Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

I'm so excited to be linking up with Shay, Sheaffer and Mel this week for What's Up Wednesday!

- What We're Eating This Week -
This week I've made cheeseburger pie (Mason's special request) and creamy chicken and noodles (I realize that this is not the best picture - but it is sooooooo good!!!)

- What I'm Reminiscing About -
Colorado!!!  We talked about where we wanted to go this summer and it was pretty obvious we all wanted to escape the heat and go back to Vail.  I'm thinking that heading to the mountains may be our summer tradition.  We have big plans to play and explore and spend as much time at the creek and park as we can - but I would love your Vail/Breckenridge recommendations! ;)

- What I'm Loving -
Dressie Jessie pajamas!  Griffin got these PRECIOUS pjs from Dressie Jessie (thank you so much!!!) and she wants to wear them every single night.  They're pink, amazingly soft and she has a matching pair for her Bitty Baby... so they're pretty much the best pajamas of all time :)

Dressie Jessie doesn't just have pajamas... look how SWEET this pinafore would be all summer long!

- What I'm Dreading -
Griffin gets her 4-year shots next month and I'm not excited for that appointment.  

- What I'm Working On -
Oh, y'all.  The list is long.
Middle school dance, 6th grade party, Luke's birthday sleepover, Mason's birthday "day of fun", Griffin's party, our family fiesta, etc., etc., etc. hahaha

- What I'm Excited About -
Next month I'm going on a trip with my 8th graders to McDonald Observatory.  It's a looooong way out there - but it's going to be a great trip with an awesome group of kids. 

- What I'm Watching/Reading -
I've been playing catch up with Designated Survivor and am enjoying it.  Dave and I are watching the new 24 show and like it as well.  It can't compare to the original season 1 of 24... but I'm not sure anything can. ;)

- What I'm Listening To -

I mean.... who isn't loving this right now?!?!

And this 

- What I'm Wearing- 
Layers!!! It's that weird time of the year where it's cold in the morning and hot by the afternoon so I'm layering, layering and then layering some more.

I picked up this top a few weeks ago and am loving it for Spring.... it's long sleeves, but is a really soft almost mesh material so it's warm but still breathes.  

Here it is on the model...

... and here it is with pants :) hahaha

- What I'm Doing This Weekend -
Celebrating Luke!!!  He opted for an "epic sleepover" with his best friend next weekend, but we have plans to celebrate him all day Saturday and then celebrate all three kids on Sunday at our annual "Family Fiesta" (if you're new around here - the kids birthdays are April 1st, 16th and 17th and rather than inviting all our family to three different parties we have a "family fiesta" with my family and Dave's and celebrate all three kids)

Here they are blowing out their candles last year...

- What I'm Looking Forward To -
Easter!  When I was working on my favorite pictures post for yesterday I came across several pictures that made me super excited for Easter and all the festivities that go along with it.  I love the egg hunt at the Country Club, I love the Easter service at church and I love Easter dinner with my family.  Mason's birthday falls on Easter this year so it should be extra fun!

I mean... look at these cuties with the Easter bunny back in 2012!

And then 2016 ;)
Griffin's face is the BEST! hahaha

- What Else Is New -
Nothing major... which is kind of exactly how we like it :)

- What's My Favorite Spring Wardrobe Piece -
Dresses with little cap sleeves that I can wear to school and out and about.  Here are a few of my current favorites!

Happy Wednesday, Friends!!!

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  1. Ah! The Vail pics just made me so happy!! I'm so glad you're going back this year too!

  2. There at SO many things I want to comment on in this post! The cheeseburger pie looks amazing, we LOVE Pjs around here & matching ones for Bitty Baby are a huge plus, my girl just had her shots last month & it literally broke my heart ... I definitely think it's harder to watch the older they get & the family fiesta you throw is the cutest! Happy Wednesday, girl!

  3. We are obsessed with Designated Survivor! I love a good politics intrigue...and Kiefer Sutherland.

  4. Loving the striped PJ's that GG is wearing! So adorable!
    Xo, Elizabeth

  5. Bring on the birthday month around here too!! My big kids both opted for easy this year! Wahoo!

  6. Your Colorado pics are some of my favorites of all time!!!

  7. I just love that Chrissy tunic - I keep checking to see if it has been restocked! Designated Survivor is definitely one of my favorite shows right now, and Bruno Mars' song is SO GOOD!

  8. Yes to all the layers! We aren't getting as hot in TN as y'all are in TX, but we definitely need those layers. I love that too. It's perfect for Spring!

  9. I love your family fiesta idea so much I think we are going to start incorporating it for our kids too! It's just too much to ask family to come over 3 times back to back then we have the kids' parties on top of that - you're a genius for that idea, thank you!! I can't wait to hear about your kids parties!

  10. Oh, I just loved seeing your pics from Colorado! Can't wait for this year's trip!! Xo

  11. I love the family fiesta idea! That trip to the observatory will be so fun. Colorado sounds perfect in the summer. We live near the mountains and love escaping the heat and going there in the summer. I hope you have a great day!

  12. I have never heard of that Observatory but that sounds so cool!! Love the Colorado pics...your family is just so photogenic! And Griffin in her jammies is so cute!

    That Inspired Chick

  13. Colorado sounds so lovely!! Someday! And I can totally relate to all the planning... Easter, birthday party, family pictures all in less than two weeks of each other and only about 5% done. Eeks!

  14. Gimme all the Bruno Mars!!!! I got his whole album a few weeks ago and it's fantastic!! Kind of old school funky and every song makes you want to dance!

  15. If you haven't already booked the trip, you should consider Steamboat Springs instead of Breck/Vail! It's got one of the most unique and special local communities of all the CO skis towns (I'm a CO girl who's been to most of them). It's got a long history as a cowboy and ski town and great family activities in the summer! You can go fishing, hiking, mountain biking, float the local river in inner tubes (kid friendly!), horseback riding, go to the local rodeo, and for hot air balloon rides. They have a sweet downtown area, and lots of fun family-friendly parks. There's a great bike path where you can ride from the condos along the river to downtown. You can also take gondola rides up the ski mountain. Feel free to message me for more info or recommendations on lodging!

  16. Love everything you have listed above - love kiddo birthday month - both my boys have birthdays in the fall - two weeks apart and it is so much fun. Tons of stress but tons of fun. I live in Denver and highly recommend you checking out Keystone and Copper Mountain for fun family activities when you come to Colorado also.

  17. Epic Discovery in Vail is the BEST!!! Your kids will love tubing, mini zip lines, ropes courses, bungi bounce, and the forest flyer, great food! You can easily spend the entire day there and it's so fun! Also a hike up Vail mountain picking strawberries and raspberries along the way was something our kids (age 8 and 5) really enjoyed! We went to Vail for a week last July and I think we may be hooked on summer trips to the mountains too ;)


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