Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday - Favorite Pictures Edition

I had the HARDEST time putting this post together mainly because 1) I couldn't narrow it down to 5 and 2) I had so much fun walking down memory lane and looking through pictures that I got sidetracked multiple times :)  

- Aviators -
I snapped this picture of Luke at the pool in the summer of 2010 and it may be my favorite picture ever.  He and I had the BEST time that summer.  He was two, it was just me and him and we spent all day every day at the pool. We ate Reese's Pieces, had fabulous tans and took naps together in the afternoon.  It was glorious and such a sweet time.

- The Elevator -
Last May we rang in Manda's birthday in STYLE (think limo, feather boas, drinks, dinner, Sofia the First tiara I pulled out of my purse... the whole deal).  Jeni missed the celebration because she was had a baby that same day so we swung the limo through the hospital on our way home (yes.... we called first and yes she asked us to come).  On the way up to her room I snapped this picture in the elevator and it's one of my favorite pictures ever because it captures exactly how much fun we have as a group.  I will NEVER forget that night and the wonderful conversation I got to have with Manda when I drove her home that night - one that I'll treasure forever.

Everything about my pregnancy with Griffin was a surprise... right down to the anatomy ultrasound where we found out that the original ultrasound we had was wrong and the little boy we thought we were having was actually a little GIRL! I will never forget the shock in that moment and Dave and I snapped this picture in between the ultrasound and the appointment with the Doctor while we were both processing :)  I had cried off most of my eye makeup and we both just kept saying, "WHAT?!?!"  

- Saturday at Home - 
We had some photos done by a friend from high school on a typical Saturday morning at home.  We stayed in our pjs, made pancakes and played while she snapped away.  I was pregnant with Griffin and am so glad to have such beautiful pictures of us in the house we loved so much just being "us".

- Three! - 
This was the very first picture I took of all three kids together.  Mason turned two on Tuesday, Griffin was born on Wednesday and this was before church that Sunday.  I couldn't believe I had three kids to get ready and still think that this is the cutest picture ever of all three of them.

- Friday Night Lights -
This picture of Dave and I in 2000 brings back so many great memories and feelings from High School. Senior night at a Friday night football game, being in the stands with friends, hanging out after the games, etc., etc., etc.

- Brothers -
Love the mohawk, love the little smile, love the twinkle in his eye and love how much these two love each other.

- Cruising -
We love to "cruise" the golf course and take these "sunset silhouette" pictures a couple of times a year.  I love watching everyone grow and hope that this is a tradition we keep up until all three kids are taller than me :)

- Newborn Love -
Griffin's newborn pictures are such a sweet memory for me.  Knowing she was my last baby and getting these beautiful images was an absolute treat.  Those little lips!!!

- Looking SHARP -
This picture is a favorite for so many reasons.  The tuxes, the glasses, the hand holding and the way that Griffin is looking at Mason and Mason is looking at Luke.  All three kids were in Dave's brother's wedding and it was such a special day.  

- You Better Not Pout -
This is a favorite for obvious reasons :)

- Pizza Friday -
Dave snapped this picture of us last Spring and it's one that I absolutely treasure.  Pizza was in the oven and we were having some snuggle time while we waited for it to cook.  Dave works Friday and Saturday nights and those evenings with my kids are nights that I hope they always look back on fondly.  Movies, pizza, snuggles - the best!

I can't wait to look through y'alls favorite pictures and read about what makes them your favorites.  I hope you enjoyed looking through some of my mine!  Happy Tuesday, Friends!



  1. Great pictures!! I understand-I kept getting sidetracked and then would tell myself-just pick!! :)

  2. I love your photo with husband upon finding out your third child's gender. So natural and fun!

    Great Plains Mama

  3. Just too many cute pictures! I love them all!

  4. All amazing choices! Some of my favorites as well!

  5. Such great pics! Love the aviators and all the kids in their wedding best. And the elevator pic warms my heart...just a great time all you girls had!!

  6. Great choices!! I love them all!

  7. The picture of your three at the wedding last year is perfection!! Thanks for the link-up and the trip down memory lane.

  8. Love these pictures! This post needs a hashtag for those of us who don't blog! :P

  9. I love your pictures!!
    Do you ever edit your pictures? I take a ton of pictures but have zero editing skills. I'd love a blog post with a simple tutorial if that's something you do!

  10. Such special pictures!! I always love your golf course silhouette photos! And all of your pictures of your kiddos from Dave's brother's wedding are stunning!! Thanks for hosting this fun link up!

  11. Oh Andrea, I'm in tears reading this! I absolutely loved every single explanation behind each picture. All such great ones! And I'm also glad that you didn't just pick five, because I didn't either. Haha. I think I posted 26! Bahahaha.

  12. As always so special. Helps me remember my favorite pictures of my now adult babies.


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