Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Favorites - Spring Fun Edition

Happy Friday, Friends!  This has been the longest week of all time.  The days were LOOOONG and we're so excited to have some time together as a family this weekend where we're all healthy (finger's crossed! hahaha)

Narci and I are linking up and sharing our FAVORITES from the week and if you'd like to join us just link back to one (or all!) of us, grab our graphic and share your own Friday Favorites!

- Strawberry Wine -
Strawberry Wine by Deana Carter was my JAM in high school.  So many summer nights cruising around in my Explorer with friends singing this with the windows down.  When I heard Sam Hunt perform it I totalyl swooned.  Just when I thought the original couldn't get any better!  Y'all.  If he were to record this I'd buy it like 7 times.  For real :)

- Kids in the Kitchen -
One of my FAVORITE people EVER has a new cookbook out (seriously... how cool is that?!?!) and I think it's my favorite one yet because of all the precious pics of her kids!

 I mean... is this not the sweetest picture EVER?!?!  The little stool, the Matilda Jane... so precious.

My kids love being in the kitchen with me and we can't wait to try out the recipes.  On first perusal these two caught my eye...


... because apparently I'm craving crescent rolls :)

Aside from the sweet pictures of 3/4 of her adorable kids and the delicious crescent roll recipes I think that my REAL favorite part is getting to watch a dear friend accomplish another goal.  As someone who has eaten MANY a meal in Shay's kitchen I can vouch for her absolute love of cookbooks and the novelty of adding HER books to my own collection is yet to wear off.

Congrats, Shay!!!

You can preorder your own copy HERE

- Ryan and Wren -
I found Ryan and Wren a few months ago because Griffin's "wispies" were driving us all insane and we needed a "low profile" but still sweet way to keep them clipped back.  I tried a few other little bows and clips, but nothing really held.  I bought a set of clips from Ryan and Wren and almost immediately ordered a second because they are that good.  The color choices are great, they look precious and they hold Griffin's hair back all day.  

For holidays she puts out these adorable little clip and gift card sets which are perfect for dropping into Easter baskets, popping in a card for a friend or attaching to a gift.  Look how sweet!

She just came out with three new colors for Spring... tulip leather, grape leather and navy blue leather and I mixed in gold metallics to make a fun little set.  Be sure to check my Instagram later today because I'll be giving away a set just like it! :)

- This kid-
Mason was back on the baseball field this week and he was extra smiley before practice.  I'm pretty sure he was trying to sweet talk me into giving him a package of fruit snacks... but I'll take those sweet little eyes however I can get them :)

- Pool Time -
Monday night Dave and I were cleaning the pool and deck area and the kids were running around the backyard.  What started as "can we stick our toes in?" somehow turned into all three of them in their britches and in the FREEZING water.  

Mason's face is how I felt about the situation.  But we couldn't get them out! hahaha  Kids are crazy!


- Outfits - 
Spring was in the air this week and I busted out this little Matilda Jane dress for school.  It's a new favorite and I can't wait to wear it a TON this Spring and Summer.

 Griffin picked her own outfit on Wednesday and she was totally feeling the pink.  I wore my dress on Tuesday and she immediately recognized that she had a "match" and wore it the next day :)

PS - If you're looking for a coordinating option for Easter or Spring pics this would be perfect!!!  You can order both HERE and just put Andrea McAnally in as your Jane when you check out.

 - Comfy Forts - 
The kids have been all about building "comfy forts" for watching TV in the evening (which is soooooo inconvenient because then we have to haul everything back upstairs before bed. AAAH!  Oh well. They're only little once, right????)

How they have all their little animals arranged is my FAVORITE.

- Can't stop. Won't stop. -
It's been a while since I've picked up a new mug and I've used some serious restraint on multiple occasions ;), but I couldn't say no to this pottery gorgeousness and don't regret it one bit. ;)

- Poppy Whitaker -
I've RAVED about Poppy Whitaker before - her appliquéd dresses are unmatched by anything else I've seen.  They're creative and fun, spunky and sweet.  I ADORE Poppy Whitaker.

She offered to send Griffin this bunny dress for Spring and as soon as I showed it to her she goes, "oooooh! It's BEAUTIFUL!" and then she saw the bunny and has asked to wear this dress no less than a dozen times since.  (She also wants to wear those over the top sandals any chance she gets.  #subtle) ;)

The bunny design is hand painted and the flowers are sewn on top.  Combined with the ditsy floral on the skirt and little lace/crotchet trim it's a dress that is definitely going in her little memory box.

I adore how girly and fun and unique it is and can't wait to see Griffin wear it all Spring and Summer.

