Monday, October 24, 2016

Weekend Recap Part One - Wedding Edition

This weekend was crazy busy.  CRAZY!  

Friday was my parent/teacher conference day, so the boys were out of school but came with me to ESS in the morning while Griffin went to Miss Lisa's.  I picked them up at noon and we had to run an errand and then were headed home for about 45 minutes to get changed before the wedding rehearsal that afternoon.  Mason fell asleep on the way home and I carried him inside and set him on our bed...

... and managed to undress and redress him without him waking up. hahaha

Thankfully he woke up in a good mood and did great at the rehearsal as did Luke and Griffin.

After Griffin speeding and twirling down the aisle I was a little bit nervous :)

Who hired these yahoos to be in their wedding?!?! :)

Friday night we headed out the the rehearsal dinner and Griffin had to hug the pumpkins goodbye :)

Griffin had the BEST time sitting with her Gram and Papa Mac!

Yes ma'am.

Dave's sister and her boyfriend were in from Berkeley, CA and Mason LOVED him some Aaron!

Saturday morning we hit up dance class...

... Mason's soccer game...

... and the grocery store ;)  #jealous

After naptime McKinley came over to do Griffin's hair.  I am hair "challenged" and can't do bobby pins to save my life so I was beyond grateful to have McKinley come and work her magic.


I wasn't sure what photos at the wedding were going to look at and I wanted to make sure I had a great one of the kids and of our family (I didn't want to ask the photographers to take the time for that since I knew they'd be busy with all of the other family and bridal party shots) so Narci met us for about 10 minutes and worked her magic!

I mean... look at GG with her!

My mom met us over there as well so she could get a peek at the kids ;)

So. Flipping. Grown. Up.

I can't wait to see what Narci got!

After our pitstop to see Narci we got to the Ranch and got to see Cynthia!  Stephen and Cynthia gave Griffin the stuffed husky at the rehearsal dinner and she carried it ALL weekend!

We were asked to be there about an hour early so we spent the time exploring (while trying to stay clean! hahaha)...

... testing out the dance floor...

... and ogling the cakes :)

We took a couple of practice runs down the aisle...

... showed our Legos where the wedding was going to happen :)...

... and just being silly :)


The photographers gave her rose petals to throw and I can't wait to see their pictures!

Stephen and Grandma...

Dave and his Granny...

She did so well!!!  I only got to see the end of her walk because I was on the front row, but apparently she was precious :)

Griffin had her own seat but decided to sit with her Papa Mac. So sweet!

The boys bringing the rings up...

After the ceremony we had to wait outside for pictures and had this one snapped of us :) Probably my favorite picture because it totally sums up our life! 


It's not lost on us how special it is that they get to spend so much time with two of their Great Grandmothers.

A sweet picture with their Gram and Papa Mac quickly turned into....

... THESE! :) hahaha

Quite possibly my FAVORITE pic from the whole night!

I'm not sure what Dave was doing behind me, but apparently it was hilarious ;)

When your daddy works at the other clubhouse you get special treatment... like mini corndogs delivered to you while you wait for pics :)

The reception was BEAUTIFUL!  The kids were introduced and had no problem making an entrance :)

We got to spend the evening with Dave's cousin Michelle and her husband Darren and had THE BEST time!

Wind + tearing up the dance floor = crazy hair :)

They had a gelato cart there and I thought it was such a neat touch!

Based on all those cameras on my dancing queen I'm pretty hopeful they got a good picture of her cutting loose :) 

Dave's the middle and Stephen's the BABY :) 

Stephen and Pam had the cutest mother-son dance!  

We took a break from dancing to enjoy the patio a bit!

And then it was right back to the dance floor!

This is hard to see... but the series of three photos below are Luke catching the garter!  I was DYING laughing!  

And in typical Luke fashion he figured out that just because he's "next" doesn't mean it has to be soon :) 

Time to send them off with sparklers!

It was seriously the best couple of days.  So much fun with family and such great memories made.  We LOVE Cynthia and are so excited to add her to our crazy crew :)

Tomorrow I'll share the rest of our weekend because believe it or not there was EVEN MORE fun!

Happy Monday, Friends!


  1. Loved watching Masons moves on Snapchat!!! He was a trip! So sweet!!!

  2. Oh Andrea!! Oh my goodness! Everything was absolutely gorgeous. Your kiddos were too precious for words and the wedding itself was just so beautiful! I love every picture!!

  3. Oh my gosh! The kids were seriously adorable on Saturday! What a precious crew you have, and thank you so much for sharing such a special moment with me! Love them and you!

  4. All of the kids looked precious! What a great night!

  5. The wedding looked amazing!! And oh my goodness, did your kids look cute! The boys, so handsome and GG so pretty!

  6. The aviator glasses, the flower throwing and Dave's grandma. Precious...all of it!

  7. Let's not forget how pretty you are too. Gorgeous dress and hair.

  8. Your kiddos were all so cute!! The boys in their aviators, Griffin's curls, and the family them all!

  9. What a fun weekend! You and your presh crew are pretty much da bomb!!!! I love all the candid shots and can't wait to see the special magic Narci captured!!! One thing, where is a picture of you in that gorg dress�� Hope you caught up on some sleep xo

  10. Yay!!! I was hoping for a post about the wedding today! priceless!

  11. What a fun weekend! The boys in their tuxes and aviators... I can't even!

  12. I enjoyed your snaps and instastories over the weekend. The kids looked great and I hope we get to see a pic of gorgeous you in that dress!

  13. You will treasure "that" picture of Dave & Griffin forever :)

  14. Oh my goodness, the kiddos looked PRECIOUS! What an incredible wedding. And Andrea, that was genius to have Narci come do a mini session! Good thinking!

  15. These pictures are precious! Can I ask where Griffin's leg warmers are from?? So cute!


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