Thursday, December 8, 2016

Garland Tips and Tricks

I shared my Christmas decorations this week and got lots of questions/comments about the garlands I have.  I tried to answer questions on SnapChat while I was decorating but I thought today I'd share some tips and tricks!

1) Don't cheap out on the garland itself :)
A couple of years ago I found some really great garland on sale and I decided to upgrade.  It made a HUGE difference!  It was fluffy and gorgeous and looked so much nicer!  The fuller the better, friends :)

2) Layer, layer and then layer some more.
Layering is my motto in lots of areas of my life :) And it applies to garlands as well.  Layer different textures, picks, ribbons, and sparkles.  Put pieces on the front and top of the garland and while it's tempting to do a pattern (matte, sparkle, shiny, matte, sparkle, shiny...  try to resist. ;) hahaha 

3) Use ornament hooks!
I buy the green ornament hooks and use those to wire the ornaments to the garland.  I flatten them out and it's so much easier than having to cut wire (plus they're green and so they blend in!)

4) Velcro and Command Hooks
I use Command hooks for EVERYTHING and garlands are no exception.  I use them to keep the garland secure on the mantle, guide the cords and keep everything in place.   When I was attaching the garland to my stairs I used velcro strips to keep everything secure (almost like you would a zip tie) and they worked BEAUTIFULLY!!!

I browsed through and was so pleased with all of their options and available variety of Christmas decor!  They have TONS of gorgeous garlands available (almost all on BIG sale!) and their price on ornaments is great.  You can shop everything I would use to create a gorgeous gold garland by clicking on the pictures in the collage below! (EEEK! SO FUN!!! I finally figured out how to do this!)  Isn't that pre-lit garland amazing?!?!

I put the flameless pillar candles on there because how GORGEOUS would those be mixed into the garland on a buffet or sofa table.

I LOVE a great tiered stand and was excited to find several great (and affordable!) options on the Walmart site while I was browsing Christmas decor.  Throw on some greenery, ornaments and candles for a centerpiece, put out some cocoa powder, mugs and candy canes to create a hot chocolate station or fill it with tasty treats at a party.  I love these kinds of stands because you can use them year round as decor and as a serving piece.

(again - you can click on the pictures below and go straight to the product!)

So, any decorating tips or tricks to share?  Sound off in the comments!  

PS - Thank you to WalMart for partnering with me on this post!  The images in this post contained affiliate links.  Thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog! :)


  1. Can we have a tutor session soon?? Your graphics are crazy impressive! ;)

  2. I love your graphics so much!! So cute! I'm looking for a pencil tree and might have to check out what Walmart has.

  3. You're garlands all looks gorgeous! I agree that the green ornament hooks are a must. I always pick them up during after. Christmas sales.

  4. Such helpful tips in this post. I was clueless when it came to garland. Thank you!

  5. You have inspired me to up my garland game 😉

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  7. What is your snapchat name? I'd love to follow you

  8. True. Do not buy cheap garland. It makes a BIG difference.

  9. Thank you for sharing those tiered trays. I've been wanting to get one!

  10. I would love to buy one that you've made... I honestly don't even think I'll be able to come close to making one as gorgeous as yours! They are absolutely beautiful!

  11. Andrea, you rock! Thanks for linking to all those trays too! I love all of them!

  12. Great tips! I use flameless candles everywhere! I love the soft glow they provide and the safety factor. I only buy the kind that have timers and use re-chargeable batteries. I looove those tiered trays!

  13. OMG how did you make the picture collage?!?!

  14. omg, as I was decorating today I wrote down "buy garland & 2 tiered stand" since I thought of your blog post! This is a GREAT post thanks Andrea!


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