Monday, September 12, 2016

Weekend Recap - Shower, Bingo and Playdate Edition

Saturday morning came bright and early as Dave aunts and I prepped for Cynthia's bridal shower!

Stephen (Dave's youngest brother) is marrying Cynthia next month and I was so happy to get to help host a shower for her.

Dave's cousin is an amazing floral designer and the flowers she did were GORGEOUS!

GG and her Gram enjoying some cake ;)

Cynthia asked GG to help her open gifts and Griffin was more than happy to!


GG and Granny before the shower (post dance class)

And Grandma too :)

Mallory brought baby Ellie and I couldn't get enough!!! Luke was so sweet with her!

A little post-shower twirling...

Luke went to Gibi and Haha's house that afternoon to get a haircut and Mason, GG and I played out front.  It wasn't crazy hot and we had so much fun!

Saturday night my dad and I took the boys to Bingo at school!  It's an annual event and is so much fun!

 Mason was rubbing Haha's shoulders for good luck :)

Sunday morning was GLORIOUS!!!  It was CRISP!!!  We've been waiting for this and it was absolutely amazing.

We were late for church (ooops!), but we enjoyed breakfast on the patio and it was perfect.

Girlfriend loves a good twirl :)

"Hold up.... 63 degrees in Dallas?!?!"

"Jazz hands!!!"

Another week, another nap on the way home from church.

Sunday afternoon we had a playdate with a couple of Mason's little besties from school.  Jack and Ben are so much fun and all of the kids played so well all afternoon.

Can you tell we had no fun at all?!?! :)

The boys got out all of our dress up clothes and we laughed so hard at all of their antics :)

A shepherd, an astronaut and a lion sat down to eat cake...

She looks a HOT MESS but this sweet face is my FAVORITE!  

Ben was in the lion costume at this point :)

Best daddy and sport around :)

And this picture pretty much sums it up!

The rest of the afternoon was basksetball and baths...

It was a FULL weekend but just what we needed to recharge for another great week ahead!  

Happy Monday, Friends!!!


  1. I thought of you the moment I stepped outside on Sunday morning. I'm not even kidding!!

    1. I was almost in tears :) We were late to church because we were so busy ENJOYING it!!!!

  2. What a fun weekend, girl!! I love those pictures of the shower!! It looked so pretty!! Xo

  3. So, do I spy Dave helping you grade papers during the playdate? If so that is awesome!!! :)

    1. Yes ma'am! :) I joke that he's my "Sunday TA" Give him an answer key and he's good to go!

  4. Oh my gosh, the dress up play date looks awesome!!

    1. Wasn't that funny?!?! It wasn't our intention, but they had the BEST time!

  5. We are getting a taste of that nice cool mornings here in Tennessee!! It's lovely!!!

    1. JEALOUS!!! It warmed up again here and I am crossing my fingers for another crisp morning soon!

  6. Looks like a very fun weekend! If you get time, can you share where Griffin's denim vest is from?

  7. Hi there! Is Griifin's adorable dress MJ? It is TOO CUTE!! Thank you!

    1. Hey, Chelsea! It is!!! It was from the first Fall release.

  8. Hi there! Is Griffin's adorable dress for church on Sunday MJ? It is TOO CUTE!! Thank you! :)

  9. 63?! You lucky girl!! We've been waiting patiently for low 60s, but no luck just yet. We've been around 68 in the mornings lately, so we're getting there! Hopefully our weather will get the memo that fall starts next week. :o)

  10. The shower was so cute! Love the kids playing around in costumes!

  11. Awww, we call my mom Gram, too❤️ How fun that you get to have so much family around😊


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