Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Weekend Recap Part 2 - Harvest Party

Part 2 of our weekend recap starts..... now!

Sunday morning came EARLY after a late night at the wedding, but we got up and at 'em and headed to church even if we still had hairspray in our hair and bags under our eyes :)

We spent the afternoon cleaning up after a crazy couple of days and getting ready for our Bible Fellowship Group's annual Harvest Party.  When we joined the class 10 years ago I don't think anyone had kids.  Everyone would get together, bring a crock pot to share and hang out around the fire until WAY late.  Once babies started arriving the party got started earlier and we had to ditch the fire.  We traded in a late night for a bounce house and a friends backyard for a location that could hold all of us and our kids :)  It is such a fun night and I love that my kids already have great memories of The Harvest Party and will continue to make more as they get older.  There is not a whole lot better than getting to "do life" with friends!

Dave and I are the social directors for our class and so we were there early to set up and meet the bounce house company.  While the bounce house inflated I snapped a few pictures of the kids in their costumes which was perfect since they were clean and still had all their costume pieces still on ;)

Griffin was IN LOVE with her twirly Little Red Riding Hood cape. 

Luke and Mason were Star Wars characters (a Flame Trooper and Commander Rex, I believe) and were in full character ;)

While we waited for the obstacle course to get set up we set off to explore a bit...

And it ended up being the perfect setting for pictures of Little Red (the boys are WAY too fast for me. hahaha)

Friends started showing up and the party got started.  All the kids come in costume and seeing everyone all dressed up is THE BEST!!!   Sweetest Belle EVER!

By this point my kids had stripped their costumes off as to not hinder their times on the obstacle course :)

Scott's our teacher and he and his wife Debra are such awesome leaders for our class.  

Scott was our teacher for several years and then he and Debra moved and we had a party for him complete with custom t-shirts... then they moved back (YAY!).  Here's the only photographic proof I have that the shirt existed...

me on Nerd Day a few years ago ;) hahaha  I think the pregnant belly makes it that much better!

We had 40+ kids running around and it is complete and utter awesome chaos :)


... Iron Man...

... and the most amazing inflatable obstacle course EVER!!! If you're local and looking for a WONDERFUL inflatable company I can't say enough great things about Firehouse Bounce.  Luis came through for me in a total pinch (I had a last minute cancellation and he was a ROCKSTAR helping me!!!)

Seriously y'all.  It was incredible.  The kids were on it the entire night and it totally made the party.

While the kids bounced and crawled and slid, the adults chatted, ate and admired the prettiest sunset!

I. Mean. 

Love these cute girls!  Look at those million-dollar smiles!

Just a few of the girls - gorgeous inside and out!

Hanging out at the salsa bowl... my kind of boys ;)

I think we had 12 crock pots.  My favorite meal of the year :)  We do chips and uncrustables for the kids and there was a separate table JUST for desserts.  #amen

It was such a pretty night and a great time with friends.  I've already booked our spot for next year :)

And just for fun... here's a picture of Luke before the Harvest party in 2009...

... a group picture from 2010...

... 2011...

... my boys before 2012...

Our little farm family ready for the party in 2013...

(and one of my favorite pictures from 2013!  Anybody recognize those cute little girls???)

 Out crazy crew in 2014...

And then last year...

Sooooo many precious memories!!! 

Happy Fall, y'all! :)


  1. One of my FAVORITE nights of the year!!! We LOVE the Harvest Party so much!!!!

  2. One of my favorite fall events every year. Thanks so much for planning and doing an amazing job!

  3. One of my favorite nights!!! Thank you for putting it together! Xo

  4. That little red riding hood costume😍😍😍😍

  5. The gift you're giving your children is immeasurable! As a Catholic, fellowship is one thing we sorely lack.. It just doesn't come naturally to us. Any tips or thought you have to cultivate community would be most welcome :)

  6. How fun! That sunset plus the inflatables and food looked like a perfect night! Also Griffin in her costume is just too precious! 👍🏼❤️️

  7. I love the traditions!! My church group does something very similar and it's so fun to look back at all the pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I'm exhausted just reading your last two posts?! What a fun-filled, happy weekend!

  9. So much fun! We have a Belle and a Storm Trooper this year for trick-or-treating... looks like those are both going to be popular this year!

  10. So. much. fun. You are making incredible memories for your kiddos. We love our small group too. When you have food, fun and fellowship it's all good.

  11. We had the very best time! I ate way too much, laughed until my face hurt, and the kids fell asleep on the way home👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  12. We had so much fun!!! So happy to be apart of this yearly tradition now with such an amazing group of families!!


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