Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring Break Snaps - Part One

Dave took off the week of Spring Break and we had TONS of plans to do outdoorsy stuff - including getting our yard in check.  Well, it rained every single day.  GAH!  Truth is, we ended up having a great time together regardless of the weather.  Here are a few things we did together last week...

The boys went and saw Zootopia...

... and the kiddos went a little stir crazy :)  They played chase, kitties, school and train.

Griffin practiced sleeping without her rail...

... and spent a lot of time looking out back asking if she could jump on the trampoline.

... and then singing "Rain, Rain Go Away".

The boys improvised and played hockey in the garage...

... and I laughed so hard at their "hockey faces" :)

 They played "Princess and Protectors"...

... and the rainy weather called for cookies. :)

We danced in the kitchen...

 ... and went bowling as a family for the first time!

Luke's bestie, Lincoln, came with us and Griffin LOVES her some Lincoln!!! :)

And Griffin spent her wait time in between frames twirling.

Such fun friends!

Does it get any more elementary school boy than this??? :)  #bunnyears

After bowling we hit up the arcade.  Arcades in general are one of my Top 5 least favorite things about parenting :)  I REALLY don't like arcades.  BUT, I REALLY like seeing my kids smile and laugh and have a bunch of fun earning a handful of cheap prizes so I played along :)

And after the arcade?  Pizza buffet because apparently playing electronic Connect 4 will work up an appetite :)

That's it for today! I'll be back tomorrow with the rest of our Spring Break including a cute video I'm putting together.  If you're headed back to work today - GOOD LUCK! And if you're enjoying Spring Break with your kiddos, I hope you got to sleep in ;)

Happy Monday, Friends!!!


  1. So many cute pictures of your kiddos!!! That chair in your bedroom though-it looks fabulous!

  2. So many cute pictures! That being said, Mason's face playing hockey made me laugh out loud!! And...the picture of sweet G and Dave bowling is precious!

  3. Aw!! What a fun time!! Have a great day today, girl!! Xoxo

  4. Your spring break seemed so cozy, and relaxed but so fun! Our spring break started Thursday of last week so Friday we left the NY cold weather for some NC sun this week!

  5. I was curious what chocolate chip recipe you used? They looked amazing!

  6. I don't enjoy an arcade either, but Carter is a BIG OL' FAN!

  7. I love arcades, but not with kids. Isn't that terrible of me? Haha.
    And electronic Connect 4? Sign me up!

    Love the chair with Griffin looking outside! Too cute.

  8. I hate arcades ! And we are officially on spring real today and I am just so happy about no homework, and no packing lunches !!!

  9. My son keeps asking me to go back to Chuck E Cheese...NOOOO!!!!!!!! I keep putting it off, one day I'm going to have to do it...ugh!

  10. That stinks that you had so much rain, but it looks like you managed to have a good time anyway!

  11. I so wish we got a Spring break in PA schools! It looks like you had a such a great week! :)

  12. Oh no, the arcade...I'd rather do ANYTHING else. To me it's like a junior bad version of Vegas with all the noise coming out of those games. And it is so expensive for what it is, we took our two nephews (because that's what they wanted for Christmas of all things) and they went through their prepaid cards so fast. We kept having to reload. The last picture with G's dress hanging over the booster chair, so it doesn't get all wrinkled, is so cute.

  13. Looks like you had lots of indoor fun! I am totally with you on not being a fan of arcades!

  14. Our spring break starts on Good Friday. You're giving us some fun ideas. I'm in love with Griffin's MJ bowling outfit. Is it from the platinum collection? I couldn't find it online anywhere.

  15. Arcades are so not my favorite but I do love some ski-ball!;).


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