Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What's Up Wednesday - October Edition

I'm excited to be linking up with Shay, Sheaffer and Mel today for What's Up Wednesday!

What We're Eating This Week

I feel like we haven't been home to eat AT ALL the past week or so.  Between birthday dinners, girls night, the rehearsal dinner, wedding and Harvest party we've had a LOT of special meals.  That said this week I'm looking forward to resuming business as usual and have a few of our family favorites on the menu this week including taco pie...

Inline image 2

... and creamy chicken and noodles.

Inline image 3

What I'm Reminiscing About

My parents just bought a lake house which has me reminiscing about so many fond memories I have at my grandparents cottage growing up.  Running around outside, making mud pies and paddle boating around the lake.  I can't wait for my kids to get to make similar memories!

What I'm Loving

This advent calendar!  I think that this one would look fantastic in our playroom.  Aren't the pom poms precious?!?!

What We've Been Up To

I feel like we've been up to #allthethings lately and Monday I took the day and went to the lake with my parents.  It wasn't a bad way to spend a Monday :)

What I'm Dreading

The WEATHER!!! It is still hot as you know what here and I wake up every morning hopeful that the 10-day forecast magically changed overnight.  I mean - it's like 88 degrees and it's almost November.  Mama wants to wear a scarf!!!

What I'm Working On

Christmas cards, christmas cards and oh... more Christmas cards :)  I'm working my way through emails and starting to get proofs out... and loving every single minute of it.  I'm also enjoying a TON of Starbucks :) hahaha

What I'm Excited About

This.  Enough said.

What I'm Watching/Reading

My mom gave me this book a couple of weeks ago and I'm not that far into it but am really enjoying it.  It has some really insightful and practical advice and I'm highlighting like crazy.  A lot of it is a little "ahead" of where we are as parents, but you can never be too prepared!

What I'm Listening To

The minute my last class gets out my earbuds go in.  I find myself to be WAY more productive when I'm listening to music and have been listening to lots of my favorites

This one has been on heavy rotation...

I don't know why I love it so much but I do :)

What I'm Wearing

I've been wearing these booties all. the. time.  They're comfortable and great with dresses as well as jeans.  I find myself reaching for them more than any other shoe right now and get compliments on them all the time.

What I'm doing This Weekend

Carving pumpkins!  Mason has informed me that this year he's "not afraid of the guts".   Look how little they were in 2014!!!

Griffin also has her costume day at dance and she wants to be a kitty.  Look how sweet she was last hear as the heart eye emoji! :)

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month

Thanksgiving!  Family time and food - it doesn't get a whole lot better than that! I'm also excited to celebrate all these "first" holidays in the new house!

What Else Is New

Not a whole lot.... Griffin wasn't feeling well yesterday and we're crossing our fingers that it was a quick bug.  

What's Your Favorite Halloween Memory/Tradition/Picture

Well... there are tons.  I could go on and on and on but two of my VERY favorites are these...

We didn't do the pumpkin patch when Luke was 6 months old, but in October 2009 he was 18 months and we decided to go.  I was ready to fulfill all my new mom pumpkin patch fantasies and in a total rookie move we headed on a cool day after a morning of rain :)  The whole thing was nothing like I had imagined.  Way less picturesque, way more muddy and gross.  But still one of my favorite memories.

And then there was Luke's very first Halloween :)  He as a "Halloweenie" and I'm not sure it gets much cuter than this...

Happy Wednesday, Friends!!!

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  1. I need to order that book! I'm struggling with my 11 year old right now:(
    Those booties have me all heart eye emoji!! :)
    Have a great day!

  2. The lake house view looks pretty great! I can't wait to hear about your trip!

  3. Hi Andrea! Are you still accepting Christmas card clients? If so, is there a seperate website I can go to for that? Thanks in advance!

  4. Okay, I completely agree about the music thing. Annnnd...I cannot wait to visit your parents' lake house!!!

  5. The lake house view is AMAZING! And you know I'm not a reader, but I'm going to have to get that book. I'm DETERMINED to keep the good in my boy! :)

  6. Oh my goodness! What a sweetheart! Baby Luke is precious!! Love it! :)

  7. I absolutley love your taco pie! It's a family favorite and on our dinner rotation all the time! Ah that picture of Luke as a Halloweenie, too cute!!

  8. I have been eyeing those shoes in black! I just need to take the plunge and buy them already. Lol. Hope your baby girl is already in the mend!

  9. Awwww! Love the Halloweenie costume and your short hair! So cute!

  10. I love the photos of Luke's first Halloween! I have a six month old and I'm GIDDY at the idea of dressing him up! I literally blogged that I know Monday will be my favorite Halloween memory! :)

  11. My parents also have a lake house. The memories we are making there are priceless!

  12. I'm excited for your family at your parent's new lake house! We have a bay house that we visit almost every weekend and it really makes me cherish the days where we "get back to the basics" and let the kids run free, get dirty and just spend quality time without all the hustle bustle that the week (and technology) brings!

  13. A lake house sounds dreamy!! Have a great rest of the week!

  14. Bring on all the Thanksgiving Day food!! I cannot wait for all of thebupcoming festivities. The next couple of weeks are so much fun. Happy Wednesday

  15. So great that you were able to take a day off and help your parents at the Lake house. Memories in the making right there! I hope Miss GG is feeling better today too. Happy Wednesday!

  16. ahhh help!! can u put up a
    link for those DREAMY booties?? please say they aren't old!!!

  17. Girl, the weather!!!! It's CA-RAZY!! I mean, what is this? The never-ending summer?! I'm so over it. Can't a girl just wear her scarves?!

  18. Ok so I saw that advent calendar, the other day, and immediately said- this would looks so cute in Andrea's house! #truestory

  19. I am ordering that book today. It sounds great! And I could not be more jealous of your hot weather. It has been between 40-50 degrees and raining I think every day except for maybe 2 days the whole month of October. Weirdest October ever!


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