Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Favorites - Best Week Edition

This week has been full of all my favorite things, and I hope yours has been too!

Grab our graphic, link back to me, Erika or Narci (or all three of us!) and share your favorites from the week!

 First up, comfy clothes :) 

I've been living in this hoodie and these pants.  And Jack Bauer's FAVORITE spot?  Wherever my feet are.  I feel like Jack has been exhausted from having us all home this week. :) 

One of our very FAVORITE people cleaned out her boys rooms this week and left a big bag of random on our porch.  Wrestling t-shirts, lots of fake weapons...

... hats, a megaphone...

... and a pair of Harry Potter glasses!!!

One of my FAVORITE companies, Matilda Jane, sent Griffin and I each a couple of pieces to try out and we're in LOVE.  Unfortunately, the weather has been abnormally uncooperative and we've had rain for the last 5 days.  BOO!  We tried to grab a few pictures last Sunday before the rain hit, but we were battling 40 mph wind gusts. hahaha

Sometimes these kids of things go easy, and sometimes not so much :)

Seriously, y'all.  The wind!

I'm wearing the Macaron Dress (size small) with the Spoonful of Sugar extender  (size small) underneath.  The dress is gorgeous on it's own, but the little pop of lace sends it over the top for me.  The extender itself is buttery soft and even under the fitted top of the dress it doesn't add bulk.

I loved how the back of her top matched the skirt of my dress.  Her top sold out (boo!), but have no fear because...

... The layers on the chiffon cake top match the dress as well!  And this tee isn't a regular tee.  It's dreamy and soft and silky.  It has a slight a-line to it and it looks great with the torta ruffles, but will look great with shorts, jeggings and under a denim jacket this fall.

So when I mentioned things not going well on our little "shoot"?  Yeah, this...

See how the extender pops out at the top a bit?  Perfect for a little extra coverage for school and such.

Despite our lackluster attempt at pics, the clothes are still stunning and I can't wait for her and I to wear them this Spring.  Here's a list of everything we had on...

(I'm wearing a small in both pieces and find them both true to size.  I could have sized down in the dress, but prefer a little extra length)

(Griffin has on a 2 in the ruffles, a 4 in the tops and a size 7 in the jellies, which I find to run small)

And what were the boys doing this whole time???  Their FAVORITE thing :)

Getting to see this sweet baby in the mornings this week has been a FAVORITE for sure :)

We made our FAVORITE cookies this week as well.  I'm loyal to this recipe 100%.

And my FAVORITE curls looked precious with her princess crown headband from Garden of Arden.

My Facebook memories didn't disappoint this week.  A few of my FAVORITES happened this week in 2012...


and 2014 ;)

Earlier this week I took Luke to pick out some new shoes because apparently his feed are going to grow a full size in 6 weeks from now on :)  After he picked out his shoes he asked if we could look through the clothes.  Um, what???  Luke has had ZERO opinions on what he's worn (other than his preference for sweatpants and no pink allowed) and I was SHOCKED when he started going through the racks and pulling out things he liked.  He picked out several pieces and was so excited!  It was such a fun time with him.  We had to run another errand at the mall and he asked to change in the car he was so pumped :)

He and I spent some time at the Lego store doing some early birthday shopping...

... and then shared some conversation over Dippin' Dots. 

Dave and I laughed so hard because we're pretty sure that the last time we each had Dippin' Dots was probably in middle school at the water park :)

I mean!!! When did he get this big?!?! :)

While Luke was picking out athletic wear, I found my new FAVORITE pair of flip flops.  I'm particular about my flip flops, but these met all my requirements.  Comfy, nice enough to wear with maxi dresses, cute enough to wear with cuffed jeans, not too squishy, etc. :)  I picked them up in brown and black patent and am ready for summer!

My exact style looks like it was from last year, but this pair looks almost identical.

Morning snuggles and watching Bubble Guppies in bed has been my FAVORITE.  I love a slow morning!

This week has been full of FAVORITES with my favorite people, but just getting to take it easy and REST has been the best for all of us.  We're ready to take on fourth quarter!

We're crossing our fingers for some sunshine this weekend - but if that's not in the cards we'll have to set up camp in the family room for game day.  Here's hoping lots of y'all have lots of sunshine and fun to end the week!

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PS - This post contained affiliate links, which  means that if you clicked on a link and purchased an item, I may receive a small commission.  And a HUGE THANK YOU to Matilda Jane for sending me and Griffin adorable outfits! Y'all are our FAVORITE!!


  1. Aww Luke looks so happy with his Lego haul!! And those cookies look SO gooD. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks, Morgan! He was pretty pleased... until we got home and it sunk in that they were going away until his bday :) hahaha

  2. Looks like y'all had a super fun week! And you're right. I love that extender with the dress. Such a cute little pop of 'something' extra'! Love! Have a wonderful weekend :)

    -Rachel at

    1. Thanks, Rachel! I think it will be a great slip under several shorter dresses I have - and you would not believe how soft it is!

  3. Those Mommy and Me outfits are so precious! I love that hoodie too, but not the price tag!

    1. Hahaha - Evy's Tree definitely isn't cheap - but you totally get what you pay for and the quality is out of this world!!! Have a great weekend!

  4. Looks like you've been having a great week! I ordered that Matilda Jane dress for the quilt promo. Can't wait to get it! Now you got me thinking I need the skirt extender too. When Bryson started wanting athletic clothes, there was no turning back. It makes me said sad. I miss the gap and mini boden days. Soak up these last few days before heading back on Monday!

    1. The extender really is great - the dress is awesome alone, but the extender totally makes it :) And the athletic clothes!!! I'm hoping he'll still mix in some GAP and Boden for a while. Fingers crossed!

  5. Love me so Matilda Jane. Never bought any, but I've swooned over their clothes for years. I'm going to have to break-down and buy some.

    1. YES! The quality is outstanding and they hold up amazingly well! Let me know if you decide you want to order :)

  6. My son has that same shirt Luke picked out. He likes to pair it with matching basketball shorts! 😂😂. You can see him coming a mile away!

    1. So funny! Luke got similar shorts as well - but luckily he hasn't paired them together yet :)

  7. How sweet that Luke is wanting to do his own shopping?!?! I'm sure it tugs at your heart strings a bit, huh? He looks so grown!

  8. The Nestle Toll House cookie recipe is a favorite on my favorites today too. Looks like you all had a great week. Thanks for hosting the link up!

  9. Oh my, I am in LOVE with your matching Matilda Jane looks! I may have to head over there right now and hopefully retain my self control! SO cute!!!


  10. Girly!! That MJ mama dress & that top (which we scored!) match SO perfect!!! Now I want the mama dress!! Those pics were PRESH!!! I may have to get some like that myself!! You & I are kindred spirits! Those are my FAV ever of you & GG! ~SO PRESH!!!

  11. I love yours and your daughters outfits. So cute! Hey can you please share with us what some of your favorite teas are? What do you like to drink at home and when you are out (Starbucks)? I am trying my very best to cut out coffee and switch to tea. It would be so helpful. Thanks!


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