Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Disney on Ice

A few weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon Griffin and I headed out on our much-anticipated girls date to see Disney on Ice!  WE WERE SO EXCITED!!!

Yes, I did.  #noregrets ;)

We were there about 30 minutes early and it was the longest thirty minutes of our lives.

So we selfied!

Y'all.  I know that there was a show going on in front of us but I couldn't turn away from her sweet little face!

I didn't know what to expect but I was super impressed with the whole show.  I mean... there's Ariel up in the air...

... and Maximus from Tangled...

... and Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast!

Totally enthralled.

SNOW elicited squeals...

... as did Sven and Olaf :)

And of course ELSA!!!

The show was 2 hours with a short intermission and held her attention the ENTIRE time.  I did make sure we had an aisle seat so she had a little more "wiggle room" if we needed it, but she really did great.

 It was a MAGICAL little outing for both of us and something that I think we'll both remember for a long time.


  1. Ahhhh!!!! I remember taking Ebby Lee to Disney on Ice. It was magical for her and seeing her face light up was the best. It looks like Griffin felt the magic too!

  2. Taking my 4 year old in January! Looks fun.

  3. It's a shame Griffin didn't have fun. ;)

  4. aw!!! The look on Griffin's face is adorable!! Disney on Ice is the best!

  5. Disney on Ice is always magical with little girls! Something I will never forget is taking my daughter as well. Sweet!

  6. The expressions on GG's face are priceless! Making memories:)

  7. Oh we love Disney on Ice!! Just magical!

  8. Disney magic!! Glad she loved it!

  9. I've taken my girls before too and the awe and excitement in their sweet faces is better than watching the actual show! I remember my parents taking me and my siblings when we were little every year for quite a few years and it is such a special memory!

  10. Her face says it all..such special mometns. Very sweet.


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