the entire show...

... and it's easy to see why (that skirt had the ocean on it and it changed into flowers and butterflies and was INSANE!)

At the end they do the Nativity Symphony and it is incredibly beautiful and about ever 30 seconds you're going, "oh my gosh! There's a camel!  What?!?! Is that a zebra???  WHOA!  That's his cloak!"   Its' gorgeous.

We dropped Ashby off, ran home to change clothes (because apparently my kids can't go 4 hours without spilling on themselves - hahaha) and headed to Narci's house to decorate cookies.  Well... the kids THOUGHT they were decorating cookies.  Until the doorbell rang and...

SANTA!  (Check out GG shaking his hand!)

How stinkin' sweet is Mrs. Claus?!?!

The kids all got to visit with Santa...

... and then I snapped this fabulous group pic ;)  (OH MY WORD! Could they look ANY less excited?!?!)

Santa and Mrs. Claus were incredibly sweet, the kids were so excited (despite the group picture faces) and Narci's GORGEOUS house was the perfect setting.  It was the sweetest afternoon!

After visiting with Santa Mason went and played with a friend for a little bit while the rest of us ran home, changed clothes and got ready for the parade.  We picked up Mason, grabbed a pizza and headed to the square...

We got all set up and there were kids EVERYWHERE!!!  Our group has grown exponentially, but somehow we all fit on the corner and it just gets more fun every year.  I even got to sneak in some snuggles with Willow :)

EXCITED parade watchers!  (PS - Buddy the elf brought our kids the necklaces to wear and he MAY have picked them up on Amazon)

Mason had the best seat in the house ;)

And I have no pictures of Luke because he was waaaaaay down there with all his friends.

The parade has a definite "hometown" feel to it and the marching bands, hot chocolate and snuggly blankets make it hard NOT to feel festive.

And someone remind me next year to take a picture of these three before the parade starts.  Because by the end they're covered in candy cane and crying because "they just don't wait it to be over" :)

I titled this post the most festive weekend ever, but really it was more like the most festive DAY ever.  We're trying to squeeze in as much Christmas fun as we can and this week we have looking at Christmas lights, baking shortbread cookies and making ornaments on the list!

Happy Monday, friends!!!


  1. It really was the best day ever!! Love love love that parade! Glad we were watching it with you!

  2. Well, MY GOODNESS!!!! Soooooooooo festive! Loved all the pics!

  3. Ashby had THE BEST time on Saturday!!! I think she wants every day to be a GG day!

  4. Oh my goodness!! That was the most festive day ever!

  5. That sounds like the most festive day of the year and so fun!!! xoxo ERIN

  6. So cute! I saw those necklaces at Party City yesterday too.

  7. Where did you get Luke's shoes from the pictures with Santa? We need something besides tennis shoes and that the kids can wear to church at this time of year.

  8. You really did have a ton of festive fun in one day! So much happiness ; )

  9. I miss going to see The Gift of Christmas at Prestonwood. It is incredible. Such a fun weekend.

  10. I followed along on Instagram, almost like I was there with you all;). So much fun and I love the necklaces, you always find the best things. Happy Monday, Andrea!

  11. Love all your pictures - such a festive way to start the Christmas season!

  12. What a perfect weekend!! It really is the most wonderful time of the year!


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