Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Merry and Bright

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So yesterday I shared our downstairs decor and today I thought I'd share the upstairs!  I ordered a tree from Amazon and was so excited to do a whole "black, white and burlap" thing up here.  I had Mason and Griffin with me and they went BANANAS over all the cute and colorful ornaments at Target and so I scrapped my idea and ran with theirs - and I couldn't love it more :)

The garland was plain (I picked it up at Joanns) and so I wired in some lights and a bunch of the colorful ornaments.

A couple of cute little Free People stockings and the kids countdown calendar.

The tree is seriously so fun.  There are  a ridiculous number of ornaments on it and multiple ornaments on branches and groups of colors and everything that would typically drive me bananas :)

I have a bunch of Christmas pillows that I was going to put on the couch downstairs, but I didn't love all the red down there so I piled them all on the couch up here :)

And while I was snapping these pictures upstairs there was a dance party happening downstairs :)

I had a few extra frames left over from the gallery wall in Griffin's old room so I ordered a few prints of our Santa pictures and hung them behind the tree.

The tree "skirt" is actually a blanket from IKEA that used to go on the ends of the boys beds.

I found the felt ball garland at HomeGoods for a STEAL considering each piece is 12 feet long - but I know that West Elm and Land of Nod have similar ones as well.  I scoured the internet for this exact version and couldn't find it.  SORRY!  (I linked to similar versions at the end of the post)

The bucket under the table holds a bunch of Christmas books we've collected over the years.

The boys each have a little tree in their rooms, but neither one of their spaces were even remotely clean this weekend when I snapped pictures.  So I may share their trees at some point - but not today :)  In Griffin's room I put a little tree and "Santa Claus is coming to town" sign on her shelf...

And a little flocked tree on her dresser.

She decorated her tree herself... can you tell? :)

The tree skirt is actually one of her Matilda Jane skirts :)

And one more little tree in her bathroom.

So. Much. Fun.  It's A LOT, but the kids ADORE it and are so so proud :)  This is the first time I've tried the little scrolly-deal so hopefully it works, but you can find a lot of the ornaments and such that we used below.

Happy Wednesday, Friends!!!

PS - THANK YOU to Kat for providing the gift card for the giveaway and there were affiliate links used in this post which means that if you clicked on a link and made a purchase I may receive a commission.  THANK YOU!!!


  1. It looks great and super festive upstairs!

  2. I'll be right over with my coffee and book to sit and read upstairs :).

  3. I love the wooden "M" you have hanging on the wall. I think I remember you posting an Etsy shop where some friends of yours made them for an adoption fund raiser. Am I right? I had tried to get one a while back and their shop was closed. Do you know if they plan to reopen and sell those again?

  4. Where is your count down calendar from??

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Cute, cute, cute Looks adorable, friend!!

  7. I love all the color! Everything is perfect!

  8. Love love love that felt garland with the chalkboard. I'm still working on my chalkboard skills. Ha!

  9. The tree upstairs is my absolute favorite!!!

  10. I don't think it's "a lot". It's perfect for kids. They love it.The more festive the better. And I love that GG decorated her own tree. Such a fun space for them. Happy Wednesday, Andrea!

  11. How do you add all your ornaments and floral picks to your garland? Do you use floral wire to attach them? Your garland is so festive! I need to add a little something to mine.

  12. So fun! I love it! The colors are perfect for little ones and I love how involved they were and that they have their own special tree[s]! I dream of the day I can do this with my boys... maybe next year. This will be an inspiration for us for sure ;) Happy happy. Love it!

  13. I love it!! I love the bright colors and fun ornaments!! It's definitely merry and bright!!

  14. That is so darn cute!! I love all of it, especially the framed Santa pictures! Love love love.

  15. Andrea, it looks fab! I'm sure the kids love it too! It's inspired me to add a few more things to our playroom.

  16. Hi Andrea! Love you décor as always. Would you mind sharing where you got the high chair in Griffin's room?

  17. I LOVE your rug upstairs! Where did you get it?

  18. Your playroom is so festive. I love the tree and the garland - just so perfect for the space! Your chalkboard art is so awesome, too. Love it all!

  19. Very cute!!, great job it looks awesome.

  20. 1. I absolutely LOVE their decor! How cute are all of those colors?!?!?! #goals
    2. How did you do the scrolly thing? What did you use? Please share!

  21. LOVE! You have a great style. I have got to get my Hailey some of the felt ball garland!

  22. Girl, I love this so much. Side note aren't vacuum lines your favorite???
    This house seems a perfect home for your little fam. I just love it.

  23. Random question, which I know you've probably answered before, but where did you get the white frames that have the Christmas pictures in them by the colorful tree?
    Thanks!! :)

  24. So cute! Love all the decor ideas....just an FYI, Cape Clogs are on Zulily today! Enjoy!

  25. love that little sitting area! and the fact you used the words scrolly-deal tells me we'd be good friends. ha! :)

  26. This is my fave decor! I love how you used the b&w blanket. It looks perfect!!!

  27. No entry options except Instagram? :(

  28. Love it all! Where did you find the lamp that you put Christmas balls in?

  29. I'm trying to debate how long my felt garland needs to be because I have a skinny tree just like I was wondering how long/how many strands do you have on yours?


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