Friday, December 8, 2017

Friday Favorites - Comfies Edition

Today is an EXTRA happy Friday because we're out of school!  MCA made the state playoffs for football and with so many staff members going to the game (parents, coaches, etc.) they cancelled school!  (they couldn't get enough subs to cover for everyone who was going!)

The game is at noon in Waco and while we had planned on driving down there to watch, the FREEZING temps have changed our plans up a bit and the kids and I are going to go see a movie, run a few errands and just hang out WARM at home ;)  Say a few big cheers for the mustangs today at noon!

ErikaNarci and I are all sharing our FAVORITES today and we'd love for you to join us!

First up on my list are what we lovingly refer to as "comfies" :)  When we're hanging out at home we're pretty much always in comfy clothes - it's a must.  This week I decided to order a few new comfy things for Dave as an early Christmas present.  His slippers were on their last leg and while he had pajama pants in his closet he didn't have anything that was more "loungy" (when I say loungy I mean that you could run to grab milk at the grocery store really quick and you wouldn't feel like you had to change before you went out... but if you fell asleep on the couch in them you wouldn't feel compelled to change before bed either) ;)

Dave NEVER buys anything for himself.  He is not a shopper at all and so I love shopping for him at Nordstrom because they have such a big selection, the quality is always great and their return policy is the BEST in case what I pick out isn't his favorite.  Dave works super hard (especially during the Holiday season!) and I was extra excited to get him a few things he could relax in while he's at home.

The slippers were a HIT and I can see why because they're completely plush, the color is awesome and I'm totally jealous ;)  Dave is on his feet all day (remember that one time he did 51,604 steps in a day?!?!) and he loves these for being comfy at home.

I also grabbed him  this pullover and  these joggers and I really expected him to not be on board with the joggers but surprisingly he was won over by how soft they were and I LOVE the fit.  The whole ensemble (I was informed that guys don't wear outfits - hahaha) is perfect for having your four-year-old daughter do your pretend makeup before dinner :)

... and of course get a quick mani in there as well :)  

Shoutout to the hardest working guy I know!  Work hard, lounge hard :)

If you're looking for some "comfies" for your guys for Christmas (or just to encourage them to throw out the old frayed pj pants they still have in their drawer!) here are a few of our FAVORITES..

Thank you so much to Nordstrom for partnering with me on this post!

This girly and her sweet little spirit is our FAVORITE!

Maybe it's just been a really long week... or maybe I'm overtired from staying up late doing Christmas cards... but either way this video was my FAVORITE thing I saw on the internet this week...

Luke obliging and letting Griffin "do his makeup" is my FAVORITE...

... and Mason passed out cold during church last week was my FAVORITE too. (I snapped this after service before I woke him up)

Last Sunday Beau and Davis stopped by (Mark was there too, but he's not nearly as cute #littlebrotherproblems) and watching all the kids play together was my FAVORITE part of the weekend.

I got to feed this cutie his bottle and loved every single second of it.

And I don't even know what these boys were doing but they were having a blast. :)

Coordinating cousin pjs are my new FAVORITE Christmas tradition.  I have big plans to continue it WELL into teenage-hood :)

FAVORITE little crew!

 Waiting on Mason to wash his hands and snapped a picture in  my FAVORITE sweater...

I took these two to run a couple of errands last Saturday and their FAVORITE stop was the garden store for obvious reasons...

And Buddy has been up to his regular antics and watching the kids look for him in the mornings has been our FAVORITE!

It was SO COLD yesterday and so I brought out my FAVORITE (and warmest!) poncho.  I bought it a few weeks ago and it's not nearly as oversized as the one from the anniversary sale.  So if you were on the fence because of how large the anniversary sale one ran give this one a shot and it may work better for you!

Luke was the mystery reader in Griffin's class yesterday and seeing her face light up when the door opened up and it was him and then watching how proud she was while he was reading was my FAVORITE!

And since we're talking about FAVORITES from the week.  I'll leave you with this...

Happy Friday, friends!!!

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  1. Wahoo for the state playoffs (and a day out of school)!! Have the best day!

  2. Oh my goodness, so much cuteness with the kiddos! Love that GG does everyones makeup and how sweet that Luke was the mystery reader!! Love that! Those slippers for Dave look so cozy!

    Lizzie @ This Happy Life

    1. Thanks, Lizzie! She is VERY into makeovers right now :)

  3. Love Ugg slippers, I bet my hubby would love them too and since I am not sharing mine, I should get him a pair. Great ideas. Love those flocked trees and precious kiddos in them :) xoxo ERIN

  4. Let's recall the time I had Carter at a birthday party and it was POURING down rain. Like MONSOONING. And sweet Dave offered to go get my car for me! WHAT? SO SWEET!

  5. Comfy clothes are one of my favorite things. :) Love the matching pj's for the cousins. Too cute!

  6. My husband is the same way, I do most of his shopping for him. He loves jogging pants and we just got him some slippers that look a lot like your husbands.

  7. I want to know about that bag! so cute and I've been looking for one!

  8. Did Griffin have a growth spurt? She looks like the same height as Mason in the garden Christmas tree picture!

  9. All of those flocked trees at the garden store were like a winter wonderland. Matching jammies are the best and it's so sad when they outgrow that stage. You new Ugg poncho is all kinds of cute and does look like it's a much better cut than the anniversary sale version. Yippee!!! Happy Friday, Andrea❤️

  10. I can't imagine why your school even looked for substitute teachers.....our school always closes when we make the state playoffs....cause they want to encourage everyone to go. Seems counterproductive to fostering school spirit to have school in session while your school team is playing in the state playoffs?...ha, ha....maybe that's just me.

    1. This is our first time to make it so it was kind of uncharted terrifory for us! Hopefully this is the first of many years of state playoffs!

    2. Yes, that might explain it. My son is AD at the local school....last year their football team lost in the finals...still 2nd place in state isn't shabby. This year? STATE CHAMPS!!!! Hopefully this is the start of a good state run for your's lots of fun!!!

  11. Oh those pictures of the cousins in Jammies are so cute! Happy Friday, friend! Xo

  12. I see a little bit of GG and Mason in baby Davis:) So many favorites this week, love your sweet family. Enjoy your Friday off and Happy Weekend, Andrea!

  13. That’s crazyville, I’m subbing at CCS today because they are in the State playoffs playing your school! Small world.

  14. We love days/evenings at home in our comfy clothes!!!


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