 - Great Books -

I ordered these books back in February and while I haven't been able to sit down and read them cover to cover yet I can attest to the beauty and power in their words.  Every time I pick either one of them up to read (even if it's just a couple of pages) I find myself highlighting, underlining and "mmm-hmming" as I go.

"Just Show Up" was written by Kara Tippetts and her friend Jill as they walked through Kara's battle with cancer together.  It's filled with practical advice and real talk about walking through struggles with each other and why it's important to just show up.  "When God Doesn't Fix It" was written by Laura Story about when her husband received a devastating brain cancer diagnosis.  She's an amazing writer and I've read and reread most of the chapters in her book.

“During the wait, which eventually stretched over two days and nights, my favorite visitors were the ones who said the three magic words: not “I love you,” or even, “I am praying,” but, “Here’s your latte.” Those words made me smile each time I heard them because the people who brought me lattes weren’t trying to give me answers. They were just trying to give me coffee. They sat with me and wept with me and never said a word. They were the ones who refilled my empty cup.” 

This weekend we have dance, a baseball game and TONS of laundry to catch up on.  I'm looking forward to trying out another carrot cake recipe (hopefully details next week!) and am excited to hear Narci share her testimony at a Women's event at our church on Sunday night.  

I hope y'all have a restful and relaxing weekend planned!  Happy Friday, Friends!!!

PS - Thank you so much to Ryan and Wren for providing Griffin with the set of clips and Easter cards as well as Poppy Whitaker for the PRECIOUS bunny dress!  We ADORE y'all and are so excited to spread the word and support your businesses!  Also, this post contained affiliate links - so if you clicked on a link and made a purchase I may receive a commission.  THANK YOU!


  1. Eek!! I hit publish too soon!! After that adoring Break, you deserve a weekend full of fun!

  2. Kids ARE crazy! Chris heated up the pool this weekend, and I wouldn't even get in the first day because I still thought it was too cold!!!!!!

  3. Girl! Strawberry Wine is my FAVORITE! I still blast it while I'm cleaning. And we love a good fort around here! :) Happy Friday!

  4. Blessings.

  5. I need Shays new cookbook!! And that bunny dress is adorable on Griffin!

  6. Stawberry wine! Oh my goodness! That took me waaaaay back! Love it, and those clips are adorable! Xoxo

  7. I read Laura Story's book last year and it is soooo good. I ordered the Bible Study guide that goes along with it and started a women's Bible Study in my neighborhood. She's so inspiring

  8. So, it's Friday and apparently my brain is a little tired today. When I got to the title, "Cozy Forts," my brain totally read "Cozy Farts." And... get this, I didnt even think it was strange! LOL. My kids have clearly addled my brain with all their fart humor.

  9. Those hair clips are so cute and I love her Matilda Jane dress and how fun you two match! Love that! xoxo ERIN

  10. LOVED Strawberry Wine too! Happy Friday!

  11. Love the Bobby bones show where your clip
    Of Sam hunt is from!!

  12. Love that mug! And looking forward to the carrot cake recipe! :)

  13. What a great list of favorites you have this week. Strawberry Wine used to be my jam as well. Sam Hunt nails it. My kids love making forts and comfy beds like that too. They love putting blankets on the chairs and couches to cover them up. Have a great weekend!

  14. I'm obsessed with that Matilda Jane mom dress, and that tutu dress is Nat's fave too. I need some gladiator sandals for her to wear with it!! Happy weekend!!

  15. Strawberry Wine!! I used to do the same thing except I was rolling down the windows in my red '89 Toyota Camry. #sexy haha.

    That Matilda Jane dress looks so cute on you! And do they still sell that Matilda Jane stool?!

    Happy Friday!!

    That Inspired Chick

  16. Strawberry wine is a forever favorite of mine!!! That version was beautiful....

  17. I love your floral dress! It is PERFECT for spring!

  18. i heart kara tippetts. the group of girlfriends she had -- just like the amazing women that surrounded manda. you all have been such a great inspiration of intentional beautiful friendships! kara's husband just re-married aweek or so ago!

  19. Dang...that Strawberry Wine Cover!! Loved that entire album in HS!! Looking forward to Shay and the kids on Home and Family tomorrow! Reading your blog for some many years, it so great to see all the kiddos growing up! YAY for spring sports and spring days!

  20. Love the floral Matilda Jane dress and matching ones for little girls! I ordered them this Monday and am wondering if I will receive them before Easter. This is my first time ordering and I'm not seeing a tracking number. Is there somewhere I can see when they should arrive? Thanks for your help!


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