Thursday, December 7, 2017

Playroom Christmas

I shared our downstairs decor on Tuesday and today I thought I'd share our little Christmas touches in the playroom upstairs.  I decided to share the decor as well as a typical" kind of afternoon/evening upstairs at our house.  My kids pretty much always change straight out of their school uniforms into pjs after school and then hang out upstairs while I get dinner sorted out.  Boden sent them some  new jammies and slippers that they've been loving - look how cute! 

We digress quickly...

First up is the tree!  Their tree is a HOT mess of felt and color and I love it so much.  It's unplanned and un-fancy and looking at this picture it's actually a bit lopsided as well :)

The kids are moving the ornaments around constantly and I'm a total sucker for picking up new little pretties when we're at Target :)

We play a LOT of games and the boys have been REALLY into Sorry lately.

And here are a few of their current favorite games...

And meanwhile Griffin was playing Pattern Play and coloring...

On the TV stand I just took a plain garland and added the lights and same colored ornaments that are in the tree...

The ornaments also fill up the glass-base lamp on the kids art table.

Last year I had some of their photos with Santa in these frames, but this year I half-forgot and half couldn't bear to take the sweet little pieces of art out :)

And last year this little wall looked like this...

... and this year we traded in the play kitchen for a bookshelf!  A few little festive touches and we were good to go!

The bottle brush trees are from Michaels and JoAnns and the Christmas story verses sign is from Vine and Branches.

Relaxing after a long day of First Grade :)

And of course we had to head outside to play with Jellybean Jones before it got too dark.

So can we talk about  these jammies for a minute???  Each set came with two pairs - a Christmas pattern and a stripe - and they are SO SOFT!!!  I love the mix-and-match aspect of them (Mason and Luke have the same set of 2 pairs... they're just each wearing a different pair from the set) and the quality is awesome.  The patterns are SO CUTE and I love that each set came with a stripe that isn't super "holiday".  The kids LOVE the slippers and have been wearing them on the chilly mornings we've had this week.  They have rubber soles which is perfect for running around the house and the occasional pre-bed ice cream run :)

I hope you enjoyed this fun little peek into comfy afternoon/evenings in our playroom and at our colorful Christmas decorations up there :)  I'd love to know what games y'all love to play as a family in the evenings - leave me a comment and let me know!

PS - thank you so much to  Boden for sending the kids the pjs and slippers.  We LOVE them and can't wait to wear them all season (and probably next season as well!).  IF you've read here for any length of time then you know that Boden is one of my all-time favorite brands for my kids and I am always so excited and flattered to get to share them here on the blog!  If you're looking for a little more Boden holiday inspiration be sure to check out The Chirping Moms and Jordan and Co tomorrow as they'll be sharing some  fun Holiday picks as well!


  1. Those pjs are so cute! Carter switched to just sleeping in undies like 3 years, and I SO MISS the pajamas!!!! The playroom looks great, and I just added Topple to my Amazon cart!

  2. You're playroom is too cute! And I'm loving their slippers!

  3. Your upstairs looks great! So festive!

  4. I'm in love with your playroom tree.

  5. Love the room you've created for your children, what a wonderful tree, that's the one they'll remember when they grow up.

  6. What a fun place to hang out! My kids loved the game Trouble when they were younger.

  7. The playroom decorations are beautiful--especially the tree. I also really like the pajamas and slippers from Boden. Griffin's sparkly slippers are my favorite! ;)

  8. Your playroom is beautiful and so welcoming! We have been playing Electronic Banking Monopoly lately and it's really fun! I feel like it goes much faster than a tradition Monopoly game so it's easier to fit into an evening.

  9. Your talent for decor and cozy home furnishings knows no bounds!

  10. why is your jelly bean not allowed inside

  11. I love your playroom! Ours is full of toys and I would like a more inviting room. hahah... Where do you put all their toys?

  12. I love all of your decorations! By the way, where does Jellybean live if he doesn't live inside? Super curious about this! Haha

  13. I love your playroom. Such a fun space and so festive! Kiddo's are so cute in their jammies. Trouble has always been a favorite with our kids.

  14. My granddaughter loves Skip Bo.


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