Monday, March 27, 2017

Weekend Recap - First Game Edition

Happy Monday, Friends!!!  

This weekend was pretty normal with a little bit of crazy weather and a lot of time outside thrown in.

Saturday morning I took Griffin to dance, we ran through Trader Joes and then we had to run by the mall to make a couple of returns and Nordstrom was speaking her love language... crafts and snacks!

While we were there I picked up a pair of Birkenstocks and even though I've had them less than 48 hours I'm already in love!  I wear flip flops A TON and was looking for something with a little more support and a little less "flop" for running around with my kids and such and these fit the bill.  They were immediately comfortable and have already formed to my feet.  I see A LOT of wear in my future!

In case you're considering a pair i typically wear a 6.5 or a 7 and got these in a size 37 and they're perfect.  I originally ordered a 38 but when I tried them on they were WAY too big.

After our errands we joined the boys at home for lunch and some cleaning.  I feel like we're FINALLY caught up on #allthelaundry after our Spring Break from you know where and every surface in our house has been Lysoled and every sheet and pillow has been washed.  Amen. ;)

When your mom is changing your sheets and you have the perfect stage...

Later in the afternoon Mason had his very first t-ball game!

I think that a baseball uniform is the cutest of all the uniform options.  Those pants!!!

Showing me his muscles!

Mason is such a good little athlete.  He's focused and coordinated and LOVES to compete.

 Look at him go!

 A little sliding after the game...

.... we ran some errands...

... and then home for tacos!

Sunday morning sillies :)

And then we spent about 4 hours outside raking and cleaning up pollen (OMG!!! Texas friends - the pollen is OUT OF CONTROL this year, am I right????)  The kids help, but eventually all end up in the water.

And this is how we all felt after dinner :)

I spent the evening listening to Narci share her testimony...

... and made it home just in time for the CRAZIEST storm!  I walked in the door just as hail was coming down.  Then the tornado sirens started going off so we hauled the kids out of bed and got everyone situated in the closet under the stairs.  We sat in there for about 6-7 minutes while it literally sounded like our roof was about to come down.  I've never heard anything like it.  The sirens stopped, we tucked the kids back in and then we went outside to survey the damage...

Golf ball size and bigger hail balls were COVERING our yard.  Dave's windshield has half a dozen cracks in it and I'm not sure there's a scenario in which we don't need a new roof.  It was crazy.  

We're just thankful that everybody is safe and that all of our windows appear to be unscathed. 

This week we have a full calendar but are most excited to be kicking off "birthday month" when Luke turns NINE on Saturday! NINE, y'all!!! 

Tomorrow is Show and Tell Tuesday and we're going to share our "Top 5 Pictures" (or top 10 if you have a hard time narrowing it down).  

Happy Monday, Friends!!!

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  1. It was fun bumping in to you and G at the mall on Saturday!

  2. GG and a guitar is absolutely precious! Looks like a fun filled weekend!
    XO, Elizabeth

  3. Here in Houston, the pollen right now is insane. We clean up all the pollen and pods and it seems we have to do it again the next day. And all the pollen just wears you out with allergies! That is some crazy hail. Hope you have a marvelous Monday!

  4. I can't believe Luke is turning 9! Maddox just turned 4 and I'm still taken aback. Where does the time go?! We got the exact same hail, and had the exact same routine of taking kids out of bed, then putting them back to bed and then reviewing the damage, NO FUN! Hope you have a great week!

    Mandi Moore

  5. The pollen is killing me slowly and the hail was crazy! I loved listening to Narci's story and thought she was so brave! I was so proud of her!!!!

  6. Baseball pants are about the cutest thing in the world on little boys! just precious!
    The pollen here in GA is CRAZY too! It has covered EVERYTHING already!
    That is CRAZY size hail! I bet y'all were scared!! I would have been!
    Enjoy your week~

  7. wow that storm! So glad you all were Ok!! How cute is Mason at his first game!!

  8. That weather looks some kinda crazy. Thank goodness y'all were safe. Baseball season is just getting started here. It's my middles absolute favorite!! Happy Monday.

  9. There is nothing cuter than a baseball uniform! That is crazy about the hail. That is huge. Happy Monday.

  10. Glad you guys are all safe. Good news is you probably are going to get that new roof with just a deductible, we had a hail storm here about 3 years ago-nothing like yours and all of a sudden, our entire street has new roofs! : ) Have a great week.

  11. I bought the exact same Birks at my Nordstrom Friday! (Had to get those triple rewards! 😉). I decided on them for the same reasons as you did, here in Arizona I'm always in flip flops & thought these would be better support. I already love them too! When I was 16 I bought a pair of Birks & literally wore them to death, but never bought anymore bc I'm tall & thought they made my feet look big, but this new style is slimmer! 😊

  12. That hail is crazy! We lived in Denver for a year and I got caught in a hail storm driving home from work one day - my 3 month old BRAND NEW car looked like a golf ball once it passed. I've still yet to fix it but it's on my to-do list!

  13. I hope your roof gets fixed with minimal frustration ; ) We just moved to the other side of DFW last week so last night was our first storm. It didn't get that bad over here but the tornado warning went off on our phones so that was that. Fortunately it didn't last long and wasn't bad. I'm glad everyone was ok in your area...meanwhile, Griffin's singing/dancing routine on her bed is the cutest!

  14. I am loving that taco bar you put out. What are in the fixings in the bowls??

  15. Little boys in baseball pants are the cutest and GG may have a career on the stage!:) So glad that you all were safe in the storm but so sorry about Dave's car:(

  16. Hi Andrea! Totally random and off topic BUT... tell me all your hot tea secrets: what are your favorites? Do you add sugar? What's the deal with adding cream?!? Do you drink it in the Morning, afternoon, evening? What kind/brands do you like?!? I'm not much of a coffee drinker but would like a morning caffeine pick me up that's not a soda-- so looking for tea as an option and would love all the tips you have to share!

    I sure hope I remembered correctly that you are a hot tea drinker!

  17. Oh my goodness, how scary was your storm! And that hail!! Our storm season runs from October through January - spring summer here. Loved your weekend photos and recap. I'm going to get some Birkenstocks too - they look great and I definitively need the support for my feet. Have a blessed day

  18. so thankful I flew home on Saturday night out of Dallas!

  19. Those pictures of Mason playing were precious!! What a sweetheart!!

  20. And, thank you so much for coming Sunday night! Xoxo


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