Sunday, January 31, 2016

Matilda Jane - Happy and Free - Release One

Hey, friends!  So Matilda Jane released round one of their Spring Happy and Free collection today and it is GORGEOUS!  So springy and fun!

If you're interested in ordering, here are a few easy steps (click on the pic to make it bigger!)

And here are TONS of gorgeous pictures of combos and outfits to give you a few ideas :)  I love getting pictures of Griffin in the clothes, but she wasn't feeling up for it yesterday.  SO SAD!

If you have questions, don't hesitate to email my trunk keeper, Kat ( or me (  I'll be in classes tomorrow, so Kat may be your better option for a quick response


  1. How does the marzipan dress run? What size is the girl wearing in your pic?

  2. Where are the clothes made?

    1. Matilda Jane has their own factory in China that's owned and operated all by women!

  3. I have a similar question to one above. How do MJ toddler size dresses run? I have a two year old (32 months) who is probably taller than Griffin and I'm not sure if I should order 2s or 4s. I'm buying 3t in most dresses now and she definitely has room to grow.

  4. Do you happen to know how the decadent cakewalk dress runs? I want to get it for my just turned 3 year old for Easter but don't know if I should get a 2 or 4. She is tall and very thin.


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